Amba Swivel electric towel warmer installation instructions

Amba Swivel electric towel warmer installation instructions
Amba - Swivel Collection
Operation and cleaning
Caution! To avoid personal damage or damage to the towel
warmer it is prohibited to disassemble the towel warmer
and to use it disassembled.
Please, read this user-manual carefully and keep it in a safe
place for future reference.
This is a domestic appliance is used for drying
towels and clothing, and not as a room heater.
fig. 1
Caution! The surface temperature can reach up
to 58Co(136F); delicate clothes must be placed
over a layer of another non-combustible material
before being placed on the towel warmer.
The towel warmer can be cleaned using a soft
damp cloth or by using mild dish washing liquid.
Caution! Do not use any abrasive or aggressive
cleaners, which could damage the surface of the unit.
Safety measures
Caution! It is highly recommended that the installation
is performed by a trained professional.
1. Be sure the unit is unplugged (Power off) during installation and during any maintenance of the towel
warmer rack.
2. Place the rack against the wall where it is to be installed and mark the position of the mounting caps
(B) for each bracket. Position the bracket (A) over
the marking and fix to the wall as shown in (fig. 1)
using the screws provided. It is recommended that
screws be secured into studs or a wall that is prepared with backing.
3. Slide mounting caps (B) away from wall mounts to
expose plastic inserts. Place the rack into the fixed
brackets on the wall and slide the mounting caps
(B) onto the brackets. (fig 2)
Make sure that the towel warmer is installed
correctly and securely before turning the switch
to the on position. Each towel warmer is equipped
with a power switch (ON/OFF) containing a red
light indicator on the bottom of the connection
box. It can be used in ON-mode twenty-four
hours a day.
• Be careful during transportation – do not expose to
mechanical and thermal damage.
• Units must not be immersed in water or subjected to
any direct stream of water.
• The supply cord must not touch the heating surface.
fig. 2
Technical data.
Voltage: 110V, 60Hz
Power: see label on rail
Protection class: IP 44
Max. surface temp: 58Co
Parts Included:
Screws – 4 (6) pc.
Wall plug anchor – 4(6) pc.
Bracket (A) – 2 (3) pc.
User-manual – 1 pc.
• Do not take off the plug from the wall socket by
pulling the supply cord and do not touch the plug with
wet hands.
• In case of damage to the towel warmer, switch it off
immediately and call the contact number.
• It is dangerous to use the towel warmer if it has
visible damage or if the electrical wiring (electrical
supply) is faulty.
• Use of extension cord with this product is not allowed.
Amba Products LLC
Tel:404 355 7401 / Fax:404 355 0166
CAUTION: To provide continued protection against
risk of electric shock, connect to properly grounded
outlets only.­­­­­­­­­
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