User Manual - EZ Way, Inc.

User Manual - EZ Way, Inc.
EZ Way, Inc. 800-627-8940
Lateral Transfer System
User Manual
EZ Matt User Manual Document# AMT100601
January 17, 2005
EZ Way, Inc. 800-627-8940
This manual provides instruction on the safe operation and maintenance of the EZ Matt lateral
patient transfer system. Safety information and cleaning instructions are included.
System Description
The EZ Matt is for use in the US. The EZ Matt system consists of an air supply, air hose, air
mattress and protective sheet. A bridge is provided for use where the gap between stretcher and
bed exceeds 3 inches. All of the listed items fit conveniently into the carrying bag.
EZ Matt Replacement Parts List
ML100 – Large Air Mattress
MB100 – Bariatric Air Mattress
SL100 – Large Protective Sheet
SB100 – Bariatric Protective Sheet
TB100 – Transfer Bridge
AS100 – Air Supply
PC100 – Power Cord
HS100 – Air Hose, 8 ft.
HL100 – Air Hose, 25 ft.
BS100 – Bag for EZ Matt system
Environmental Specifications
Ambient temperature range
Relative humidity
10º to 40ºC (50º to 104ºF)
20% to 80%, non-condensing
Sea level to 2440 meters (375 to 1100 hPa)
Transport and Storage
Ambient temperature range
Relative humidity
Atmospheric pressure range
-25º to 70ºC (-13º to 158ºF)
5% to 95%, non-condensing
Sea level to 40,000 Ft
EZ Matt User Manual Document# AMT100601
January 17, 2005
EZ Way, Inc. 800-627-8940
Safety Information
Device is intended for Short Time Operation (on for one minute, off for one minute).
Type of protection against electric shock: Class II equipment.
Degree of protection against electrical shock: Type B equipment.
This device is classified as ordinary equipment and offers no protection against harmful
ingress of water, IPX0.
Maximum leakage current measured to be 3.9 microamps on air supply enclosure and 3.9
microamps on air mattress.
Do not operate air supply motor near equipment that is sensitive to electromagnetic
No automatic pressure relief exists on device. If pressure relief is desired, turn air supply
off or disconnect air hose.
indicates Class II device
indicates Alternating Current AC
indicates Type B equipment
indicates power off position on power rocker switch
indicates power on position on power rocker switch
EZ Matt User Manual Document# AMT100601
January 17, 2005
EZ Way, Inc. 800-627-8940
Placing the EZ Matt Mattress Underneath the Patient
Whenever possible, a two-person transfer is recommended (one person on each side).
If soiling is possible, place protector sheet on top of EZ Matt mattress, dull side down, before it is
positioned underneath the patient. Roll the mattress lengthwise towards center from one side such that
the side with the perforations will be against the bed, not the patient.
Make sure that the patient’s feet are down at the opening for the air supply marked “foot end”. Place
the mattress under the patient using a “log-rolling” technique. Simply roll the patient onto their side
toward the attendant, then place the rolled edge of the mattress against the patient. Roll the patient
back towards the opposite side enough to unroll the mattress as you would when changing a bed sheet.
Center the patient on the mattress.
Attach the two patient safety straps in gentle contact with the patient. Straps need not be tight. Do not
use these straps to transfer patient.
Connecting the EZ Matt Air Supply
Plug the power cord of the air supply into the air supply and then into the electrical outlet on the wall.
Attach the flexible hose into the air supply and then into the mattress at the side near the patient’s feet
that will allow travel of the hose without binding. Use the snap and velcro to secure air hose into
place. If the air supply is not attached to the stretcher, it should be located on the floor near the
attendant making the transfer.
Typical Transfer of Patient – Stretcher to Bed
Bring the stretcher alongside the patient’s bed as close as possible. Securely engage the brakes and
raise the stretcher side rail on opposite side.
Adjust the bed or stretcher height so that they are as close to the same level as possible.
If the space between the patient’s bed and stretcher is greater than 3”, use the bridge to fill the gap.
