bike assembly - LittleBig bikes

bike assembly - LittleBig bikes
Care and maintenance
Checking the tyres
In addition to the specific checks outlined below, we
recommend you regularly check that the steering is
moving smoothly and that the handlebar cannot be
rotated independently of the front wheel. Check the
saddle is secure and that there are no loose rattling
parts. LittleBig bikes carry stock of genuine
replacement parts, eg. tyres, inner-tubes, brake
blocks and handlebars. Remember that good
cleaning, regular checks and proper maintenance of
the bike will result in greater safety for your child.
The LittleBig bike is fitted with air tyres to provide
grip and cushioning for a comfortable ride. Check
that the tyres are properly pumped up at all times
and inflate as necessary via the Schrader valve. We
recommend a tyre pressure of between 25psi - 30psi
but do not exceed the maximum tyre pressure as
marked on the sidewall of the tyre.
Checking the frame bolts
The LittleBig frame is formed of two separate parts
which overlap and are secured by two bolts. You
should regularly check that these bolts are securely
tightened to the recommended torque.
Checking the brakes
Check the brakes regularly to ensure they are
operating correctly. Check for brake pad wear and
pad alignment. Also check that the cables are
running smoothly and are not frayed or damaged.
When the brake is actuated, the brake pad should hit
the rim squarely and not rub off the tyre. Please note
that the right lever operates the front brake and the
left lever operates the rear brake. The brake pivot
points should be lightly lubricated monthly and
after washing or being used in heavy rain. If you are
concerned with any aspect of the brake’s
performance, please consult a trained bicycle
Wheel bearings and headset
These serviceable bearings should ideally be regreased at six monthly intervals to ensure they
continue to work smoothly, please consult a trained
bicycle mechanic.
Recommended torque settings and
required tools
Main frame bolts: 10-12Nm
• Required tool: 5mm Allen Key (supplied)
Handlebar and stem bolts: 8-10Nm
• Required tool: 6mm Allen Key (supplied)
Wheel bolts: 8-10Nm
• Required tool: 15mm spanner (supplied)
Your LittleBig bike is covered by the following
warranties - for the original owner only:
Frame and fork - 5 years
All other parts - 2 years
For warranty information please refer to our website
Thank your for buying this LittleBig bike. You have selected a high
quality product which will bring lots of fun for years to come. If
you have any queries about this product please check our website
at or contact us at
Safety Information
Cycling is of huge benefit to your child’s
development skills and an important life skill, but
can still be potentially hazardous, and you are
responsible for the safety of the child. Children’s
characters and inquisitive nature can lead to
unpredictable situations for which the
manufacturers cannot be held liable. In allowing
your child to cycle you assume responsibility for the
associated risk. Children should be instructed on
how to use this bike properly and should be alerted
to any potential dangers. In addition to any hazards
you perceive, also pay attention to the following:
Always supervise young children when riding and
take their current skill level into account when
choosing a riding area. This bike should only be
used in playgrounds, parks, closed cycle paths or
other safe riding environments. It should not be
used near stairs, sloping areas, traffic, open
roads, swimming pools or other open waters.
The LittleBig bike is a learning bike and is not
designed for extreme use such as BMX,
freeriding, downhill mountainbiking, or jump
tracks. If you child does engage in those
activities, the LittleBig frame and/or
components could possibly fail which may result
in serious injury. The total permissible load on
this bike is max. 40kg (88lbs).
The brakes on this LittleBig bike are designed to
have a light action, but are also quite powerful.
You should instruct your child how and when to
use the brakes before they start. Make sure that
your child practices using the brakes on a soft
surface while wearing a helmet before venturing
further. Make sure your child is aware of the
brakes’ reduced performance in wet weather.
Closed shoes should be worn when riding the
bike. LittleBig bikes strongly recommend the use
of a properly fitting bicycle helmet.
If your child falls from their bike, check it for
damage and any mechanical issues that may
have caused the fall, and if in any doubt, consult
a trained bicycle mechanic before allowing them
to remount.
Before you start
Bike setup
Although your LittleBig bike has been assembled at the factory, there are still a few simple tasks for you to do:
Setting the saddle height
Fit the handlebars
Fit the front wheel
Re-attach front brake quick release
Please read this manual to ensure you assemble the bike correctly before riding. You can also find
instructional videos on:
Setting the handlebar position
Assembling the bike for first use
Fit handlebar
With the bike standing upright, hold the centre of the handlebar in front of the stem
Place stem clamp over the front of the handlebar
Insert four allen bolts and fasten securely using the 6mm allen key provided
The saddle should be set such that the child’s leg should be slightly bent when their foot is flat on the
ground. This is done by using the quick release at the base of the seat-post. Please observe the minimum
insertion marks on the seatpost which is 60mm.
Position the handlebar so that the child can comfortably reach the bars while sitting on the saddle. We
recommend starting with the handlebars swept slightly backwards so your the child is in an upright
position. After adjusting, ensure that all the bolts are tightened and the handlebars are secure.
Switching the bike from little
to big mode
1 Open and fully remove the seatpost quick release
clamp along with the seatpost and saddle.
Remove the two silver frame bolts (A) using the
5mm allen key provided.
2 Hold the front frame section and rotate the
Fit front wheel
Re-attach front brake quick release
Turn the bike upside down, fit the front wheel
into the fork and tighten securely with the
15mm spanner provided
rear frame section through a full 180 degrees.
Squeeze the two vertical brake arms together so
you can insert the alloy front brake ‘noodle’ into
its cradle as shown, ensuring that it goes in all
the way. Check that the cable fits into its slot
exactly the same way as the back brake, which
was fitted at the factory.
3 Carefully align and insert the two silver frame
bolts and securely tighten using the
5mm allen key provided.
Re-attach the seatpost quick release to what
is now the top end of the seat tube and
re-insert the seatpost and saddle.
Move the saddle to the required height
and tighten the seatpost quick release.
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