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Pusher Furnace
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software system
for controlling the operation
of BTU
Solidis an
themal processing equipment. WINCON combines both the simplicity of a graphical user interface
with powerful
and analytical
tools. WINCON is Sintering
used in conjunction with
BTU’s proprietary INTELLIMAX™ control board on all BTU systems; including the Pyramax family of convection
Nuclear fuel pellet production
New WINCON 5.0
Besides Windows 7 compatibility, many new features are included in WINCON 5.0 including dual
process capabilities, maintenance manager, and OPC functions. Dual process capabilities increases the
functionality of Pyramax dual lane dual speed systems, allowing speed and rail set point changes on one
lane while the other lane continues to process product maximizing throughput. Equipment maintenance reminders are provided through the maintenance manager function, providing customers a default maintenance plan or allowing them to use their own. The OPC function is an alternative to GEM
Host and provides a way for customers to extract data from the system using OPC clients. WINCON
profiler has been enhanced adding ability to set a target profile, a tolerance band with pass/fail result of
subsequent profiles, to overlay and compare different profiles and numerous other improvements.
Click here to determine if your system can be upgraded to WINCON 5.0. For more information or
for a quote please contact BTU’s parts department at partsales@btu.com.
Features of WINCON:
One step recipe editing simplifies changing of data, and automatic recipe scheduling permits two or
more recipes to be executed at a given time or after a designated event.
Profiling of product temperatures can be automatically sampled at specified times or belt distances.
Collection of data can be triggered by selected events to determine when system variables (temperature, pressure, belt speed, etc.) are to be sampled.
For security purposes operators can be assigned particular access levels for specified user privileges;
Enhanced diagnostics. troubleshooting messages, and remote monitoring capability help to expedite
problem solving.
On-line documentation permits easy viewing of operational and diagnostic data.
Pusher furnaces from BTU are engineered for better heat efficiency and system durability. Alumina
bricking, sophisticated safety controls, and advanced operational software make BTU’s pusher
furnaces ideal for high-performance applications, such as advanced electronics, nuclear fuel pellet
sintering, capacitor manufacturing, metallizing, and calcining. Sophisticated CAD/CAE design capability gives BTU an advantage in responding to a wide range of customer requirements. The design
of BTU’s pusher furnaces optimizes customer productivity while offering maximum flexibility.
Pusher Furnace
Pusher furnaces come in hearth sizes of 6”, 8”, 12”,
and custom widths. Other customization includes
heating and cooling zone configuration, thermal
profiling, and atmosphere control system.
Cooling Chamber
Robust ball screw
drives with slip
clutches provide
exceptional accuracy
and reliability.
Aluminum heat sinks and copper
coils provide the desired product
cooling muffle. Alumina hearth
plates line the cooling muffle to
eliminate contamination caused
by the pusher plate.
Heater Type
Molybdenum Ribbon Molydisylicide
Silicon Carbide
Atmosphere Hydrogen
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C)
Process Chamber Liner
Multi-Layer Ceramics,Nuclear Fuel
Fuel Cells, Membrane
Fuel Cells, Battery
High Temperature Reduction
Ultra-pure applications
General firing
• Atmosphere saturator maintains proper dew point
conditions through closed-loop temperature and
water level controls.
BTU’s Pusher Furnace is packed with state of the art
features for superior thermal process control. Unlike
• Hydrogen purge/mixer protects furnace from failure.
lesser furnaces, our pusher furnaces employ hearth
plate piers which greatly enhance product uniformity,
• Safety interlock prevents hydrogen from dropping
allowing the heat to surround the hearth. In addition
below auto-ignition point.
these plates, made of dense alumina, are keyed to
• Atmosphere sampling ports are provided in all
piers and lift out for easy replacement. Shadow walls
heated lines.
can be included in
• Flame curtains or purge chambers at
the furnace configupoint of entrance and exit provide
ration allowing for
atmosphere integrity.
precise profile
shaping and control.
Hearth Plate Bottom
BTU’s patented
Heating Elements
educaor technology
BTU manufactures Molybdenum heating
is used for convecelements from strip material allowing
tion assisted heating
for the highest element surface area posPier and Hearth Plate System
and cooling in lower
sible, this practice continues with the
temperature zones,
other high temperature element materienhancing uniformity and profile control. Each BTU
als where it reduces the element surface temperature
pusher features custom zone configurations, ensuring
as far as possible for better chamber temperature
the best match for your process.
uniformity. Molybdenum must be operated in a highly
reducing atmosphere and low oxygen partial pressure
atmospheres to
protect the metal from oxidation and is the highest
temperature element we use. Molydisiled elements
are manufactured by extruding a Molybdenum and
Silica solution into rods which are manufactured into
element components and then welded to make the
element configuration. When heated in an oxidizing
atmosphere the element forms a quartz skin on the
heated sections which protects the molybdenum
while offering the customer an element known for
Control System
its cleanliness, it is most often used where chemical
contamination must be minimized, such as in the
Advanced Windows™- based WinCon control
manufacture of solid oxide fuel cells. Silicon carbide
system provides complete process management.
Furnace parameters are stored as “recipes” that can
are the work horse of high temperature elements in
be called up for customized for any job requirement. oxidizing conditions, they are manufactured in many
Collects data on temperature, atmosphere, gas
configurations and also use a silicon oxide coating to
pressure and other operating parameters. Permits
protect the element from oxidizing atmospheres.
interruption of the
pusher drive operaSaf­­­­­­­ety
tion at any phase of
SafeIy interlocks and
the process with-out
the need for a cumautomatic shutdown sysbersome drive reset
tems limit dependence
procedure. Key
of furnace controI on an
features include:
operator. Furnace controI
integrated thermal
is automatically taken from
profiler, closed-loop
the operator if any part
analyzer, data arof the process falls out of
chive capability, and
safe parameters. Overheat
protection in each zone. All-steel case with
override control.
silicon rubber seals and continuous clamps
maintains furnace atmosphere. Exterior panelAtmosphere Control
ing serves as a heat
Atmosphere control is an important option for
radiation shield and prevents accidental tampering
BTU’s pusher furnace. It enhances process integrity
with the furnace’s systems.
while maintaining a safe working environment:
Standard Features
• Custom zone configuration
• AlO3 chamber lining
• Alumina hearth plates (heating)
• WinCon control system
• WinCon thermal profiler
• Over temperature protection
• Drive speed control
• Electronic shear pin
• Jam detection
• Ball-screw drive
• Gas analyzers
• Hygrometer
• Gas sampling
• Gas saturators
• Flame curtains
• Purge chambers
• Debinder furnace
• Shadow walls
• Eductor convection heating
• Eductor convection cooling
• PLC control system
• Spare parts kit
• Mullite hearth plates for
thermal shock resistance
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