AXIOM Quick Reference Guide

AXIOM Quick Reference Guide
AXIOM Quick Reference Guide
Welcome to AXIOM—your online personal assistant
AXIOM is an innovative online procurement tool from American Express Business Travel that allows you to make your travel
reservations, ship a package, set up a Web or phone conference and more, all from the same site. It’s fast and easy to use,
allowing you to spend less time making reservations and more time
doing the things you need to do. Some of the user-friendly features
Easy access to personal information: Your profile information
along with the details of the services you’ve booked using
AXIOM are clearly accessible from the Home page.
Seamless calendar integration: Details of all bookings made
and services requested are integrated to your calendar to save
time and give you easy access to the information you need.
Notification of schedule changes: AXIOM’s notification feature
can send up to the minute status on the flights you have booked,
packages you have shipped and other services you have
Getting Connected and Logging In
1. Connect to the Internet and enter the URL provided by your
2. Save this address as a “Favorite” or “Bookmark” in your browser. Click Create an Account and then enter all requested
information—including any Security Code provided by your company. You will also need to specify a Username and
Password to use for future access.
3. You will then receive an e-mail from American Express Business Travel with instructions on how to complete the
registration process.
Click the Profile link at the top of the page to update your personal
information. Make sure the information stored in AXIOM is up to
date to avoid potential issues or delays in processing your
From here you can update your Addresses, Emergency Contact
and Charge Card information. You can also adjust the Display
Settings and other settings to allow you to customize the site to
your preferences.
Be sure to click Save at the bottom of each screen to save your
Setting up your Notifications allows you to receive updates
via email or text message on the status of your flights, packages shipped and other services booked using AXIOM. You
can specify the frequency and timing of notifications. You can also specify Quiet Times when you don’t want to receive
1. Click the Delegate link if you book travel or arrange services on behalf of others-or want to grant access to others to book
services on your behalf. From there you can see People Who I Can Book For and People Who Can Book For Me. Click
Become a Delegate or Add a Delegate to allow others to become your delegate or to become a delegate for another.
Service Preferences
1. The Services Preferences section allows you to specify Travel and Shipping preferences that will be pre-populated when
you request those services. You can specify vendor preferences for air, car and hotel, seat preferences, departure airport,
default sender address when shipping a package, default packaging type and more.
AXIOM is the easy way to make your business travel reservations
Using AXIOM to make your business travel reservations is easy and
provides you convenience, comfort and control:
Offers convenience of making reservations 24x7, in the office or on the
road using a single log in and password
Supplies you comfort with access to airline seat maps, hotel amenity
information, destination information, restaurant ratings and more
Allows you more control by offering you access to your company’s
negotiated rates for a full range of business services
Booking a Trip From the Trip Planner Page
From anywhere in the application, mouse over the Travel tab and select
Trip Planner. If you wish to add a flight or hotel, select the respective
check boxes.
Select your airport and travel date information and, if you wish, select
additional desired airport and flight information in the Flight operations
You can choose to search for a hotel near an airport or near a particular
address. If you select the Address radio you only need to enter the name of a city; you do not need an actual street
address. You can also enter a particular hotel name or chain to search for.
To add a rental car at the same time as you’re reserving a flight, the Match my rental car search with my flight times
and destination check box is selected. Clear this check box to enter car type, airport, and pick-up and drop-off
information independent from your flight arrangements.
Click Search to display available flight options. You can view your flights by segment or by round trip. Your search results
will automatically be sorted by company policy, but can also be manually sorted by price, shortest flight, and departure
time. Click Select next to your desired departure flight to view and select available return flights.
You can click View seating for each flight to display the Seat Selection page. You can select your desired seat by clicking
the seat on the seating chart that displays, then clicking the Request seats button. If you do not select a seat, or if the seat
you selected is not available, AXIOM will request the seat preference (window or aisle) specified in your Profile
Click Continue to display the Review your flights page. To move forward, click Continue to view available Hotel
By default, AXIOM will prioritize and display your search results based on the search criteria entered and on any relevant
criteria you’ve set up in the Travel Preferences portion of your user profile.
