Floor Kettles model DEE/4 - Falcon Foodservice Equipment

Floor Kettles model DEE/4 - Falcon Foodservice Equipment
Stainless Steel
2/3 Steam Jacketed
Floor Mounted
Electric Heated
20, 40, or 60Gallon Capacity
Floor Kettles model DEE/4
Kettle shall be a Groen Model DEE/4 (Specify 20, 40, or 60
gallon) stainless steel steam jacketed unit, operating with
an electric heated steam source contained within unit.
Short Form
Groen Model DEE/4 (Specify
gallons), self-contained, tilting, electric heated, stainless
steel steam jacketed kettle.
All stainless steel construction
with reinforced bar rim, butterfly shaped pouring lip and
smooth action mechanical tilt.
Kettle body shall be mounted
in heavy duty stainless steel
combination kettle support tilt
trunnion, which is supported
by stainless steel enclosed
base. NSF listed, ASME code
constructed for 50 PSI and UL
listed. Specify 208, 240, or
480 Volt, single or three phase
50 or 60 cycle. Made in U.S.A.
Model DEE/4T shown with optional 2” tangent draw-off
Kettle interior shall be of type 316 stainless steel with
solid one-piece welded construction. The console and all
exposed surfaces shall be stainless steel.
The kettle body shall be mounted in a heavy-duty stainless steel combination kettle support tilt trunnion, which
in turn is supported by the polished stainless steel
enclosed base. The base shall be provided with stainless
steel tubular legs with adjustable bullet feet. The enclosed
support base shall contain a smooth operating, self-locking tilt mechanism, and shall be of sanitary, drip-proof
construction with interior readily accessible for installation or maintenance.
The unit shall be furnished with a heavy reinforced bar
rim with a welded-in butterfly shaped pouring lip for pouring control and durability.
All electrical components to be contained within the
kettle and console. Designed for single point electrical
Kettle interior shall be polished to a 180 emery grit finish.
Exterior of kettle shall be finished to a bright high buff finish, ensuring maximum ease in cleaning and maintaining
brilliant appearance.
ASME Code, UL Listed
Unit shall be ASME shop inspected, stamped and registered with the National Board for operation up to a maximum working pressure of 50 PSI. Unit shall be UL listed
for sale in USA and Canada. Unit shall be registered in
Canada with a CRN number.
Unit shall be designed and constructed to meet NSF and
known health department and sanitation codes, and be
NSF listed.
A 2” tangent drawoff is optional. (Add “T” to model designation - DEE/4T). If drawoff is specified, outlet shall be
equipped with removable 1/4” perforated stainless steel
Self-Contained Steam Source
Kettle shall have an electrically heated self-contained
steam source to provide kettle temperatures of 150°F to
approximately 295°F. Unit shall be factory charged with
chemically pure water and rust inhibitors to ensure long
life and minimum maintenance.
Controls shall include a thermostat, built-in contactor,
safety tilt cut-off, safety valve, pressure gauge, water
sight glass, heat indicator light and low water cutoff.
1055 Mendell Davis Drive, Jackson, MS 39272
888-994-7636, unifiedbrands.net
Please reference our website for the most
updated product information and specifications.
Performance Features
Unit shall be thermostatically controlled to automatically
shut off when the desired temperature setting is reached
and turn on when product temperature drops below setting. Smooth action manual tilt allows for easy pouring and
transfer of kettle contents.
Specify 208, 240, or 480 Volt, single or three phase, 50 or
60 cycle electric service.
2” tangent draw-off valve with
1/4” perforated disk strainer
Basket inserts (TRI-BC)
Lift-off cover
Hinged cover kit
Pan carrier (40 and 60-gallon)
Kettle brush kit
Double and single pantry faucets
Lip strainers
1/8” perforated disk strainer
1/4” perforated disk strainer
Solid disk strainer
Contour measuring strips
Gallon etch marks
Single Phase Terminal Block Kit
Origin of Manufacture
Kettle shall be designed and manufactured in the United
Meat Dishes
Pie Fillings
Groen Floor Kettles, Page 5
Revised 07/11
Model DEE/4
P/N 123003 REV C
1055 Mendell Davis Drive, Jackson, MS 39272, 888-994-7636, unifiedbrands.net
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