THE MT400B Series THE MT400B Series

THE MT400B Series THE MT400B Series
THE MT400B Series
THE MT400B Series
Designed for
PGS 2/3
built for reliability
Challenger ® was started in 2002 with the well respected Caterpillar ® brand of track
tractors and engines; and has evolved into a full-line of wheel and track tractors,
combines and hay equipment. Challenger unites high-specifications with superior
reliability, innovative designs and groundbreaking technology to create professionalgrade farm equipment.
Challenger is AGCO’s fastest-growing equipment brand in North America and
continues to gain trust by demonstrating superior performance, reliability, power
and support.
The Challenger MT400B Series
Whether they’re at work around the farm, moving materials on the construction site
or mowing the median on a state highway, Challenger MT400B Series tractors give
you more at every turn. More torque, more control, more serviceability features and
more fuel left at the end of the day are just a few trademarks of the MT400B Series.
•More Choices. Available in four horsepower levels, MT400B tractors are
offered in either a cab or platform (cab only on MT475B) with a two-wheel drive
or powered front axle.
•More Horsepower. New generation Cat® ACERT® Tier III engines plus the
addition of the MT475B model takes the series up to 100 PTO horsepower (75 kW).
•More Front Hitch Options. A new front axle support casting on the
six-cylinder MT475B allows the use of a fully integrated front 3-point hitch along
with the added option of a 1,000 rpm PTO.
•More Gears. The standard AutoPower IV™ transmission features clutchless
shifting and smooth operation through a total of 16 gears in each direction.
•More Hydraulic Power. Hydraulic flow rates up to 29 gpm (110 lpm) at
the remotes and plenty of flexibility features for virtually any application.
•More 3-Point Lift Capacity. A lift capacity of up to 9,189 lbs (4,168 kg)
for best-in-class performance.
Rated Horsepower*
Cat C4.4 ACERT
4.4L (269 cu in)
75 PTO hp (56 kW)
Cat C4.4 ACERT
4.4L (269 cu in)
85 PTO hp (63 kW)
Cat C4.4 ACERT
4.4L (269 cu in)
95 PTO hp (71 kW)
Cat C6.6 ACERT
6.6L (402 cu in)
100 PTO hp (75 kW)
* PTO HP when stationary
PGS 4/5
Legendary Cat diesel engines power all of the
MT400B Series tractors. Whether it’s the Cat
C4.4 ACERT or the Cat C6.6 ACERT (MT475B
only), these engines provide outstanding power
and reliability, not to mention the latest Tier III
technology for lower emissions, increased fuel
efficiency and decreased noise levels.
Strength And Performance Start Internally
•Precise electronic control of the common rail fuel injection
system provides quicker response to changes in field
conditions and engine load for more power, more torque and
better fuel economy.
•Four valves per cylinder provide better fuel/air mixture,
improved gas exchange and optimum fuel combustion. The
placement of the injector at the center of the head enhances
fuel burn and power.
•A smart wastegate inside the turbocharger automatically
diverts exhaust gasses away from the turbine wheel
when necessary.
•A viscous fan drive houses an internal clutch that responds
to engine temperature to provide increased airflow and
maximum efficiency.
•A single-piece, cast-iron block on both engines boasts
exceptional structural strength and a narrow profile for a
tight turning radius and a superior line of sight.
•An air-to-air intercooler contributes to better combustion and
improved engine performance. Electronic Engine Control
Electronic Engine Management works in perfect unison with the
electronic fuel injection system to provide quick and precise
response to throttle movement.
cat power
Speed Selection
AutoPower IV Transmission
PGS 6/7
The AutoPower IV is the kind of versatile, reliable transmission operators have been looking for to meet today’s
demanding applications. With a combination of four ranges and four powershifts, it is easily the simplest
16 X 16 semi-powershift transmission in its class.
Single-Lever Control
FingerTip Power Control
Simply pulse the special T-handle forward
or back to make sequential shifts through
the four ranges and powershifts - all
without clutching.
The three-function shuttle lever, located
on the left side of the steering column,
provides convenient fingertip control of
forward/reverse shuttling, powershift
changes and declutching; leaving the
operator’s right hand free to operate other
controls, such as a loader joystick.
A rotary dial on the right-hand console lets
the operator adjust the intensity of shuttle
engagement to match application needs
and preferences.
Creeper and Supercreeper
For jobs that require full power and control
at the lowest possible speed, all MT400B
Series tractors are available with creeper
and supercreeper gear reduction options.
Respectively, they provide ratios of 4:1 and
14:1 gear reduction for speeds down to .4
mph (0.6 km/h) using creeper and as low as
.11 mph (0.2 km/h) with supercreeper.
PGS 8/9
Whether it is a two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, each model of the MT400B Series provides outstanding strength
and agility to get the job done.
