Education Course Pack
It doesn’t get much easier.
Printing with the Xerox® D-Series (D95A, D110, D125 and D136) Copier/Printer
Educational Course Pack—Education Vertical Market
8.5" x 11" or A4
8.5" x 11" or A4 Gold Eclipse
8.5" x 11" or A4 Silver Eclipse
8.5" x 11" or
A4+ 13 mm Tab Stock
Xerox® FreeFlow
Makeready® Client with
the D-Series Scanner for
Remote Scan
EX Server,
Powered by Fiery®
Xerox® D-Series (D95A, D110, D125 and D136) Copier/Printer
Booklet Maker with the GBC® AdvancedPunch™
Completed Educational
Course Pack printed in
0:52 seconds
on a Xerox® D136 Copier/Printer
Step 1—Paper Setup
Step 2—Job Setup
Xerox has digitally optimized papers and specialty media
products that are specifically engineered in concert
with the Xerox® D-Series to provide you with superior
productivity, reliability and flexibility. Explore specialty
media with photo towers, window clings and Eclipse
metallic-like colors in a full range of weights and sizes.
FreeFlow Makeready is an advanced
prepress tool that allows you to
complete late stage editing as well
as combine electronic and hard copy
scan into one print-ready document.
You also can combine PDF, TIFF and
JPEG files together to create a single
print-ready document. FreeFlow
Makeready has the ability to integrate
seamlessly with the EX Server,
Powered by Fiery.
On the Xerox® D-Series Copier/Printer
ray 1: Covers—8.5" x 11" or A4, Gold Eclipse
ray 2: Body—8.5" x 11" or A4
• Tray 3: Tabs—8.5" x 11" Tab Stock
• Tray 4: Insert—8.5" x 11" or A4, Silver Eclipse
Step 3—Print and Finish
On FreeFlow Makeready Client
• Insert the PDF into FreeFlow
• A pply page properties to tab pages
• 48 duplex body pages
• 9" x 11" Pre-cut Tab-Bank of five
• 2 covers, front and back
• A nnotate the tabs
• 5 tab pages with text
Remote Scanning
• 1 scanned duplex insert
• D -Series Scanner: Place originals
in scanner
Total pages: 56
– Finishing: Coil Punch Left
• Makeready Client:
– Paper Setup/Stock: Covers—
Gold Eclipse, print side 1 (FC)
and print side 2 (BC)
– Insert: Silver Eclipse and
Body; White
– Job properties: Duplex
• Makeready Client: Insert/Remote
Scan/WIA/2 sided
• D rag and Drop into location
in layout
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Increase productivity, reduce costs
and exceed expectations with the
Xerox® D-Series.
Engineered for superior performance, renowned Xerox
dependability and ease of use, plus state-of-the-art
finishing capabilities and the ability to use leading
integrated workflow-optimized solutions. The course pack
and source files can be found on SMARTCentre/D136.
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Educational Course Pack
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