Looked After Children: Data Upload Guidance for Schools

Looked After Children: Data Upload Guidance for Schools
Looked After Children: Data Upload Guidance for Schools
Managing Data Protection
ParentPay take data protection seriously and operate at all times under the legislation in the
Data Protection Act (DPA) and within DPA guidelines. Our aim is to provide safe and secure
online payments to school and to protect personal data in our school cashless system.
ParentPay is registered as a data processor under the Data Protection Act and everything we
do meets the DPA guidelines. A school and Local Authority will already be registered as a Data
Student data remains as the schools’ responsibility and they have full control of accessing,
managing and updating all student data on the system.
ParentPay’s commitment to the school to act responsibly as a data processor is covered in our
terms and conditions and is also published within our Data Security Policy and our Privacy
Advice on Managing Data for Looked After Children
ParentPay are able to provide general guidance to schools on how to manage their pupil data
and would always recommend that schools are particularly observant with regards to the
managing of data for Looked After Children.
In instances where a child has been temporarily placed with a foster carer, schools need to be
aware that the existing contact details will remain on the ParentPay system until a data refresh
is performed to update the pupil details.
It is important that school’s record an important change of contact for a pupil within their
Management Information System (MIS) and proceed to perform a data upload to ensure the
changes are reflected on the ParentPay system.
In instances where immediate action is required, either due to a change in circumstances for a
Looked After Child or as a result of a Child Protection issue, schools are able to remove the
contact information listed against a student on the ParentPay system.
Removing Primary Contacts on ParentPay
Schools are able to remove a Primary Contact on the ParentPay system from a child’s account.
If a child moves into care or moves from one Foster Carer to another you are able to remove
and replace the Primary contact on ParentPay.
NB: This process is also relevant in the sensitive situation of having a deceased parent listed
on the ParentPay system that needs to be updated.
To do this you need to go to People > Pupils and Staff
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Looked After Children - Data Upload Guidance for Schools
Search for the relevant child and select the Edit Pupil Details option from the drop down
The Key (Main) Contact that was added to the ParentPay system as part of your initial data
upload will be displayed. We would recommend you add the new contact to the student’s
account before you remove the existing contact. Click Add new contact and enter in the
details for the new Primary contact.
The compulsory fields are Title, Forename, Surname, Email (if you do not know the
contact’s email address enter null@parentpay.com). You will also need to set a Username
and Password for the contact. The contact will be asked to select new login details on
activation of the account.
Once you have set up the new contact both contacts will be displayed.
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Looked After Children - Data Upload Guidance for Schools
You now need to “split” the Key (Contact) from the pupil. To do this you select the Merge or
Split accounts option from the drop down menu next to the contact you want to remove
Select the option to Split account
You will be asked to select a new Primary contact. Select the contact you created and click
The new contact you created will be displayed as the Key contact and the previous contact will
have been removed
Removing a Pupil from your MIS Data File
In some instances you may need to remove a pupil from your data upload completely, this
may be for child protection reasons or as a result of a parental request.
Manual Uploads
If you upload your pupil data manually via MIS:Sync you are able to remove the relevant pupil
from the export file and proceed to upload the data containing the remaining pupils.
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Looked After Children - Data Upload Guidance for Schools
SIMS Schools
If you use SIMS as your Management Information System you are able to open the ParentPay
data file uploaded to your SIMS system and execute an exclusion for the relevant pupil from
the report. If you require further assistance with this please ask the ParentPay Support Team
for the relevant guidance document.
Automated Upload Integration
There is no option to exclude a pupil from the data file manually for schools that use an
Automated Integration process. If you need to exclude a pupil from your data uploads you can
either process your uploads manually to ensure the pupil is excluded, or alternatively update
the account on your Management Information System to ensure any inappropriate contact
details are removed. Once you have actioned this we would recommend that you also proceed
to remove any unwanted accounts from your ParentPay site by following the steps set out in
the Removing Primary Contacts from ParentPay section of this guidance document.
Further Advice
If you require any further advice or guidance relating to the importing and maintaining of the
data for Looked After Children please do not hesitate to contact the ParentPay Support Team.
Support Team Email: support@parentpay.com
Support Team Helpline: 02476 994820
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Looked After Children - Data Upload Guidance for Schools
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