To see the location of your hotel, click Show map on the left side of the screen. This will display a map pinpointing your
search’s top ten hotels.
10. To see more details about the hotel, click the hotel name to display the Hotel Details page. You can click Photos to see
photos of the facility, and you can mouse over Amenities to see the services and other amenities the hotel offers.
11. To reserve a room at the hotel of your choice, click Choose room to the lower left of the hotel you wish to choose. The
display now expands to show different rooms available. Click Select to review the Hotel details page and to continue with
your reservation.
12. From the Choose a car page click Select beneath the desired rental car option. If you wish to see more information prior
to making your selection, mouse over Mileage and rates to display a dialog box showing more information, or click Car
Rental Details/Rules to display a printable page containing details about this service option, including service provider
hours and contact information, requirements and restrictions, payment options, insurance information, tax and fee
information, etc.
13. From the Review your trip page you can click Start Over to return to the home page; Change This Trip to return to the
Trip Planner page and begin a new search; Hold This Trip to place a hold on your reservation; Continue to continue to
purchase this trip.
14. Review the information on the Purchase Trip page, and add or modify the information as desired. Click Purchase to
display the Trip Confirmation page. Click Done to return to the home page.
Use AXIOM to reserve your car service
AXIOM makes it fast and easy to reserve car service. With AXIOM you can:
Book ground transportation with the rest of your trip
Access your company’s negotiated rates and
preferred vendors
Have your calendar automatically updated with the
reservation details
NOTE: Car Service reservations cannot be made using
AXIOM if your requested pick-up time is within 24
Booking Car Service
From anywhere in the application, mouse over the
Travel tab and select Car Service to display the
Car Service page.
Enter pickup and drop-off locations. If there are
more than two stops, click Add a Stop. For multiple rides, click Add a ride.
Note: Each ”ride” is a one-way trip. For a round trip (for instance, to go from a hotel to an office in the morning, and then from
the office back to the hotel in the afternoon) you need to reserve two rides.
Click Continue to display the Enter Details page. Enter date, time,
and address information, and number of passengers, and click
The Select a Car page displays, listing your search results. You
can sort this list by rate, provider, vehicle capacity, or preferred
Click Select to choose your desired car service provider.
Review the reservation summary information in the Reserve page,
as well as ride details and service confirmation details.
Click Reserve now to proceed with this car service.
When the Confirmation page displays, click Done to return to the
home page, or click Request another ride to return to the Car
Service page.
Making your restaurant reservations using AXIOM is a breeze
AXIOM allows you to automatically search for and reserve a
restaurant, invite guests from both inside and outside the
company while having the reservation details automatically
populated in both your calendar and your guest’s calendars.
With Axiom you can:
Quickly evaluate your dining options by location, cuisine
type, price and Gayot ratings
Instantly book a table at one of thousands of restaurants
Send invitations directly to your guests
Have your calendar automatically updated with all the
reservation details
Making a Restaurant Reservation
There are three ways to find and book a table at a restaurant:
From the home page, click the Dining "quick start"
tab on the left side of the screen.
From the Dining page, mouse over the Dining tab and select Dining Reservations.
From the Trip Confirmation page when you make an airline reservation (by clicking the Add Dining button) or a
hotel reservation (by clicking links in the Restaurants near this hotel box).
To find a restaurant from the Dining page:
Mouse over the Dining tab, and select Dining Reservations. Enter your restaurant search parameters. You can
search for a restaurant by any combination of: location (by city, or by proximity to a specific address); cuisine;
neighborhood; price; availability.
Click Search. The Select a Restaurant page lists all of the restaurants that match at least one of the criteria you’ve
specified. It also locates the top ten matches on a Google map.
To display more information about a restaurant, click Quick look beneath each restaurant’s listing. You can see more
details on location, a cuisine description, and the first several lines of a review. For the full review, click the restaurant
name to access the Restaurant Details page.
When you see the restaurant you want, click Reserve Online to
display the Restaurant Details page. If you haven’t already
specified a reservation time, enter a date and time and click
Click Make reservation and then enter the desired information,
including setting up any Notifications.
To invite guests from this page, in the Invitation emails box
enter the email addresses of your guests, and in the message
box enter any message you wish to send them. You can also
click Address Book to use email addresses from your corporate
or personal Address Book.
