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Surge Guard Plus
Automatic Transfer Switch with
RV Power Protection
120/240V, 50A, 60 Hz
Protects your RV bumper to bumper from the
most damaging common electrical faults.
Automatic Transfer Switch Features
Unit will transfer to either shore power or
generator automatically when energized. In the
event both shore and generator powers are
available, generator power will dominate after a
30 second delay.
 Open Neutral Protection
Listed UL 1008
 Reversed Polarity Protection
 Multi-mode Surge Suppression
 Time Delay at Power Up (Shore 3-4 Sec.,
Generator 30 Sec.)
 50 FLA Rated Contactors (Full inductive
load rated)
 Mechanical Interlocking Contactors
 Electrical Interlocked Control Circuit
 Black Heavy-Duty Plastic Enclosure
 Rugged Construction
 UL Approved ATS – full transfer switch
rating, UL1008, (not general control)
 2600 Joules at 76,400 Amps
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