Radar SART tests now available with Futronic Test Box

Radar SART tests now available with Futronic Test Box
Danphone is proud to announce
the latest feature for the renowned
Futronic Test Box. Following
extensive testing and trials, the
Futronic Test Box is now available
with built-in Radar SART tester.
Radar SART tests
now available with Futronic Test Box
Radar SARTs are activated and
located by radar signals in the
9 GHz frequency band. When
activated, the radar SARTs will
respond with a signal consisting
of 12 sweeps between 9.2 and
9.5 GHz.
For the purpose of testing radar
SARTs, the Futronic test box
has been equipped with two
directional radar antennas
situated behind the rear panel.
One is for transmitting a
simulated radar signal to trig
the SART, and one is for
receiving the response signal
from the SART.
The SART test facility can be
included when purchasing a
new test box, or it can be
implemented as an upgrade,
for instance when your test
box is sent to Danphone for
The test box will display the test
result in the form of the average
frequency of the 12 response
sweeps transmitted by the SART
along with a figure representing
the output power level.
The test results are automatically
stored in the test box memory
with the facility of transferring
them to a PC at a later date.
As you may wish to test several
SARTs in a row, each SART can
be given its own individual
number for recognition.
Once installed, the SART
feature requires no additional
external equipment or cables.
With the Radar SART test
facility included, your allin-one Futronic test box
enables you to test
- AIS transponders
- Radar SARTs
- 406 MHz EPIRBs
- MF/HF/VHF DSC radios
- Navtex receivers
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