Charging current setup instructions

Charging current setup instructions
LT3-LT4/LR3-LR4 UPS Series
Charging current setup instructions
In order to setup properly the charging current when you use additional battery boxes it is necessary to
The charging current can be modified by changing the CCBOption parameter which is bound to the
number of battery boxes connected to the UPS.
In order to modify this parameter it is necessary to install Netrescue (w95nonet.exe) on the PC and then
to connect the UPS with the supplied serial cable.
After installing the program, it is necessary to start Netrescue from Menu Start/Programs. The runtime
icon will then be shown on the systray.
By clicking on the icon the main window is opened, then by selecting Config/UPS menu the following window
will be shown. From there it is possible to change the value of this parameter.
The following table shows the values of the parameter related to the battery boxes number:
Battery Boxes number
Default value (UPS with default batteries)
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