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Service Packages*
Bottom Bracket
Our Tune-Ups include a full inspection of your bicycle,
including your tires, cables, seat post, stem and handlebar,
brakes and drive train. We then adjust your hubs, headset
and bottom bracket, true your wheels and finish with
derailleur and brake adjustments.
Single speed deduct $10.00
Tandem add $20.00
Premium Tune-Up
Classic Tune-Up
Mobile Bicycle
Repair - fast and on
YOUR schedule!
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On site service with free pickup/drop-off if your project can’t best
be completed at your home or office
Serving Summit and the Surrounding
We start off with our standard Tune-Up and then
remove your drive-train components and clean them in
our ultra-sonic parts cleaner, the cleanest and most
environmentally sound way to clean your components.
We then reinstall and adjust your components and
lubricate your drive train.
(This service will be performed in our shop.)
Deluxe Tune-Up
Call Now for an Appointment
We start off by completely disassembling and cleaning
your bicycle. We then overhaul your headset, hubs and
bottom bracket when possible and replace any loose
ball bearings with stainless steel replacements. Your
bicycle is reassembled and your cables are replaced
with stainless steel cables. We then clean your drive
train as described in our Premium Tune-Up.
(This service will be performed in our shop.)
Front $5.99
Rear $9.99
Cable $19.99
Hydraulic $39.99/hr
Service Suspension Fork
(Does not include removal/install of related components such as
bottom bracket or headset)
Chase Bottom Bracket
Face Bottom Bracket
Face Headset
Handle Bar/Stem
(Does not include cables, brake or gear adjustments)
Pro Builds
New Frame/Parts $119.99
New Parts/Existing Frame $149.99
We will install your parts on your new frame or install
new parts on your old frame. Includes a full Tune-Up
and 30-day inspection.
(This service will be performed in our shop.)
Drive Train Clean
(Without a Tune-Up)
We remove your drive train components and clean
them in our ultra-sonic parts cleaner, the cleanest and
most environmentally sound way to clean your
components. We then reinstall and adjust your
components and lubricate your drive train.
*All basic shop supplies included; other parts and labor may add
additional costs.
Wrap Road Bars
Install Handlebar
Flat $14.99
Road $24.99
Install Stem
Bottom Bracket
Front $14.99
Rear $19.99
*All prices are labor only; parts at additional cost.
How it works
Tube/Tire Change
Front $6.99
Rear $9.99
Tubular Tire
(Includes Glue)
Wheel True
Replace Spoke
(Plus Spokes)
Front $14.99
Rear $19.99
Cassette Remove/Install
Wheel Build
(Plus Spokes)
Std. $9.99
Cadence $19.99
Flight Deck $19.99
Bar Ends
Care-Free Bicycles provides at-home bicycle
service in Summit and the surrounding
counties. All prices listed will include travel
up to 20 miles from Stow, Ohio as long as our
minimum service charge of $25.00 is met. If
your home or office is further then 20 miles
there may be an additional charge to cover
fuel and travel time. We will make exceptions
whenever possible. Our goal is to keep our
pricing low so this charge will be waved if we
can coordinate your service call with another
appointment or the size of the job justifies
waving the fee. There will not be additional
charges if your bicycle needs to be brought
back to the shop because either additional
parts are needed or we feel you will be better
served having your service performed in our
fully equipped shop. We will always do our
best to accommodate your schedule, coming
to your home or office by appointment
anytime Monday through Saturday.
Special Orders
Box Bike
Fitting services
Shop Rate*
(Services not covered above)
Minimum Service Charge
(Labor only, parts not included in meeting minimum charge)
* All prices are labor only, parts at additional cost.
All prices are subject to change
We keep many common parts and accessories
in stock. We also have access to many product
lines and will never charge shipping for any
parts used for your repair, or any parts or
accessories that we will bring with us during
our service calls. If you have any part or
accessory needs let us know in advance so we
can have them in stock in time for your
service appointment. We will charge for
special orders that are shipped from our
warehouse to your home or office. Please call
or e-mail with any pricing questions.
Care-Free Bicycles
Mobile Bicycle Repair - fast and
on YOUR schedule!
Care-Free Bicycles is a mobile bike shop. With the
goal of making cycling more care-free, we work
around your schedule, providing the fastest service
possible without you ever having to load up your
bicycle and bring it into the shop. We will perform
many repairs at your home or office, bringing with us
many of the parts or accessories we may need to help
you. If you would be better served in our fully
equipped service shop, we will pick-up and drop-off
your bike at your convenience. At Care-Free Bicycles
we are here to service your bicycle, not replace it.
On-Site Repairs - Pick-Up and Drop-Off
Services Available
Many services can be completed at your home or
office; free pick-up and drop-off service available
when needed.
All service guaranteed for 1 year.
A Truly “Service Oriented” Experience
Know your mechanic - don’t leave who works on your
bike to chance.
Owner Dan Zaidman has over 15 years service
Fast Turn Around – Repairs on Your
Less time off your bike
Club / Team Discounts
Sign up your cycling club for benefits, including stellar
discounts and technical support at your events.
Ask about our maintenance classes.
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