SOLO200 Detector Removal Tool
Fire Alarm Systems | SOLO200 Detector Removal Tool
SOLO200 Detector Removal Tool
▶ Suitable for a wide range of detector sizes
▶ Adjustable color-coded grips rotate to fit different
sized detectors
▶ Universal joint ensures tool remains parallel with
With its pivoting grip segments and three different
diameters, the SOLO200 Detector Removal Tool is
suitable for the insertion and removal of most fire
Parts Included
The plastic caps ensure secure gripping of fire detectors
and thus also protect the detector surface against
SOLO200 Detector Removal Tool
Plastic caps for the Detector Removal Tool
The SOLO100 Telescopic Access Pole or
SOLO101 Fixed Extension Pole must be
purchased separately.
Adjustment of detector sizes
The color-coded grips use a pull and twist motion to
rotate to the desired combinations and lock into place to
fit the following detector sizes:
Color combination
Detector diameter
64 mm to 76 mm (2.5 in to 3 in)
Yellow and red
74 mm to 93 mm (2.91 in to 3.66 in)
Yellow and blue
75 mm to 87 mm (2.95 in to 3.93 in)
86 mm to 98 mm (3 in to 3.85 in)
Blue and red
92 mm to 105 mm (3.6 in to 4.13 in)
98 mm to 112 mm (3.85 in to 4.4 in)
Technical Specifications
Detector size range (Ø)
64 m to 112 mm (2.5 to 4.4 in)
1.1 kg (2 lb 7 oz)
Working angle
max. 30°
SOLO™ is a trademark of No Climb Products, Ltd.
Universal joint
A universal joint enables detector removal and
replacement even if the detector cannot be accessed from
directly underneath.
2 | SOLO200 Detector Removal Tool
Ordering Information
SOLO200 Detector Removal Tool
Use to remove and replace detectors
Plastic Caps for the SOLO200 Universal
Exchanger Device
Scope of delivery = 2 pieces
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