Alien Beast Scooter Manual

Alien Beast Scooter Manual
Chapter 1 Products Introduction
This scooter is to use 3D design, beautiful appearance, unique style and leisure
structure, which let you fall in love at first sight.
Main characteristics are as follows:
1.Lithium battery: Products by UL and CE certification and registrations of the safety
inspection, safe and reliable. Service life is 3 times of lead-acid batteries, the basic do not
need to change - long life. Weight is the 1/3 of lead-acid battery, light weight. Products
with high voltage and powerful, climbing speed fast, high energy; Recognized as a green
energy, no any pollution in the whole process of the production and use.
2.Battery:Hidden in the center of the pedal beneath the surface, force equilibrium,
small, light and safe.
3.Motor: The best magnetic steel material is qualitative, the high quality silicon steel
sheet, bold coil, precision bearings, gross motor shaft, powerful and durable.
4.Tire: Using wide beach car straight grain vacuum tires, generous compaction, better
stability and more grip, braking distance is shorter, no worry about flat tire, ride safe,
comfortable and soft.
5.Frame: From 3D virtual design and assembly, to the advanced technology of automatic
pipe bending, robot automatic welding with one, super pedals, non-slip, let you sit or
stand, ride safe, cargo also worry.
6.Disc brake: The cabinet and delicate hydraulic disc brake, the pump body aluminum
alloy forging technology, advanced CNC processing technology, flexible, and the braking
action freely.
7.Direction: Leisure streamlined human body engineering design, tough and firm,
allowing you to easily manipulated.
8.Hand tube: using soft rubber mold injection molding, let your hand feels comfortable.
9.Seat cushion: Adopt new plastic material plate, high elastic foam, senior anti-slip
leather, elaborate design and perfect appearance, proper high, let your long ride more
10.Smart charger: according to the automatic portable design, charging without care,
wherever there is 220V ac power supply, rechargeable use.
11.Controller: specially set-up, soft start, no sense of frustration, driving safer.
Chapter 2 the scooter part and appearance
Chapter 3 Main Technical Parameters
Main technical parameters of the scooter
1.Product Size: 1800*330*700mm
2.Wheelbase: 1325mm
3.High: 700 mm
4.Weight: 75 KGS
5.Tire specifications: 18 * 9.5 inch
6.Maximum load: 200 KGS
7.Design top speed: ≤20 km/h
8.Range: 60 ~ 100 km
9.Maximum torque: 95 N/M
10.Maximum climbing: ≤18°
11.Braking performance (20 km/h)
Dry: ≤1 m Wet: ≤3 m
Main technical parameters of battery
1.Battery type: Lead-acid Battery/ Li-ion Battery
2.Capacity: 22AH/20AH
3.Nominal voltage: 48V/60V
Main technical parameters of motor
1.Motor models: brushless dc motor hub
2.Rated power: 800W/1000W
Main technical parameters of controller
1.Current limiting protection value: 30 ± 1A
2.Under-voltage protection value: 39/52 ± 0.5V
Charger main parameters:
1.The input voltage (ac):AC140~240V 50/60 Hz
2.The output voltage (dc) : 59.2/71.4 ±0.4 V
3.Charging time (the remaining power the case may be) : 8~10 h
Chapter 4 use method and matters needing attention
Ⅰ. Precautions for safe driving
1.Please observe the traffic rules, safety, speed control, please within safe speed (pay
attention to the local safe speed within 20 km/h).
2.Before driving, familiar with the contents of this manual first, and then find a empty field
practice, be sure to complete control
of the vehicle driving essentials, familiar with the structure and properties of the local, this
is the foundation of safe driving.
3.Do not lend or not familiar with and not driving personnel. Single hand or driving after
separation, drunk driving is very dangerous.
4.Driving rain and snow days to double pay attention to safety, rain and snow day by the
damp ground will bring danger!
Therefore, we should avoid high speed, turn to be careful, especially should remember
snow day in advance brake in case of accident.
5.The correct use of helmet: put a helmet right on his head, and tie-down straps.
6.Correct dress: don't wear tights, the whole body to move freely, cuff don't open your
clothes, wear low heels as much as possible.
Note: in order to facilitate maintenance, repair and service, our company produces the
every car has a frame.
size and motor number, to help sales units to provide you with better service. Inscribed
on the base plate of the car chassis number, machine number of engraving on the motor
shell cover.
7.Cargo can't overweight: default of maximum load of 200 kg.And not slide, the
manipulation of the hand feeling is different, too much cargo, hand easy to vibrate out of
danger, the vehicle stability load for 1 person, pedal before cargo or manned risk is very
Ⅱ. The correct method of use
1.The driving method
①Keep the natural posture, can drive.
②Driving posture: please keep this mat in the middle of the, often in case of the front
wheel load loss, hand tremor and dangerous.
③Driving posture: turning slowly turn the during acceleration, avoid catching up lead to
dangerous drivers gravity instability.
④On the road paved road surface damage or debris should slow down.
