For a healthier lifestyle
For a healthier lifestyle
Heart Rate Monitor - Calorie Counter - Clock - Alarm - Lap Timer - Stopwatch
General Cautions and Warnings
Cautions, warnings and battery replacement
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First use
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Resting heart rate
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Personal details
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Calorie counting - by heart rate
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Calorie counting - by activity type
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Alarm clock mode, chronograph mode and bar grip
efore embarking on any exercise or diet regime change you should consult your
doctor who will be happy to work out a healthy, safe program to suit you.
• Keep away from young children.
• Pay attention to the direction you are travelling and upcoming obstacles to ensure no
collisions when glancing at your Fitness Watch.
• If you suffer from any kind of ill health or are uncertain of the suitability of the product
for you, you must consult your doctor before using this product.
• Do not use if you have a pacemaker.
• This product is a guiding aid to your fitness level and is not, and should not be treated
as, a medical device.
• Exercise sessions should have a warm up and warm down period and sufficient water
should be consumed to avoid dehydration.
• Do not attempt to engage in a level of exercise significantly above what you are used
to without consulting your doctor first.
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Battery Replacement
hen the screen or sound becomes dull, ask a watch repair specialist to replace the
battery, observing the plus and minus marks of the battery and the product.
• Product uses 1 x Lithium Battery CR2032, these are widely available at watch retailers/
• Never dispose of batteries in fire- Risk of explosion.
• Always make sure battery compartments are secure.
• Never attempt to recharge the battery.
• Never allow children to play with the battery.
Fitness Watch - First Use
Inputting Resting Heart Rate
The Fitness Watch is specially designed to guide your exercise into your personal
target heart rate zone. The Fitness Watch will also show how many calories you
have burned, so you have a record of achievement and a clear picture of how
much exercise you are getting. The following pages show you how to get the best
out of your watch.....
Target Heart Rate
Heart rate is an excellent indicator of exercise intensity. Target heart rate zone is a guide
to keep your workout at the right intensity level to maintain good fitness levels. Below is
a guide to target heart rate zone which the watch works out from your data.
• Max Heart Rate (MHR) = 220 – Your Age
• Upper target heart rate limit = (MHR-RHR) x 80% +RHR
• Lower target heart rate limit = (MHR-RHR) x 60% + RHR
If in any doubt that this is the right intensity for you, consult your doctor who will be
happy to advise you.
Before you first use the watch you must enter your resting heart rate as Follows:
Setting the Time
Press MODE button until AL is shown.
Press and hold RESET button until minutes flash.
Use the ST/SP to change time.
Press MODE to change to hour and set with ST/SP.
- Fitness Watch
Fitness Watch - You should obtain this after sitting calmly for 30mins or longer or just after waking in
the morning.
• Press MODE until HR is shown.
• Press and hold reset until dashes appear on screen.
• Touch the sensor with your index finger tip for 30 seconds and your RHR is
automatically inputted / updated.
• It is important to apply the right amount of pressure to the sensor. Press lightly so
you don’t restrict blood flow, the heart symbol will flash when a reading is being
successfully taken.
• If no reading was possible two long beeps will sound and dashes will appear on
the screen. If this happens, please repeat the process adjusting the amount of
pressure you apply to the sensor.
• The watch will bleep two shot beeps to indicate it is correctly set. Your RHR is
now set and should be reset every few weeks to take into account any changes
to your resting heart rate.
You are now ready to enter the rest of your
personal details
When in Exercise Mode (EX)
To enter personal and activity settings when in exercise mode (EX), before you start your
exercise session:
• Press MODE key until EX is shown.
• Ensure timer is stopped (use ST/SP button if necessary) and press RESET for 2
seconds until the unit beeps and enters the AG (age) input setting.
• Press ST/SP until your reach your age.
• Press MODE to enter the weight entry setting (WT).
• Press ST/SP until you reach your weight.
• Press MODE to enter EL (exercise level) setting.
This is the point where you must decide whether you want to measure your calories
burned in your exercise session by (A) touching the heart rate sensor or (B) due to
activity type. B is more appropriate when it is difficult to touch the sensor during activity
e.g. rowing.
