C2-220 AOG Burner Replacement Instructions.indd

C2-220 AOG Burner Replacement Instructions.indd
Model # 24-B-06
INSTALLER: Leave these instructions with consumer.
CONSUMER: Retain for future reference.
This burner is for replacement on AOG grills. To install, follow
the steps below:
1. Be sure the barbecue is completely cool and the gas
is completely shut off.
2. Remove cooking grids & flavor grids from the barbecue.
3. Slightly pinch and remove the burner clip (located over
the rear center of the burner) from the burner support and
set aside( see Fig.1-1). Then carefully lift the burner from
the burner support and out from the hole in the forward
fire wall (see Fig. 1-2).
4. Install the new burner over the orifice fitting, sliding it
forward, from behind the forward fire wall, so the orifice
is centered inside the burner gas inlet, and set it gently
onto the burner support (reference Fig. 1-2). The studs
on the bottom back of the burner must each fit through
their respective holes in the burner support. This is critical
to the safe function of the barbecue.
5. Re-install the burner clip (from step 3) around the burner
and into the corresponding holes in the burner support
(reference Fig. 1-1).
Fig. 1-1 Installing/removing burner clip
6. Replace the flavor grids and cooking grids in the barbecue.
7. Refer to your barbecue owner's manual for use.
Hole with
Fig. 1-2 Removing/inserting burner
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