Verify that no handrail, accessory or sharp object obstructs the path of the mattress and that the air
hose is free to travel with the mattress. Verify that all patient support systems such as I.V. lines or
oxygen hoses are free to travel with the patient and an attendant is positioned in the direction of
patient transfer.
10. Lift the power switch safety cover and turn ON the air supply by pressing the switch to the “|”
position. Lower the safety cover and wait approximately 5 seconds for the mattress to fully inflate.
11. Once the mattress is fully inflated, grasp handles of mattress and gently move the patient towards the
attendant to the desired surface ending with the patient centered on the new surface. If moving from a
higher surface to a lower surface, move the feet first and then bring the upper body over after the feet
are almost at the intended destination. If moving from a lower surface to a higher surface, move the
upper body first and then the feet using the same type of diagonal pulling motion.
12. Turn OFF air supply by pressing the switch to the “O” position. Unplug power cord from wall and air
supply. Pack up air supply and transfer board. Unit can be attached to transportation device to
accompany the patient.
EZ Matt User Manual Document# AMT100601
January 17, 2005
EZ Way, Inc. 800-627-8940
Washing Instructions
Between patient use the mattress and sheet may be wiped down with any properly diluted EPA
approved germicidal cleaning solution or quaternaries; alcohol (70% isopropyl of Ethyl). The
cleaning solution should be sprayed on or applied with paper towels or disposable cleaning
cloths using hospital protocol for bed mattresses. After removing all potentially infectious
materials, wipe up excess solution and allow surface to dry. Always wash hands thoroughly
after cleaning the mattress or protective sheet.
If the mattress or sheet becomes badly soiled it can be laundered in cold or warm water with any
hospital approved non-alkaline detergent. Temperature of water is not to exceed 155ºF. It is
acceptable to use a 1:10 bleach:water solution in the laundering of the mattress.
It is recommended that the EZ Matt mattress be air-dried. If using a steam dryer, tumble dry on
lowest setting not to exceed 100ºF. Do not iron. The heat of the iron will cause damage to the
mattress and protective sheet.
Technical Specifications
Weight 3.5 lbs including protective sheet
210/T Poly, PVC coated, Water resistant, Anti-static, non-latex
34” wide, 78” long (Large) / 46” wide, x 78” long (Bariatric)
Hole pattern on bottom of mattress 3 5 5 5 3
Total of 21 holes per line, 96 lines per mattress
From air intake hole to the edge of air holes = 19 1/2” +/- 1”
No weight limit
Protective sheet
36” wide, 79” long (Large)
54” wide, 82” long (Bariatric)
Air Supply
110 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1200W
Power cord – medical grade SJT 3-18 Type
Weight 19.5lbs
EZ Matt User Manual Document# AMT100601
January 17, 2005
EZ Way, Inc. 800-627-8940
For one year after the original date of purchase, EZ Way will repair this system (or at EZ Way’s option,
replace with a like product) free of charge if defective in material or workmanship. This Limited Warranty
does not include cleaning, or damage caused by accident, neglect, misuse or improper installation or
operation, any damage caused from unauthorized repairs, maintenance, modifications or tampering by
anyone other than an EZ Way Authorized Service Representative or conditions beyond the control of EZ
Way, or operation of the system in excess of the specifications or with the Serial Number Label removed.
No oral or written information or advice given by EZ Way, its distributors, agents, or employees, shall
create another warranty or modify this warranty. This warranty states EZ Way’s entire liability and is your
exclusive remedy against EZ Way for any failure of the system to operate properly.
Neither EZ Way nor anyone else involved in the development, production, or delivery of this system shall
be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages, including lost
profits, rising from the use or inability to use the product, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.
Because some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential or incidental damages, the
above limitation may not apply to you.
This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from
State to State.
Assistance under this Limited Warranty is available through EZ Way’s Service Department, 1-800-6278940.
EZ Matt User Manual Document# AMT100601
January 17, 2005
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