Click Reserve Now to display the Confirmation page. If you
have not already done so, you may invite guests from this page
by clicking Invite guests to display the Add guests text box.
Save time and beat airport hassles by using AXIOM’s Airport Parking Feature
Parking at an off-airport location is an easy way to reduce the headaches involved in finding parking at crowded airport parking
AXIOM’s Airport Parking feature offers:
An easy way to save time and money
Access to parking options at a number of locations in the US
through the Park-N-Fly network.
Gated and well-lit parking lots that provide safety and security
Quick and convenient shuttles that take you right from your car
to the terminal
Reserving your Airport Parking
From anywhere in the application, mouse over the Travel tab
and select Airport Parking.
From the Airport Parking page, select your desired airport
from the drop-down menu, then your drop-off and pickup dates
and times, and click Search. The Select Parking Lot page
displays, listing your search results. Click the Map tab if you
wish to view the locations of the parking lots on a Google map.
You can sort your search results by facility name, by parking type (covered or uncovered), or by cost. Click the name of
the desired parking lot to display the Parking Lot Details page.
Click Return to Search Results to select another
parking facility, or click Select to reserve a space at
this lot and display the Purchase Parking page.
From the Purchase Parking page, enter the required
information. This includes the name and number of
the traveler, notifications, and billing information (i.e.
a credit card), plus a total cost.
Click Purchase to display the Payment Voucher
page. Click Print Voucher.
Note: You must print out your parking voucher and
bring it with you when you travel, or else you will
have to pay for your parking again, in person, when
you return home from your trip.
Shipping a package has never been easier
AXIOM offers you a full range of user-friendly features designed to
save both time and money when shipping a package. With AXIOM
you can:
Compare package shipping prices across multiple vendors
and delivery options
Schedule a pick up for your package
Receive notifications when your package is picked up and
signed for by the recipient
Populate addresses directly from your address book
Print shipping labels directly from your own printer
Track all your packages with the same user name and
password you use to book your other services
Shipping a Package
Shipping a package using the shipping "quick start" tab on
the home page:
From the Shipping "quick start" tab, enter the recipient address, package type, and billing reference. Click Search to
display the Ship a Package page. Review the page, complete any missing information, and click Next.
The Shipment Rates page displays. From this page you can easily view your shipping options. Select your desired
shipping option by clicking it once to highlight it. Click Select to display the Print Label page. After printing your label,
click Done to return to the home page.
Shipping a package from the Ship a Package page:
Mouse over the Shipping tab and select Ship a Package. Enter the required information, including the sender,
recipient, and package information.
Click Next to display the Shipment Rates page. From this page you can easily view your shipping options (e.g.
arrival dates, shipping companies, and cost).
Select your desired shipping option by clicking it once to highlight it. Click Select to display the Print Label page.
After printing your label, click Done to return to the home page.
Scheduling a Pickup
Mouse over the Shipping tab and select Schedule a pick-up. Enter the requested information, including date and
time you wish the package to be picked up, the type of package you’re shipping (e.g. envelope, box, etc.), the
shipping provider, and any specific pick-up instructions
Enter information for the pick-up location. Enter your Confirmation and billing information. Click Submit to display the
Package pick-up Confirmation page.
Tracking a Package
Mouse over the Shipping tab and select Track a Package. Select the name of your shipping provider from the dropdown menu, and enter the tracking number of the package you wish to track.
You can get the tracking number from the email Confirmation sent to you immediately after you arranged for the
package shipment or from the home page, in the Upcoming Reservations section, by clicking on the link of the
shipment you wish to track. Click Submit to display the Tracking Details page. The precise information on this page
may vary, depending on your shipping provider.
Note: You can also track your package directly from the home page. To do this, in the Upcoming Reservations section,
locate the shipment you wish to track, and click its link to display details about this shipment.
