Precision Weighing Balances
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Sartorius YDP30 Printer
for Your Choice of Fade-Resistant
Excellent quality, high-contrast printed image
Fast printing speed
Compact and robust design
Label and QR | barcode printing
with optional Q-App for Cubis® laboratory
balances with an MSA display unit
Thermal transfer printing process
(fade-resistant printouts for regulated areas)
Direct thermal printing process also
available (for less stringent requirements
during standard use) is an Authorized Sartorius Distributor
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Sartorius YDP30 Printer
YDP30, the premium printer from
Sartorius, is a space-saving, user-friendly
label printer that allows you to document
the results of your work quickly, clearly
and effortlessly. Whether using regular
paper, continuous label rolls or formatted
labels (optional), you can archive your
data in the format that works best for you,
regardless of whether it is calibration results
for your balance as part of inspection and
testing equipment monitoring or detailed
application results.
The YDP30 printer will automatically
perform thermal transfer or direct thermal
printing, depending on the particular paper
you choose. You will not need to change
any settings. For example, to meet the
strict requirements for fade-resistant
printouts in regulated areas of the pharmaceutical industry, such as QC labs, just
use paper for thermal transfer printing –
either standard or self-adhesive.
The lift-up cover and reliable paper guide
make the YDP30 label printer particularly
user-friendly and robust. The printer is
straightforward to operate with just
one button and one status LED. Smooth
surfaces and contoured edges make
cleaning fast and effective.
When used in a GLP environment or as
part of inspection and testing equipment
monitoring, the printer can be seamlessly
combined with a Sartorius Cubis® premium
laboratory balance or even with a Sartorius
Secura® or Quintix® standard laboratory
The optional Q-App “QR/Barcode and Label
Print,” which is available for Cubis® balances
with an MSA display and control unit, also
gives you the option of printing barcodes,
2D codes or prepared labels that are
available in a choice of three formats:
58 + 30 mm
58 + 76 mm
58 + 100 mm
YDP30 Printer
Printing process
203 dpi
Thermal transfer printing and
Direct thermal printing
Max. print width
54 mm
Exterior dimensions
241.3 × 139.9 × 177.4 mm (L × W × H)
Ink ribbon performance 90 m, OD max. 37 mm, core 12.7 mm
Ink ribbon core width
56 – 58 mm
Media capacity
OD 127 mm (5“)
RS-232 (max. 115,200 bps) – USB 2.0
(full speed)
Power supply
External universal switching power
– Input: 100 – 240 V~
– Output: 24 V–; 2.5 A
Media winding
Roll holders
Media width
15 – 60 mm
Media thickness
0.06 – 0.19 mm
Media core diameter
25.4 – 38 mm
Ambient conditions
– Operation:
– Storage:
Safety instructions
5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F),
25 % to 85 %, non-condensing
- 40°C to 60°C (- 40°F to 140°F),
10 % to 90 %, non-condensing
FCC Class B, CE Class B, C-Tick Class
B, UL, CUL, TÜV/Safety, CCC
Order No.
Standard paper and ink 69Y03285
ribbon set for thermal
transfer printing
Self-adhesive paper and 69Y03286
ink ribbon set for thermal
transfer printing
Standard paper for
direct thermal printing
Self-adhesive paper for 69Y03288
direct thermal printing
Q-App, QR | Barcode
Self-adhesive labels
69Y03094, 58 × 100 mm (350 labels)
for Q-App
69Y03093, 58 × 76 mm (500 labels)
69Y03092, 58 × 30 mm (1,000 labels) is an Authorized Sartorius Distributor
Specifications subject to change without notice. Printed and copyrighted by Sartorius Lab Instruments.
Publication No.: W—1132am150501 Order No.:98649-018-36 Ver. 05 | 2015
Technical Specifications
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