D4 Multimedia Video Gvif Interface Install

D4 Multimedia Video Gvif Interface Install
D4 Multimedia Video Gvif Interface Install
This is a basic install of this interface showing some step by step pictures for help.
Lift out the cup holder with help from a blunt instrument
Locate the 2 screws holding the centre console down and remove them
Lift up with a blunt instrument the centre console trim panel
Now you can remove the gear knob by pulling up on it hard to remove.
Then lifting up from the rear first of the centre console with (N) selected it can be removed.
It can be sat on the passenger seat with the wires still connected.
From here on in please make sure the
Ignition is switched OFF and the car has
gone to sleep which may take a few mins.
Start by removing the nav lower trim, lifting upwards with a blunt instrument making sure
not to scratch the trim.
Now remove the 2 torx screws holding the radio fascia on, one at each side.
Now with a blunt instrument lever outwards and remove the trim making sure not to mark
it of the panels behind it.
Lifting upwards and outwards from the bottom first remove t he left and right radio
surrounding trim.
Making sure to unplug the Start Button wires as you go.
With the trims removed you should be faced this.
Remove the clock and radio control strip for ease of access to the nav screws.
Using a torx head tool remove the screws holding the nav screen in place, one located in
each of the 4 corners.
Top screws.
Now the nav will slide forward.
You can now remove all the nav connectors making sure to be gentle with the connectors as
not to cause damage.
Now the nav is removed from the car we need to fit t he GVIF interface ribbon to the LCD
screen. We start by removing the plastic screen surround.
As seen here with the plastic removed.
Now for the best bit taking apart the nav to add our new parts ☺
First remove the screen surround screws and surrounding.
Lift up the nav screen from the main body exposing the ribbon cables.
Using a sharp instrument fold down the securing tabs to the ribbon cables making sure not
to cause damage to the nav unit or cables.
Using the new PCB and ribbon cable provided in the kit fit them to the nav as seen here.
Use some tape to secure the PCB to the nav screen back put it back together leaving the
cables one coming out of each side.
Locating the GVIF interface in a tidy location before re fitting the nav.
The centre console will fit back perfectly with the GVIF interface located here.
make sure to route all wires in a safe place and remembering to use a fused 12V feed for t
he unit.
Enjoy ☺
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