PURE Humidifier Company ES Series

PURE Humidifier Company ES Series
PURE Humidifier Company
ES Series
INTAC™ Sample Specification
An INTAC™ programmable electronic microprocessor humidifier control system shall be mounted and pre-wired to the
humidifier control panel door. All humidifier electrical, ground and control terminal connections shall be enclosed in an ETL
listed NEMA 12 enclosure. The INTAC™ controller shall provide the following standard features:
Self-diagnostics and system verification on start-up.
Evaporating reservoir water level verification, control and safety interlock. The controller shall be compatible with all
water types.
Automatic reservoir drain and flush system. The controller shall periodically drain and flush the reservoir according to
the actual accumulated humidifier “run” time. (except RO/DI water).
Cold water tempering prevents excessively hot water from draining during an automatic or seasonal drain cycle.
Seasonal drain system shall automatically drain the humidifier reservoir after a selected “NON-USE” period. The
controller shall automatically reset the humidifier on a call for humidity. (if utilized)
Safety circuit input terminals including over-temperature shut down.
Terminal connections to accept virtually all control input signals. Input control range is selected as an “ON-SCREEN”
User adjustable controlling and High-limit RH PID functions with Auto-Tune control (if utilized).
Door mounted display and user interface. Provides two lines of system messaging on a vacuum fluorescent display
screen, LED operational indication and keypad parameter entry system.
Time delayed scrolling display loop – displays all system parameters and alarms in a scrolling loop every ten minutes or
upon key press. The Display Loop includes: System status, Actual space RH, Duct RH (optional), High-limit RH
(optional), Outdoor air temperature (optional), Power output, Humidifier/System capacity (in lbs/hr or kg/hr),
Accumulated run time, Water level, Water temperature (optional) and Control type.
Time-to-Service messaging.
Numbered screen prompts for set-up and service identification.
Full “ON-SCREEN” help information at all displays prompts alarms or errors. The “HELP” message includes on
screen diagnostic assistance.
Keypad lock-out with user selected access levels.
Terminal connections for a remote INTAC™ keypad display module.
Full Networking and BAS communication ports. Communication ports shall provide two-way communication between
the INTAC™ controller and the Building Automation System (BAS). (if utilized).
High/Low humidity deviation alarm contacts. (modulating control only).
Fault alarm contacts.
Flash Memory – allows system upgrades through R232 port with a laptop computer and access to e-mail.
Variable air volume (VAV) anticipation control. The INTAC™ software shall accept a modulating high-limit humidity input
and space controlling RH input and modulate the heater output to prevent over saturation of the supply air due to changes in
the quantity of air flow. A compatible humidity sensor shall be shipped loose for field installation.
Cold weather relative humidity reset. The INTAC™ software shall accept a modulating temperature input and automatically
reduce the space RH set-point on a drop in the outside temperature. The reduction of the RH set-point during cold weather
periods prevents damage due to interior window condensation.
Reservoir thermocouple water control. The INTAC™ software provides standby water sensing and freeze protection.
A remote wall mount INTAC™ user interface keypad/display module shall be furnished.
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