•2WD models feature a rugged box-in-box style axle that can
be adjusted for width in four-inch increments.
•4WD models feature a powered front axle – an integral
component that is matched to the horsepower and chassis
size of each model.
•The cast-iron front axle housing (4WD models only) features a
single-piece design to handle heavier loads, increased shock
loads and greater torsion twisting.
•The powered front axle and on-the go fully locking front differential are
electro-hydraulically controlled by
rocker switches conveniently
located on the right-hand console.
•Wet disc rear brakes provide
smooth, fade-free braking and
longer service life.
Automatic Four-Wheel Braking
MT400B models with 4WD feature four-wheel braking when both
brake pedals are pressed by automatically engaging the powered
front axle. The benefit is increased control, especially when towing
heavy loads.
Solid Construction
Means Strength
Durable and dependable
3-Point Hitch and PTO
PGS 10/11
Don’t be fooled by the MT400B’s mid-range class rating. These tractors feature 3-point hitch and hydraulic lift capacities
that are best-in-class among mid-range tractors and even rival that of most high horsepower tractors.
Standard Lift Capacity
Optional Lift Capacity*
7,817 lbs. (3,546 kg)
9,189 lbs. (4,168 kg)
7,817 lbs. (3,546 kg)
9,189 lbs. (4,168 kg)
7,817 lbs. (3,546 kg)
9,189 lbs. (4,168 kg)
9,189 lbs. (4,168 kg)
* Factory-installed option
Electronic Linkage Control
Electronic Linkage Control (ELC) is easy
to operate and provides the choice of a
draft-sensing mode for quick response
to changing field conditions or a position
control mode for maintaining a steady
height or depth.
• Rotary dials
allow quick
of lowering
speed and
maximum lift
Active Transport Control allows the
operator to lock mounted implements in the
raised position and use the hydraulic rams
to absorb shocks during transport over
rough surfaces.
Independent, Dual-Speed PTO
•Telescopic lower link ends are standard,
making it faster and easier to hook up
large implements.
lift/lower buttons
allow the operator
to adjust hitch
height from outside the cab.
•A palm-shaped
pad allows
control of raise/
lower/neutral and
dial control of
Economy PTO Option
Forget about having to switch tractors
when an application calls for 540 or
1,000 rpm PTO. Challenger MT400B
Series tractors cover both speeds.
Electro-hydraulic control ensures smooth
engagement, while a digital PTO speed
display on the dash eliminates any
guess-work on actual PTO speed.
A convenient rocker switch changes the
digital PTO speed readout on the dash
after the shaft has been changed.
MT400B Series tractors are an economical
choice for any job. However, even more
fuel can be saved on light-duty PTO
applications like spraying or raking with
the economy PTO option. When engaged,
it allows the engine speed to be reduced
by 23% and still maintain 540 or 1,000 rpm
shaft speed - reducing fuel consumption,
noise, vibration and wear.
Optional Front 3-Point Hitch
Take productivity
to the next level
with a front 3-point
hitch (MT475B only).
A 1,000 rpm PTO
and two hydraulic
remotes are also
optional for added
Hydraulics and Loaders
PGS 12/13
Experience Best-In-Class
Hydraulic muscle comes standard with the MT400B Series. Plus, there are plenty of
options and flexibility features for virtually any application.
•Standard equipment is an open-center system that delivers
26 gpm (100 lpm) to handle a wide range of applications.
•MT400B Series models are also available with a hydraulic
system that delivers 15 gpm (57 lpm) to the rear remotes.
•Cab models are available with a Closed-Center Load-Sensing
(CCLS) hydraulic system that delivers 29 gpm (110 lpm).
•Two remotes are standard on all models with the option of a
third and fourth valve.
Take Productivity To New Heights
When your material handling needs call for a loader, you can’t do
any better than the Challenger MLB Series. Thanks to an integral
fit, each of the four different models ensures the performance,
reliability and operator comfort that comes with the MT400B
Series tractor.
•The main loader arms are constructed of two U-shaped,
high-strength alloy steel channels fitted together and
welded on the inside for a 70 mm wide profile with a
clean, strong appearance.
•Grease fittings are covered with plastic caps to give the
loader a stylish look.
•Ozone-resistant hydraulic hoses are routed inside the
double-C section loader beams for an uncluttered view and
serious protection.
•Patented Compact Valve — incorporated into the cross tube
and hidden under a cover — connects all functions at one
point for easier service and synchronized flow between the
left and right sides, regardless of the load, oil temperature or
hydraulic pressure.
Loader-Ready Package
Save time and money by ordering a loader-ready MT400B
Series model. In addition to pre-installed loader mounts and an
integrated hydraulic valve set, the loader-ready package includes
a multifunction joystick that allows the operator to control two
functions simultaneously. The joystick allows the operator to
incorporate third function capabilities.