(A) Heart Rate
To obtain calories burned by heart rate leave this section with a flashing dashed line and
press MODE or RESET.
Heart Rate
If you have followed step 7 A above then you can obtain calories burned (by heart rate,
age, weight and time) at any time when the counter is running, and you are still exercising,
by pressing RESET (heart symbol appears) and touching the SENSOR pad.
OTE it is important that you touch this pad lightly so as not to restrict blood flow,
the heart symbol will flash when you are exerting the correct amount of pressure.
• You must touch the sensor for thirty seconds, the watch will then beep twice
and display your calories burned up to that time from when you started the time
• You must input your resting heart rate (RHR) before you can accurately calculate
your calories burned for your heart rate.
Your Workout Motivator:
It is important to keep in your optimum exercise zone to maximise the benefits of your
small triangle will point down if you are below your target heart rate zone or up
if you are above it. Two long beeps will sound.
• If you are in your target heart rate zone then two short beeps will sound and no
arrow will appear.
- Fitness Watch
Fitness Watch - (B) Activity Type
To obtain calories burned by activity type and weight, and age press ST/SP (heart symbol
disappears) until you reach the calories burned per minute of your exercise type as per
the Activity chart below, then press MODE.
Activity (for use when touching the sensor is not easy to do)
If you have followed step 7 B above then you can obtain calories burned (by activity, age,
weight and time) at any time when the counter is running (start counter using ST/SP)
by pressing RESET. This will display calories burned. After 5 seconds the screen will
automatically return to time counter.
Aerobics: low impact
Aerobics: high impact
Boxing: sparing
Cross country skiing
Circuit training: general
Cycling: stationary, moderate
Cycling: stationary, vigorous
Cycling: 12-14 mph
Cycling: 14-16 mph
Football: competitive
Golf: carrying clubs
Golf: using cart
Hiking: cross country
Rock climbing: ascending
Rowing, stationary: moderate
Rowing, stationary: vigorous
Running 5 mph
Running 6 mph
Running 10 mph
Running: cross country
Ski Machine: general
Skiing: cross-country
- Fitness Watch
Softball: general play
Stair step machine: general
Step aerobics: low impact
Step aerobics: high impact
Swimming: general
Tennis: general
Water polo
Water Skiing
Walking 3.5 mph
Walking 4.5 mph
Walking: 10 min
Weight lifting: general
Weight lifting: vigorous
Volleyball; beach
Battery Safety
• Take care to fit your batteries correctly
• Replace the whole set of batteries at one time, taking care not to mix old and new
batteries of different types
• Never dispose of batteries in fire as this may cause them to explode
• Never attempt to recharge ordinary batteries
• Keep loose button cells away from young children
• Seek medical advice if you believe a cell battery has been swallowed
Fitness Watch - Alarm Mode
MODE until “AL” is shown.
ST/SP key to turn alarm and/or hourly chime on or off. (bell symbol is for chime)
RESET and hold for 2 seconds to enter alarm setting mode.
ST/SP to get to the correct minute.
MODE to get to hour setting.
ST/SP to get to the correct hour.
MODE to store data.
If you have any queries about this product
or would like to know more about JML
products please contact us at:
John Mills Limited
JML House
Regis Road
Tel: 020 7691 3800
Fax: 020 7691 3801
Note: alarm will be set ON automatically after inputting data.
Chronograph Mode
• Press MODE until “ST” is shown.
• Press the ST/SP key to start and stop the chronograph (stop watch).
• Initial counting mode includes hundredths of a second but after 1 hour it changes to
include hours but not hundredths of a second.
• When timer is running, you can press RESET to show how long that lap took, then
press RESET again to resume counting.
• Press ST/SP then RESET to reset time to zero.
Bar Grip
Included in your Fitness Watch is a lightweight, durable bar grip that can be applied to
your bicycle handle bar, running machine and many other pieces of exercise equipment.
You can wrap the watch around this for easier access to the heart rate monitor and
display to avoid disruption to your workout.
Product Code: V0632
This product is unconditionally guaranteed for
one year against all defects of workmanship
and materials. This guarantee does not affect
your statutory rights. If this product proves
unsatisfactory please contact our dedicated
Customer Service team.
10 - Fitness Watch
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