CastLAM Gloss

CastLAM Gloss
Technical Data Sheet
CastLAM Gloss
The IMAGin products is a series of self-adhesives especially designed for overlaminating and
protecting large and medium size digital prints.
CastLAM Gloss is part of the LUV range of products which has specifically been designed for
the protection of digital UV prints. It is however also compatible with other standard digital
printing techniques like SB, ecosolvent and latex.
CastLAM Gloss is an ultra clear gloss, soft 30µm cast PVC film coated on one side with an
ultra-clear permanent adhesive. The adhesive is protected with an easy to remove liner.
CastLAM Gloss
− helps retards the colour fade caused by ultra-violet (U.-V.) light exposure.
− protects the UV inks against abrasion, fingerprints...
− is suitable for internal and external applications
− does not influence the pH level of the substrate to which it is applied
− has a high tack adhesive suitable for laminating both SB, ecolsovent, latex and UV inks.
− is especially designed for the protection of super soft, flexible printed media like
− JT 5529 P/PM/MBF, JT 5629 PM, CastRap 129 B-free, for the decoration
of flat, riveted or corrugated surfaces (cut around deep corrugations is
always recommended)
− WW100 for the decoration of uneven walls such as brick walls.
− is therefore designed for the total coverage of fleet decoration (car, trucks, caravans…)
and uneven walls.
CastLAM Gloss
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Typical values
Test method
Quick Tack on glass (N/25 mm)
Peel 180° on glass (N/25 mm)
- after 20 minutes
- after 24 hours
FTM 14
Sample mounted on
Adhesive data, 23°C
Dimentional stability, 48h at 70°C on aluminium
Release liner
Clay coated white paper (gr/sqm)
ISO 536
ISO 534 (ASTM D 645)
Film + adhesive (µ)
Application temperature range : + 5°C to + 40°C
End-use temperature range
: - 30°C to + 100°C
For temperatures outside those quoted above, please consult MACtac.
Resistant to short periods of immersion in water and short contact with detergents, alcohol
and some aliphatic solvents. Not recommended for contact with ketones, esters, aromatic
solvents and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
For further technical advice, please consult MACtac.
2 years when stored at 15 to 25°C and ± 50 % relative humidity.
The expected vertical outdoor durability of the unprocessed product in Central Europe (Zone
1) is up to 4 years. This information is based on successful real life experience and artificial
aging according to ISO4892-3.
Indoor exposure will increase the durability values of the laminating film.
Note : Exposure to severe temperatures, ultra-violet light as well as conditions in Southern European countries,
tropical, sub-tropical or desert regions will cause more rapid deterioration. This also applies to polluted areas, high
altitude and south facing exposure. No durability warranty is given for horizontal exposure. For more information,
please refer to Technical Bulletin 7.5: “Outdoor Durability of combined MACtac print media and laminates”.
CastLAM Gloss
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• Where exposure to chemicals, solvents or high pressure water hoses is envisaged, it
is recommended to seal the edges of the prints with varnish or silicone in order to
avoid penetration of these liquids.
• Where possible, always test the proposed construction under actual application and
end-use conditions because a 100% multi-purpose adhesive for all substrates does
not exist.
• For car and fleet wrapping with UV printing : use 3D stretchable UV inks in order to
avoid cracks in the print upon application
• In order to reach the best result, it is recommended to apply CastLAM (onto the
image) with the help of a professional laminator with a top cylinder temperature of
about 20-22°C. Please regulate the speed and the pressure in order to avoid the film
stretching or deterioration.
• When laminating digital prints, please ensure the print is perfectly dry.
• The use of flat bed laminator is not recommended to laminate UV prints as the
pressure is not sufficient to avoid silvering.
• JT 5529 P/PM/MBF and JT 5629 PM laminated with CastLAM Gloss can be rolled
up to allow easy transport. The roll should have a diameter above 7 cm and the
image should be facing outwards.
• Please refer to Technical Bulletin 4.2 “Application Guide WW 100” for more
information on application procedures of WW100 + CastLAM Gloss.
• CastLAM Gloss is not recommended for the lamination of one way vision
perforated vinyl
All MACtac products are subject to careful quality control throughout the manufacturing process and are
warranted to be of merchantable quality and free from manufacturing defects.
Published information concerning MACtac products is based upon research which the Company believes to
be reliable although such information does not constitute a warranty.
Because of the variety of uses of MACtac products and the continuing development of new applications, the
purchaser should carefully consider the suitability and performance of the product for each intended use,
and the purchaser shall assume all risks regarding such use. The seller shall not be liable for damages in
excess of the purchase price of the product nor for incidental or consequential damages.
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
CastLAM Gloss
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