Hydraulics and Loaders
PGS 12/13
Hydraulic Performance
Mechanical Self-Leveling
Non-Self Leveling
Cab Amenities/Comfort
PGS 14/15
All-Day Comfort
for maximum productivity
Cab or flat-deck platform, the MT400B Series provides plenty of comfort, control, roominess and visibility – all
designed to improve operator efficiency and productivity. Every model of the MT400B Series can also be equipped with
the new Mechanical Cab Suspension option for even greater comfort and reduced fatigue.
Full Visibility
All MT400B Series tractors come with a fully adjustable springsuspension seat as standard equipment. All cab models feature an
optional air-ride swivel seat with armrests as well as an instructor seat.
Easy-To-Reach Control Console
All models feature a narrow, sloping hood and either an A-post
mounted exhaust or an optional down-swept exhaust (4-cylinder
models only).
Once the sun sets, two front grill high/low beam headlights, two
double-element cab roof work lights and two double-element rear
work lights help maintain productivity. Extra field lights on the
hand rails are optional on all models.
Convenience Features Throughout
All major tractor and implement
controls are conveniently
located on the right-hand
control console where they are
logically and ergonomically
arranged for maximum
productivity and
minimal fatigue.
Mechanical Cab Suspension
The new Mechanical Cab Suspension system option utilizes silent
block bushes at the front of the cab and a pair of spring assisted
shock absorbers mounted at the rear. Damping is also provided in
three dimensions with a panhard rod for lateral stability.
• Analog gauges on the
instrument panel provide
engine rpm, coolant
temperature and fuel level,
while a panel of lights
indicates engaged systems
and components.
• Two digital readouts monitor
PTO and theoretical ground
•Dash mounted rocker switches allow convenient control of
all lighting systems.
• Cab roof design provides ample head room and domed air
vents for maximum air circulation.
•Climate controls built into the roof console offer four fan
speeds, air conditioning control and a thermostat.
• Conveniently located 12-volt electrical outlet.
• Large field storage compartment.
Cut Down
on the downtime
PGS 16/17
Challenger engineers understand the need for maximum productivity. That’s why the MT400B Series has
easy-to-access daily service points – making it easy to service and maintain.
4-Cylinder (MT445B - MT465B)
6-Cylinder (MT475B)
•Redesigned for optimum airflow, the one-piece,
styled hood lifts at the front for unprecedented
access to the cooling system, air filter and key
service points.
Pivoting Cooling Package (MT475B)
Cassette-type air cleaner (MT475B)
World-Renowned Dealers, World-Class
•A weatherproof toolbox, molded into the fuel tank,
provides convenient storage for tools and
field supplies.
When you buy or lease a Challenger MT400B Series
tractor, you also get the backing and support of the
legendary network of Challenger dealers who take
downtime seriously. With more mobile service trucks
loaded with more diagnostic equipment than most repair
shops, Challenger dealers are second to none in field
service. Plus, their factory-trained technicians work as
hard at preventing problems as they do at repairing them.
•The cab air filter, located under the cab roof
overhang, is easily removed without tools for
cleaning or replacement.
It may be our biggest difference and our greatest
strength. And it may be the reason your operation will
become more profitable with Challenger equipment.
•A new cassette-type engine air cleaner on the
6-cylinder MT475B makes service even less
Maximum Warranty Coverage
•The pivoting cooling package on the MT475B
conveniently tilts up and away from each other for
complete access and easy cleaning.
Challenger equipment comes with full warranty protection
for two years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. An
Extended Service Plan is also available, assuring you of
continued support from your Challenger dealer.
•No tools are required to separate the cooling cores
to remove trash build-up or blockage.
•The battery has been relocated beneath the
right-side platform/cab steps for easier access.
•An optional battery disconnect allows the operator to completely disconnect the battery from the tractor
electrical system.
Quality service plus a 24-hour-a-day parts network
equals the absolute gold standard in dealer support.
PGS 18/19
PTO HP @ 2,200 rpm (kW)*
75 (56)
85 (63)
95 (71)
100 (75)
Engine manufacturer
Engine model
Aspiration/Charge cooling
Turbo /Air-to-Air
Turbo /Air-to-Air
Turbo /Air-to-Air
Turbo /Air-to-Air
Electronic high pressure
common rail
Electronic high pressure
common rail
Electronic high pressure
common rail
Electronic high pressure
common rail
Total Displacement L (CID)
4.4 (269)
4.4 (269)
4.4 (269)
6.6 (402)
Fuel Tank Capacity US gal (L)
38 (145)
38 (145)
38 (145)
38 (145)
Optional Fuel Tank US gal (L)
12 (45)
12 (45)
12 (45)
17 (65)
Std/Opt creeper
Std/Opt creeper
Std/Opt creeper
Std/Opt creeper
* PTO HP when stationary
16 x 16 Autopower IV, 4 ranges, multifunct. Power Shuttle
AGCO finance
AGCO Finance understands that financing is as much a part of your
purchase decision as the features and benefits of the product. So we’re
committed to providing the best means of acquiring the equipment you
need, while allowing you to preserve other credit lines of operating capital.
