1010_Demarcation Enclosure for bid-5-17-12

1010_Demarcation Enclosure for bid-5-17-12
Demarcation Enclosure
PPC’s Demarcation Enclosure, designed around the Entry Series,
provides a secure environment for protecting and terminating any
combination of drop components and coaxial cables.
The enclosure is constructed of a copolymer impact polypropylene,
which is durable and sturdy y
e. The 11 coaxial cable ports on
the bottom of the enclosure allow for a clean and easy installation.
The internal mounting design allows for perfect Entry Series
installations as well as any number of other passive or active
s. All mounting tabs are the same height and spaced in ½”
increments in accordance with SCTE requirements.
• UV and weather resistant copolymer impact polypropylene material
• Designed to accommodate the Entry Series
• Self-latching, hinged cover design allows for easy access and no loose parts
• 3-way security (dual lid snaps, metal female F-port post, security hole for
lock or zip-tie)
• Ergonomically designed internal mounting bosses allow for proper cable
bend radius and an
• Individual, self-sealing cable entrance ports prevent insect ingress
• Optional custom logo
UV Resistance
ASTM G26-93
Salt Fog
ASTM B117-90
Chemical Resistance
100°F and 95% RH Resists chipping and/
or cracking when subjected to household
Copolymer Impact Polypropylene
Dimensions (HxWxD)
11.1” x 10.5” x 4.6”
Cable Entrances # x Size - Input/Output
11 x 0.635”
Cable Entrances # x Size - Ground Wire
1 x 0.310”
Cover Latching
Molded Snap Fingers, “F” Termination and
security hole for lock or zip-tie
Part Number
11.1” x 10.5” x 4.6” Demarcation Enclosure
6176 East Molloy Road • East Syracuse, NY 13057-0278 • Tel: 315-431-7200 • Fax: 315-431-7201 • E-mail:ppc@ppc-online.com • www.ppc-online.com
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