U-19 LCD Display
U-19 LCD Display
Product Introduction
Date: Jan 1, 2011
Version: 2.0
Eco-Smart Efficiency
AG Neovo’s most eco-minded
display with unmatched
durability and power efficiency
in a stylish design ideal for the
busiest multiuser
• Market Position
• Selling Points
• Product Features
• Special Features
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• Specification Overview
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Market Position
For the consumate display professional the AG
Neovo U-19 is the optimal combination of screen
real-estate, features excellence and power-saving
economy. A 19” screen displays crisp, bright
video, yet saves up to half the power used by
standard monitors. A smart, sleek design ensures
not only perfect fit, but also ease of use with
touch-sensor controls, built-in speakers,
headphone jack and USB port. And with a longlife panel protected by NeoV™ Optical Glass, the
U-19 won’t just work like new for years to come,
but also look it too.
Selling Points
U-19 Overview
• NeoVTM Optical Glass
• Contemporary and professional design
• 1280 x 1024 resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio and 3ms response
• Eco-friendly: Slash CO2 emissions up to 50%; Recyclable materials and green design
• Energy efficient: Cut power bills up to 50%; Zero-watt consumption with EcoSwitch
• Built-in headphone jack and stereo speakers
• Easy-access USB port (pass through)
• Wear-resistant capacitive touch sensor controls
• New intuitive OSD with settings lock
• Dual PC inputs: VGA and DVI
• Automatic recovery of OSD and video settings after power interruptions
• Kensington® security socket
• VESA standard wall mount
Product Features (Page 1)
Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly
The environmental-conscious design saves more power,
reduce CO2 emissions and lower costs of ownership
NeoVTM Optical Glass
The exclusive multi-layer coating delivers superb colour
definition and clearer text
Panel Protection
NeoVTM Optical Glass’s level 6 of Mohs strength and 9H
scale of coating hardness bring the panel additional
protection from scratch
Greater Eye Comfort
NeoVTM Optical Glass technology creates balanced colours
which largely improve the eye comfort
•Slash power bills and CO2 emissions by up to 50%;
EcoSwitch cuts power usage to zero when off
Product Features (Page 2)
Superior Performance
Crisp 1000:1 contrast ratio and fast 3ms response time
generate vibrant images and sharp graphics
Contemporary Design
Simple and smart exterior helps the display stand out of the
New Intuitive On-Screen-Display with
Settings Lock
Friendly and newly-designed multi-language OSD makes
adjusting display setting quick and convenient. Smart key
lock function ensures screen settings won’t be accidentally
Automatically adjusts screen setting for an optimal image
without changing manually
• New OSD design provides more convenience to
adjust setting
Product Features (Page 3)
Vandal-resistant Touch Sensor
Unlike mechanical buttons prone to wear and tear from
heat and moisture, U-19’s touch sensor design to ensure
longer product life
Convenient USB Connection Design
Side-mounted USB port is available for easy connection
of digital devices such as USB flash card, digital camera,
or memory card reader
• Vandal-resistant touch sensor button to
strength product durability
Integrated Multimedia Speakers
Two built-in stereo speakers provide an instant and
enhanced audio-visual experience
Accessible Headphone Jack
Side-mount headphone jack allows convenient
independent listening without being interrupted
•Side-mount headphone jack, USB port and built-in
stereo speakers for multimedia convenience
Special Feature
NeoVTM Optical Glass
Designed specifically to protect displays in multi-user
and public environments, NeoV™ Optical Glass is the
industry’s most trusted hard glass technology
NeoV™ Optical Glass Benefits
Display Panel Protection
Anti-reflective & Scratch-resistant Coating
Scratch-proof & Impact-safe
High Brightness Transmittance
Easy To Clean
Professional Look & Feel
NeoVTM Optical Glass is the winner of “Best Innovation Award” from PC Magazine
NeoVTM Optical Glass
Internal LCD Panel
Display Housing
Special Feature
Eco-Minded Display
Environmental conscious – from production to disposal!