AGCO, Your Agriculture Company, is a premier manufacturer
of agricultural equipment, providing high-tech solutions for
professional farmers feeding the world. The company is
dedicated to delivering superior customer service, innovation
and quality. AGCO products are distributed in more than 140
countries worldwide.
See your authorized Challenger dealer for:
• competitive rates
• comprehensive financing
• flexible payment schedules
• flexible terms
• quality service
• leasing options
• virtually unlimited resources
At AGCO, customer care isn’t just a department. It’s a
commitment. Contact us with your questions. We’ll do
our best to answer them promptly or put you in touch with
someone who can.
Challenger is a worldwide brand of AGCO.
© 2010 AGCO Corporation. AGCO is a registered trademark of AGCO. AutoPower IV is a worldwide brand AGCO. ACERT, Cat, Caterpillar
and Challenger are registered trademarks of Caterpillar Inc. and used under license by AGCO. AGCO has a corporate policy of continuous
product improvement and development; therefore, specifications are subject to change without any advance notice. All rights reserved. AGCO
Corporation, 4205 River Green Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096 | CH10P002DS (06) 7.5 PD
PGS 18/19
ASAE category
Lift capacity @ 24” (610 mm) lbs. (kg) std/opt
7,817 (3,546)/9,189 (4,168)
7,817 (3,546)/9,189 (4,168) 7,817 (3,546)/9,189 (4,168)
9,189 (4,168) std
Type of draft sensing
Top link
Lower link
Lower link
Lower link
Tread width min/max in. (mm)
52.2 (1,325) / 80 (2,032)
52.2 (1,325) / 80 (2,032)
52.2 (1,325) / 80 (2,032)
57.3 (1,455) / 85.2 (2,164)
Length in. (mm)
165.7 (4,210)
167.7 (4,260)
169.3 (4,300)
189.7 (4,818)
Height over cab in. (mm)
108.3 (2,752)
108.3 (2,752)
109.1 (2,770)
110.2 (2,800)
Width min/max in. (mm)
79.3 (2,014) /100.4 (2,550)
79.3 (2,014)/100.4 (2,550)
79.3 (2,014) /100.4 (2,550)
79.3 (2,014) /100.4 (2,550)
Wheelbase in. (mm)
100 (2,552)
100 (2,552)
100 (2,552)
111 (2,827)
Weight, 2wd/4wd cab lbs. (kgs)
9,198 (4,172)/9,848 (4,467)
9,198 (4,172)/9,848 (4,467)
9,402 (4,265)/10,112 (4,587) 11,195 (5,078)/11,905 (5,400)
PTO speed
540/1,000 or opt. economy
540/1,000 or opt. economy
540 / 1,000 or opt. economy
540 /1,000 or opt. economy
Type (2 valves std/4 opt on all systems)
Open center
Open center
Open center
Open center
Maximum hyd. flow@remotes gpm (lpm) std/opt
26 (100)/15 (57)
26 (100)/15 (57)
26 (100)/15 (57)
26 (100)/15 (57)
Type (option on cab models only)
Closed center
Closed center
Closed center
Closed center
Maximum hyd. flow@remotes gpm (lpm) std/opt
29 (110)
29 (110)
29 (110)
29 (110)
Tilt /Telescopic
Tilt /Telescopic
Tilt /Telescopic
Tilt /Telescopic
Type of operator area (cab or open platform)
Cab only
Cab sound level dB(A)
Cab glass area ft (m )
61 (5.7)
61 (5.7)
61 (5.7)
61 (5.7)
3-Point Hitch
4wd Front Axle
Rear Axle
Differential lock
Power Take-Off (PTO)
Auxilliary Hydraulics
Power Steering/Wet Brakes
Steering column
Operator’s Area
©2009 AGCO Corporation. AGCO ® and TechStar CVT are registered trademarks of AGCO Corporation. Caterpillar ®, Cat ®, and Challenger ® are registered trademarks of Caterpillar Inc. AGCO Corpor
has a corporate policy of continuous product improvement and development; therefore, specifications are subject to change without any advance notice. AGCO Corporation is not responsible for differ
between the specifications or illustrations contained in this publication and the actual equipment. Equipment produced by other manufacturers is shown in photographs in this brochure for the purpose
illustration only and is not intended as an endorsement of that particular equipment or its suitability. All rights reserved. AGCO Corporation, 4205 River Green Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096
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Automobilindustrie (VDA) or the German Association of the Automotive Industry. TerraCair ® is a registered trademark of Terra Industries, Inc.
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