⑤Rain and snow weather, road surface wet easy to slide, focus on driving slowly. When
the road surface water than pedal
the battery box below, please don't ride, avoid the vehicle electric parts damage caused
by short circuit. Braking performance
will decline at the same time, easy to cause an accident.
2.The way of parking
①Attention when parking vehicles and pedestrians around, slowly to the dock flat road on
the right side, avoid parked on the ramp.
②After the car stopped, lock a right-handed and pull off the power supply, then use locks
to lock.
3. The power indicator method of use
Turning on the power supply voltage indicator, full electric LOW \ HALF \ HIGH 3 Ledlights, HIGH lights that electricity used up 75% of the rated capacity, HALF lights charge
25% of the rated capacity, LOW lights flashing indicates that power is less than 10%;So
when you find LOW lights flashing charging immediately.
4. The use of the power lock
Power lock key clockwise rotation through a gear, can start the motor., not the keys and
shut off the power, more can't counterclockwise shut off the power locks, to cut off the
power supply motor stalling. Turn off the power supply after parking, power locks shall be
counterclockwise, pull out the key.
5. Hand tube(speed)
Rotate in the direction of the driver is accelerated, relax rotary reduction, power of motor
stops after a reset.
6. The use of the disc brake method and matters needing attention
(1) The use of the disc brake
①The brake clearance adjustment: turn the adjusting nut by 2 mm Allen wrench
(between the brake lever and handlebar tube), adjust the gap of between disk and pads,
until you feel comfortable position is advisable.
②The brake pads wear every six months, more than 1 mm or brake linings on the handle
of the location of the adjusting nut has to adjust, you need to change the time; Replace
the brake pads, with a clean bottle with a screwdriver to press the one piece of brake
pads into, with empty space to take out another piece, after replacement of the new
brake pads, need to put the brake on the brake lever adjusting screw back into the right
position (you feel comfortable position).
③Period: It takes time, on the surface of the disc brake break-in to completely after
running-in, braking force will increase obviously. New brake used in the first week period,
the period not to crush the brake, it would have been on ontology and pads.
7, The use of the charger
(1) Method of use
①When charging, first insert the battery box, and then plugged into mains AC220V plug,
charging end, on the other hand, the
first grid AC220V plug, pull out the battery box plug again.
②Normal charging, charging indicator light shows red, full of, the charge indicator shows
③If the temperature of the charge temperature, a red light flashing, the charger is in a
state of temperature protection, please put
the charger moved to a cool and ventilated place to use, when the internal temperature of
the charger to charging 60°back to normal.
8, Use method and matters needing attention of the battery
(1) Charging
①Be sure to use the company specially equipped with the charger to charge; Informal or
unqualified charger, can lead to shorten
the battery life or battery failure!
②Completely discharge the battery stops (electric) can be down more than 95% of the
electricity in 5 hours, 8 hours 100% into
③Charging, banned direct contact with metal is negative at both ends.
④Load products, electricity about 80% of new car should be added before use electric 3
~ 10 hours.
⑤On hold for more than a month, the battery charge capacity will reduce about 5%, it is
recommended to use before charging.
⑥Please charge in time, to ensure the mileage.
⑦All landowners in the process of charging, the charger may be fever, as long as the
temperature is not more than 60 ℃, that
is normal.
⑧When charging, please put the charger and the whole car to stable, dry, no
inflammable, explosive, and out of the
reach of children.
⑨Ruby completely discharge the battery within 24 hours after have to recharge the
battery, and charging time at least 3 hours.
⑩Attending charge shall not be short circuit.
(2) The discharge (use)
⑥Ban modification on batteries.
(3) Note
①Battery deformation or heat is found, should stop to use, and to the company or the
maintenance department for help.
②Such as a fire, do not use water directly to the battery fire extinguishing, the proposal
USES sand covering,
foam fire extinguisher and thick cloth soaked with water and the fire extinguishing
methods of dealing with organic solvent.
③Because there is no timely to completely discharge the battery charging battery failure
caused by not warranty.
④Cannot be arbitrarily discarded batteries.
Ⅲ. Inspection, cleaning and maintenance
1. On a regular basis or daily check item
①Note on the vehicle in a safe location.
②Abnormal position the day before, to see whether affect operation.
③Brake braking effect: the brake handle modest fashion is downy, clearance, whether
can normal braking.
④Crack, damage, abnormal tyre wear, as well as metal, stone, glass and other sharp
objects embedded; The depth of the grooved tyre, tires on the convex block has to be
new tires when you wear off two-thirds; According to the situation
of tire contact with the ground part of the sag, check the tire pressure, normal pressure
values before and after the
tire is 1.5 kg/cm2.
⑤Power voltage indicates whether or not the full check article 3 (in chapter 4, paragraph
⑥Steering system check: up, down, forward, backward, left, right handlebar and front
fork, elastic moderate,
flexible steering, if there is a touch attack clattering sound, loose steering system, a
sound and other issues, please
contact with dealers, to provide you with the most perfect after-sale service.
⑦Front and rear axle is loose.
Ⅳ. Common faults and elimination method
Chapter 5 Electrical Principle
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