UniVario – the industrial detectors for every risk

UniVario – the industrial detectors for every risk
UniVario –
the industrial detectors for every risk
UniVario – keeping your industrial
manufacturing processes
Minimax is setting the standards
in the field of developing custommade fire protection systems, and
these systems have been tried
and tested around the world for
decades. We have also applied
our expertise and experience to
developing a new heat and flame
detector. This new generation of
detectors stands out by their easy
installation, their well-thought-out
construction design and their high
integration possibilities, thereby
offering solution for all possible
requirements including use in
potentially explosive areas.
Engine test room
Chemical production
Modular in design – unlimited combinations
The demands made upon industrial fire protection systems are complex. The main tool in combating fires is a superior fire and flame detector,
which can detect a fire in a specific area and activate an extinguishing system. False alarms and
malfunctions can only be avoided when a reliable technology is in place. A technology that
independently filters out disturbances and ambient electronic discharges. With this in mind,
Minimax has designed a new product line. The
detectors are built into a high quality cast aluminium housing incorporating a user-friendly
installation technology. These intelligent, platform-based microprocessor controlled detectors
can cope with even the toughest conditions.
Thanks to their modular design and modern
signal processing technology, the detectors can
live up to harsh demands in an unusually broad
field of applications. Expanding automation in
all industrial operations puts new challenges
before the fire protection industry. Minimax
has accepted this challenge by inventing new
products offering a high degree of flexibility
in application and installation. This results in
tailor-made solutions providing the best
possible protection of equipment and facilities. As new requirements occur, our research
and development teams will continue to
provide viable and efficient technologies as
answers to your most difficult fire protection
needs. Industrial fire protection is our core
Wood panel production (below)
24 hours alert
UniVario – industrial fire detectors on the
job around the clock – 24/7
UniVario WMX5000 – the heat detector
with stainless steel heat sensor
To achieve the best possible protection, different designs and response levels are used to
guard the equipment and product in question.
These different detectors work inside, as well
as, outdoors and in potentially explosive areas.
In close proximity to the equipment, the
UniVario WMX5000, at greater distances the
FMX5000 UV is utilized. The units are suitable
for clean rooms and “dirty” manufacturing environments. Use WMX5000 FS for high temperature applications. For further information
please refer to the specification sheets enclosed.
The WMX5000 is designed to detect open fires
where temperature is increasing rapidly, such
as highly combustible solids, liquids and gases.
It responds instantaneously to any rapid rise in
temperature or as soon as a pre-programmed
temperature is exceeded. It offers a number of
different installation options, making it suitable
for monitoring rooms, as well as, processes.
This new generation of detectors is built into a
rugged, cast aluminium housing and is easy and
quick to install. They can be integrated into
existing installations providing an affordable
upgrade or alternative.
One major advantage of this new generation is
the ability to forward data for the purpose of
analysis, statistics or maintenance.
Detector types in versions which do not involve
silicone and versions for use in ex-zones
complete the programme.
It has been designed specifically with challenging industrial environments in mind, including
inside and outside risks and for potentially
explosive areas.
Potential areas of application
Production halls
Painting facilities
Hydraulic systems
Waste incinerating plants
Printing presses
Fuel tanks
Machine tools
UniVario WMX5000 VA
UniVario WMX5000 FS –
a high-tem pera ture detector with a
robust stainless steel heat sensor that
protrudes from the housing
UniVario FMX5000 UV –
a flame detector with spectral responsiveness in the ultraviolet
The WMX5000 FS heat detector is specially designed to work in temperatures of up to 850 °C.
Its protruding heat sensor enables simple and
flexible installation. A microcontroller monitors
the alarm to make sure it functions faultlessly
and to analyse the readings taken.
Flame detectors react to optical radiation and
analyse specific wave lengths. They are installed
wherever open flames are likely to develop
With its tough, sealed housing and microcontroller monitoring, the WMX5000 FS can be
used in all sorts of scenarios. Optimum results
are provided even when subjected to extreme
temperature fluctuations, heavy soiling and
aggressive conditions.
The protruding heat sensor comes in different
designs. The alarm temperature is programmable, making it suitable for a host of applications.
One unique item is the high-temperature heat
sensor with VdS and FM approvals for ex-zones
2 and 22.
Potential areas of application
Exhaust gas ducts
Engine test rooms
Machine tools
Fibreboard presses (heat tunnels)
Chemical production
UniVario WMX5000 FS
The detectors can be positioned such that they
monitor entire machine areas and facilities that
are particularly high-risk. With its perfect interplay of early detection, high responsiveness,
high degree of reliability and very low risk of
false alarms, the UniVario flame detector is
indispensable when it comes to combating
fastdeveloping fires. Fire-specific signals are
digitally analysed by the microcontroller,
making sure the alarm is not inadvertently
triggered by a thunderstorm, hot surfaces or
bright sunlight.
Potential areas of application
Fuel tanks, tank farms
Plane and helicopter hangars
Condenser stations (natural gas)
Chip/semiconductor manufacture (silane)
Machine tools (Mg/Al/Ti dry processing)
Printing machines (solvents)
UniVario FMX5000 UV
of our components in any environment
The Service
The detectors
Service tool for simple
configuration, diagnosis
and function tests.
It also reads the internal
memory of the detector.
The installation
The system interface
heat detector
UniVario KMX5000 RK
communication module
UniVario SMX5000
servicing device
WMX5000 FS
UniVario MX5000
An optional relay module
means the device can operate
in stand-alone mode or be
hooked up to any danger
alarm or control units.
UniVario MX5000
FMX5000 UV
UniVario MX5000
UniVario KMX5000 AP
communication module
An optional communication
module means this range of
fire alarms can be hooked up
to fire protection control
panels as ring bus components with the Apollo protocol
UniVario MX5000
Alarm installation options and components
Installation bracket
Stainless steel flex hose to set apart sensor
and electronic for thermal decoupling
Single-hole installation
with UniVario MX5000 LCD-base
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Fax +49 4531 803-248
for our clients
Fast fire detection with a very low risk of false
Highly responsive sensors, application-specific configuration of signal processing. Protection against typical
disturbance variables using intelligent evaluation
algorithms, high electromagnetic tolerance
Highly reliable
High degree of protection (IP 67), oil-tight, impact and
vibration-resistant, microcontroller monitors functionality,
optical test (only FMX5000 UV), sensor test (all detectors)
Broad field of application
Disturbances such as cosmic radiation and lightning
are masked (FMX5000 UV), response temperatures of up
to 850 °C (WMX5000 FS), can be adjusted down to the
degree (WMX5000 and WMX5000 FS), use in potentially
explosive areas
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Easy to adapt to changes in cond itions
Signal processing can be configured to suit the
application, highly modular (single base for different
detector types, different communication modules),
optional temperature display, inexpensive fire alarm
wiring can be used.
With their lower power consumption, more detectors
can be applied per group or loop. As a result, there is a
potential for cutting costs when it comes to conventional
line modules and loop modules and when setting up the
emergency power supply.
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