U-Series adopts recyclable materials inside and outside
• AG Neovo recognises the importance of sustainability. Therefore,
the recycling and energy conservation are the top priorities when
designing AG Neovo eco-minded products
• U-Series is designed to incorporate easily recyclable materials
as well as the requirements of eco-minded products which cover
important concerns, such as energy efficiency, control of
chemical substances, recycling ease, low toxicity, battery usage,
properly labeled materials, and packaging
•AG Neovo dedicates to the sustainability of earth by
complying with major worldwide green standards.
Special Feature
Eco-Minded Display
Power and Efficiency – the clever eco-friendly alternative!
U-Series saves power and reduce CO2
kWh at 1000 h/year
With AG Neovo’s eco-minded U-Series, every user
can do more for environment:
9 Consumes up to 50% less energy than
conventional monitors based on two-lamp
power consumption design
50% Less
9 Reduces CO2 emissions by up to 10,624 kg
per year into the atmosphere compared to
conventional monitor!
9 Lowers CO2 emissions more again by
lowering transport costs from its ecoefficient packaging design
100 x General Monitor
100 x Green Monitor U-19
Average electricity consumption per year
Weight of CO2 Emitted (lbs)
50% Less
100 x General Monitor
100 x Green Monitor U-19
Average CO2 emissions per year
Special Feature
Eco-Minded Display
For the good of environment – and everyone’s own benefit
U-Series: The most economical & saving choice!
• Savings increase, which means:
Lower costs of ownership
By using U-19, energy consumption can
significantly be reduced and cost savings again
compared to the "standard" LCD display
Green U-19
Power Consumption of each (W)
100 units of electricity used in 3 years (kW)
Choosing U-19, you save
100 units of electricity cost in 3 years
Choosing U-19, you save EUR €
You are about to save
16,704 kWh of electricity
€ 2,136
10,624 kg of CO2
Choosing U-19, you save
kW of electricity
CO2 emitted in 3 years (kg)
Reference: Other 19"
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Other 19"
For example, if a school with an installation of
100 U-Series U-19 displays used for 8 hours a
day, 240 days a year for three years, it can be
expected to save1:
kg of co2
electricity rate is calculated with an average rate of EMEA.
production of one kWh from the electricity network gives
rise to 0.636 kg of CO2
You are about to save 559 Trees !!
Special Feature
Eco-Minded Display
Saves energy not only in one way!
Takes good advantages of smart EcoSwitch design
• Zero Watt when EcoSwitch is off
At the rear of U-19, user-friendly EcoSwitch can
help achieve 0 watt power consumption
Power Consumption : U-19
< 21 W
(Power on)
< 1.0 W
(Power stand by)
< 1.0 W
(Power off)
= 0W
(EcoSwitch off)
How to use EcoSwitch:
Special Feature
Well-protected for Longer Lifetime
Vandal-resistant touch sensor buttons
to strengthen product durability
• Mechanical buttons are prone to wear and tear
from prolonged usage and exposure to heat,
moisture, and other elements
• U-19, designed for public places, offices/
business and education environments,
implemented with capacitive touch sensor
buttons ensures longer product life without the
fear of vandalism, harsh environmental
conditions, or being operated very frequently
• Durable, long-lasting touch sensor controls won’t wear out
like mechanical buttons
Product Pictures (Page 1)
Front View / Angle View
Product Pictures (Page 2)
Rear View / Top View
Product Pictures (Page 3)
Function and Features Highlights
NeoVTM Optical Glass
Touch sensor buttons
Invisible built-in
stereo speakers
Product Pictures (Page 4)
Function and Features Highlights
VESA Mount
Built-in headphone jack
USB device type-A
(Connect to device)
Kensington security socket
Product Pictures (Page 5)
Function and Features Highlights
Mini USB type-B
(Connect to PC)
Built-in power
Stereo jack
Mounting Solutions
Wall Mount Kit
Display Stand, Arm & Others
Height Adjustable Stand
Pivot Mounting Kit
Display Arm
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