AXIOM is the easy way to set up your Audio and Web Conferencing
AXIOM’s Conferencing functionality allows you to efficiently
manage and schedule audio and/or Web conferences while
proactively managing the costs of these services. AXIOM
allows you to:
See the estimated costs for your conferences to allow you
to make informed decisions
Conveniently select conference dates, features and
Automatically send invitations to participants using your
corporate or personal address books
Add meeting details to all participants’ calendars
Scheduling a conference from the Conferencing "quick
start" tab on the home page:
Select the Schedule Conference radio button.
Enter a date, time, and meeting duration for the
(optional) Select the Invite guests check box and
enter the email addresses of the invitees.
Click the orange Schedule Conference button to display the Conferencing Confirmation page.
Note: You can click All conferencing options to access additional features and functions on the main Conferencing page.
Scheduling a conference from the main Conferencing page:
Click the Conferencing tab to display the main Conferencing page.
Enter the requested information on the Conferencing page:
Enter a date, time, and duration for your meeting, and a conference password for conference participants.
Invite your guests
(optional) Create a meeting agenda
Choose whether to create a Web Conference, an Audio Conference, or a Web + Audio conference. Click the
Schedule conference now button to display the Conferencing Confirmation page. Or continue with the following
Calculate the cost of this conference by entering the number of access locations and clicking
Update cost estimate.
Calculate your carbon offset by clicking Learn more.
Review, modify, or add any Notifications you’d like to receive, or send to others, with any important
updates or other messages pertaining to the conference you’ve just scheduled.
When you’re done with these options, click Schedule conference button. The Conferencing Confirmation page
Note: An Instant Conference is a conference that begins immediately. You can start an Instant Conference, and invite
attendees, at any time. Instant Conferences are particularly useful if you are already in the middle of a phone conversation, but
want to be able to quickly show the other person the document, application, etc. you may wish to share via the web. As with a
scheduled conference, you can set up an instant conference either by clicking the Plan a Meeting "quick start" tab on the left
side of the screen, or via the Conferencing page, which you can access from anywhere in the application by clicking the
Conferencing tab.
Use AXIOM to purchase tickets to sporting, concert and theater events
Utilizing AXIOM to book Event Tickets allows you to:
Quickly find tickets for thousands of sporting, concert and
theatre events
Plan a complete event experience including travel, dining,
ground transportation and tickets
Purchase tickets with confidence from our trusted network of
Please be aware of the following considerations when
purchasing your event tickets using AXIOM:
There are no refunds, returns, exchanges or cancellations on
any order for event tickets once it is submitted.
You will not be notified in case the date and/or time of your
event changes. You are responsible for staying abreast of any
changes related to the event you have purchased. Event dates
and times listed on the site or printed on the face of the tickets
are always subject to change. This is especially true for sporting events that are subject to television scheduling conflicts.
It is important that you check with the local media to ensure that you arrive at the correct time and date. Most events are
also subject to weather delays and or cancellation.
If an event is postponed, the tickets will typically be honored for the new date(s). However, this cannot be guaranteed.
Generally when an event is postponed, new tickets will not need to be issued. The system is not able to offer refunds on
postponed events.
Tickets cannot be replaced if they are lost, stolen or damaged.
Purchasing Event Tickets
To begin searching for tickets, click the Entertainment tab to
display the Event Tickets page.
You can search for tickets in several ways:
By category (sporting event, concert, or theater event)
By specific location or keyword
By specific date or date range
When you’ve entered your search parameters, click Search.
Your search results will appear in the Select an Event page.
Click the event you want, and a list of available tickets will
display in the Event Details page.
You can also browse for tickets by type. In the Browse by
Category section, simply click the item of your choice. You can
browse by sport (baseball, football, basketball, hockey), and you
can browse either concerts or theater events alphabetically.
When the Event Details page displays, make your ticket selection. Use the drop-down menu to specify the number
of tickets you want, and click Select to display the Review Event page. Click Back if you wish to change your
selection, or click Continue to display the Select Billing and Shipping Options page. Complete the billing and
shipping information, and click Continue to display the Purchase Tickets page.
Review this information page, and if everything is accurate, click Purchase. When the Confirmation page displays,
your purchase is complete. You will then receive a Confirmation email with the details of your purchase.
IMPORTANT: If you do not have the tickets shipped to the billing address of your charge card you will be required to fax a
copy of your charge card and driver’s license before completing the purchase.
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