Instructions - My Power Clock

Instructions - My Power Clock
1. Remove Battery Cover and Install Batteries
(3 AAA Batteries Included)
a. Hold the clock, face down, in your hand so you
can see the battery cover.
b. Place the palm of your hand on the cover and
twist 1/4” to the left.
c. Flip the clock over and the battery cover will
drop out.
d. Insert batteries as marked inside the case
(match + and - to battery direction).
e. Replace cover and lock in place by turning
to the right.
2. Set or Adjust Real Time
a. Hold down the C button for 5 seconds.
The hour will begin flashing.
b. Add or subtract to set the hour by using the
+ or – buttons.
c. After setting the hour, press the C button once.
The minutes will begin flashing.
d. Add or subtract to set the minutes by using the
+ or – buttons.
e. After setting the minutes, press the C button
again. The time is now set.
3. Easily Set Your Alarm / Reminder
Using Our Patented “QuickSet” Buttons
a. Use any of our “QuickSet” buttons to set your
b. Any combination countdown time can easily
be set, (similar to a calculator).
c. The + and – buttons will add or subtract
single minutes during the setting mode.
d. Your countdown will begin 5 seconds after you
complete your setting.
e. Turn off the alarm, or clear the countdown
time, by pressing the C button. (Clock must be
in countdown mode to clear the countdown time).
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