Compass Parent User Guide

Compass Parent User Guide
Compass Parent User Guide
Welcome to the Compass Parent Portal User Guide.
Using our parent portal you will be able to • Access your child's Semester Reports
• Book your Parent/Student/Teacher conferences
• View up-to-date class and school attendance information
• Approve or enter upcoming or past absences for your daughter
• Download, print and approve upcoming excursions
• Pay parent payments, charges and contributions
• Update your registered email and mobile number details
• Access information regarding upcoming events and news
If you have any technical queries about using compass please email Frances at or call 9864 7740 to speak to our compass helpdesk.
Open a Browser – Google Chrome,
Internet Explorer,
Type in the address below in the browser address bar
The following screen will open. Enter your family code and password as provided:
Please do not divulge your codes
to your daughter as this would
allow her to approve her own
absences and you would be
unaware of any truancy.
The first time you log in, Compass
will ask you to change your
password. Please read & follow
the password requirements.
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Compass Parent User Guide
The Dashboard will then appear
Student Profile
To access your daughter’s profile please click
on Student Profile (beside Photo)
From here you can access:
 Your Daughters profile (day to day
information about your daughter &
her schedule)
 Send an email to ALL her teachers
 Add an absence approval
 View her reports
 BOOK Parent Teacher Interviews
My News
Is a notice board for all parents, students & staff. School or class events that
include upcoming, specific & general information, as well as parent teacher
bookings, will appear here for a set amount of time.
Announce matters that need your attention
For example:
 an event that needs consent or payment
 an absence that needs your approval
 payment of the school fees
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Compass Parent User Guide
Student Profile
Dashboard opens with your
student’s timetable
You daughters DAILY schedule
will be displayed here
Schedule tab
Displays your daughters’
timetable for next 2 weeks.
Here you can move to a
particular date.
Attendance tab
statistics & her
daily activities
& attendance
appear here.
Summary Tab
Daily activities
& attendance
You can view
your daughter’s
classes by date
Gives you a
of your daughter’s classes including the number of classes that have occurred, how often she is in
class, out of class & all expressed as a percentage.
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Compass Parent User Guide
Student Profile (cont.)
Approvals tab
You will be able to
enter parent
approvals for the
dates your daughter
has been absent
Click add parent
The Parent Approval
Editor screen will
You can select the
reason from the
drop down menu
You can enter more
Choose the date &
time period. If you
use “select a period”,
please choose the start
period & the finish
period. Compass will
then enter the relevant
times. Do not forget to
Unapproved tab
All unapproved
absences are listed
You can select the
dates & times by ticking
the box
Click Parent approve;
this box will appear,
please fill out as above.
Arrive/depart: view your daughters late arrive & early depart times
Full Record: view your daughters overall attendance in all of her subjects.
If you have any concerns regarding your daughter’s attendance please phone the general office on
9864 7700 and ask to be put through to your daughters year level co-ordinator’s voicemail. Leave
your details on the voicemail including the date of your concern and the year level co-ordinator
will ring you back as soon as they are available.
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Compass Parent User Guide
Parent Payments: The following refers to payment of the 2015 parent
payments but Course Confirmation/Payments is also used for other
payments during the year.
Click on blue link under Course
Confirmation/Payment in My
Any payments that are due will
appear here. Click on the one
you wish to pay.
You will be asked to read and
accept both the ICT
Acceptable Use Policy and the
Overseas Tours and
Exchanges policy. Click on the
proceed button. Both parents
and students will need to
agree and digitally sign the ICT
Acceptable Use policy. Please
read and then click the “I have
read and accept the agreement above” button and then type your full name. Click on the proceed
You will then be asked to read and accept the Overseas Tours and Exchanges Agreement and
digitally sign the agreement. Only parent agreement is required.
Once you have entered your name, click on the proceed button. If you don’t agree to the previous
policies you will need to cancel and contact the school on 9864 7700 with your concerns.
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Compass Parent User Guide
The following screen will appear giving
an itemised list of the items to be paid
and the recommended amount to be
You can change the amount to be paid
of the Building Fund by entering the
dollar amount you wish to pay in the
Amount box or if you wish to not pay it
enter 0.00.
To find out the details of the Item to be
Click on the Item i.e. Essential
Education Items and a detailed
description will appear.
Click the X in the top right corner to
close & return to payment screen.
To finalise payment, you will need to
enter your credit/debit card details and
then you can chose to pay the full
amount in one payment by clicking on
the “Pay Now” button or you can chose
to pay by eight monthly instalments
starting in February and ending in
September by clicking on “Pay by
Instalments” button.
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Compass Parent User Guide
Parent/Teacher Interviews
Under student profile (half way
down page on left hand side)
Click on
“Book Parent Teacher Interviews”
The screen on the left will
Select the open PST Conference
date, then the time you wish to
make an appointment for.
The following drop down will
appear with your daughter’s
teachers available for that time
Choose the staff member you wish
to make the interview with and
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Compass Parent User Guide
When all bookings are made the screen will look like this with the successful bookings in pink.
At Conference bookings Home Page
you will have the ability to print all
You will have a list that will contain:
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Teachers Name
Appointment Time
Compass Parent User Guide
Click on blue
“Click here to Proceed”
link under My News to
open Events Dashboard
The following Dashboard will open
By selecting” Process Now (Online)” you can give electronic consent for the Event & make any
payment using your credit card.
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Compass Parent User Guide
Student Reports
Log into compass using your Parent
Code & password.
Click on “View Academic Reports”
Under your daughters name
The Student Dashbaord will open
Click on Reports tab
Open the reporting
cycle you wish to
You will then be
asked to open
and/or save a PDF of
the report.
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