Timer and switching relays Stepping relay NGF 32
Timer and switching relays
Stepping relay NGF 32
Stepping relay with auxiliary supply
• Multi-voltage for AC/DC 24 up to 240 V
• 1 function: stepping ON-OFF
• 2 change-over contacts
• 2 LEDs for function display
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Circuit diagram
Function diagram
Function code 98 = stepping ON-OFF, with auxiliary supply
11-14, 21-24
11-12, 21-22
Dimension diagram
Auxiliary supply
Energizing quantity LED green
Switching element LED green
= time between switching on auxiliary power and
energizing quantity, must be > recovery time 1
= make time, must be > minimum ON time 1
= break time, must be > recovery time 2
Description of the drawing
Control signal of the energizing quantity
Adjustable time
Fixed time
Adjustable cycle time
LED green Energizing quantity
5-fold function
Time out – energizing quantity ON
Time on – delayed switching element in ON position
Time on – delayed switching element in OFF position
Time on – delayed switching element in ON or OFF position
Time out – energizing quantity OFF
After the auxiliary supply (A1-A2) has been switched on, the stepping relay switches
its two change-over contacts into the ON position with the rising edge of the
energizing quantity (B1-A2).
The change-over contacts are returned into the OFF position with the next rising edge
of the energizing quantity. This occurs alternately when the energizing quantity is
switched on. When the auxiliary supply is switched off the change-over contacts
switch into the OFF position. LEDs show the state of the excitation input and the
position of the contacts.
Subject to change without further notice
The device is designed for multi-voltage. Phase L1 or L+ must be connected to
terminal A1; neutral conductor N or M must be connected to terminal A2.
Timer and switching relays
Stepping relay NGF 32
Technical data
Product standard (timer relay)
Relay function according to IEC 60050 (445)
Function display
Function diagram
Input circuit
Rated voltage A1-A2
Rated consumption AC
Rated consumption DC
Rated voltage limits
Rated frequency fn
Release value of the input voltage (line capacity approx. 150 pF/m)
Rated current on control connection (A1)
Rated consumption on control connection (A1)
Parallel loads permissible
Internal half-wave rectification
Function times
Recovery time 1/2
Minimum ON time 1/2
Output circuit
Contact assignment
Contact material
Rated operating voltage
Rated value for limiting continuous current Ith
Minimum contact load
Application category according to IEC 60947-5-1
NGF 32
EN 61812-1:1999-08
Stepping relay with auxiliary supply
2 LEDs green
FD 250-50
AC/DC 24 – 240 V
3.5 VA / 1.7 W
1.6 W
70 – 110 %
50 – 60 Hz ± 5 %
≥ AC/DC 10 V; permissible line capacity 0.2 µF
1 mA
< 0.25 W
A1-A2 yes
A1-A2 no
0 / ≤ 25 ms
≤ 25 / – ms
2 change-over contacts
AgNi 90/10
AC/DC 24 – 240 V
≥ AC/DC 5 V / ≥ 10 mA
AC-15 Ue AC 230 V, Ie 3 A
DC-13 Ue DC 24 V, Ie 2 A
≤ 3600 switching cycles/h
30 x 106 switching cycles
0.12 x 106 switching cycles AC-15
40 ms
Permissible switching frequency
Mechanical life
Electrical life 20/2 A, AC 250 V, cos ϕ = 0.3
Response time / release time at excitation of A1-A2
Other data
Creepage distances and clearances
Degree of pollution
Overvoltage category
Rated voltage
Protection degree according to IEC 60529 housing / terminals
Noise immunity according to IEC 61000-4
Ambient temperature, operating range
Dimension diagram (housing)
Circuit diagram of the terminals
Wire ranges
stranded or solid
stranded with ferrules
according to IEC 60664-1
3 outside, 2 inside
AC/DC 275 V
IP 40 / IP 20
Test severity 3
–25 – +60 °C
K 3-3
KS 250-25
1 x 0.2 – 6 or 2 x 0.2 – 2.5 mm2
1 x 0.4 – 4 or 2 x 0.2 – 1.5 mm2
0.13 kg
being prepared:
Overview of the devices/Part numbers
Rated voltage
NGF 32
AC/DC 24 – 240 V 50 – 60 Hz
ON-delay time
Part No.
Std. Pack
Subject to change without further notice
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