System competence Optimum steering - CLAAS E

System competence Optimum steering - CLAAS E
System competence
Optimum steering
Steer or let steer?
It's up to you!
Since satellite technology with GPS functions was first introduced into agriculture, the
development from simple steering aids to fully automatic steering systems has progressed
at a rapid pace. Whether GPS-assisted or camera-based: AGROCOM systems guide tractors
precisely across the fields – along straight and curved field contours or in circles. Many
farms are already benefiting from the great advantages offered by highly accurate parallel
guidance. Technology that began in the area of soil tillage and applications of pesticides,
for example, during growth phases on fields without standing crops is now put to good use
during the reaping and threshing season and, thanks to camera technology, also for driving
along tramlines, plant rows and ridges.
Work out on the field - at any time
External conditions no longer effect your work - you can
rely on tried and tested technology. Day and night, in fog,
darkness and dust clouds.
Work precisely and confidently
Drivers can cover more area in a shorter time with a
higher level of accuracy and certainty. They can concentrate fully on the machines and avoid overlaps and
damage to standing crops.
A system that saves costs
Operational costs and direct costs such as diesel,
depreciation, fertilizers and pesticides are reduced by
an average 7%.
Optimum crop protection
Far less crops are damaged if camera-assisted steering
systems are used during farming.
Accuracy when and where you need it
AGROCOM systems are flexible. Terminals and correction
signals can be equipped and expanded with fully compatible tools in line with your requirements.
AGROCOM –System competence Optimum steering
Ideal in practice.
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On-board graphics – everything under control.
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The highly precise method of tilling fields.
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The solution for everyone.
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Ideal if you want to be independent.
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The best way through your crops.
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For asparagus and potatoes.
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For straw, hay, strawberries, beds and cultures.
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AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
Ideal in practice.
With OUTBACK®S LITE AGROCOM has integrated terminal technology into its program that meets
a variety of requirements. The system supports an accuracy of up to 15 – 30 centimeters - when
applying fertilizers and pesticides or during soil tillage. Once a machine has gone off track, it's
basically too late for accurate driving. OUTBACK®S LITE calculates the direction in advance using
the current settings. The Steering GuideTM shows the exact track so that drivers can react in time
if they are in danger of going off track.
Simply drive.
At the beginning of each tour, the driver decides whether he wants to drive
parallel to a set contour or along a straight line from A to B. The system can
be adjusted in line with the actual conditions, calculates the best course and
supports all established working strategies. Drivers can use the full working
width and reduce overlaps. This enables the driver to achieve better results
in less time - regardless of the light or weather conditions.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
1. The Steering GuideTM
is the key to precision driving. It looks ahead and gives
directional information to help you keep on track.
5. The Short-cut Keys
take you directly to the start, stop and control modes
without having to scroll through the menu.
2. The Current Position
displays deviations from course. When you drive with
the help of the Steering GuideTM, this is where you
can check the result.
6. The RS-232 connection
and an optional Bluetooth interface provide GPS
position data for additional documentation purposes.
3. The Menu
is as simple as it is practical, with only a few keys. In
the first level, you set up the working width, antenna
mounting, brightness and sensitivity. In the second
level, you can enter the basic settings in the service
7. The Signal Status
displays readiness for operation, indicates when the
headland has been reached and stores position data.
8. The CAN interface
supplies power to the terminal. Information about
speed and for other applications is also supplied.
4. The Display
is very large and clear and has a good contrast.
Instructions and system status information are
displayed step-by-step. Clear symbols assist you
in navigating through the system.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
OUTBACK ®S3: On-board graphics –
everything under control.
Terminals nowadays have to meet with the highest requirements. AGROCOM uses efficient
technology that makes life as easy as possible for users. Not just the different driving modes,
either along a line from A to B, following a contour or driving in a circle. The system also has a
well devised order management system and a whole range of visual display possibilities. You
can see your track on the field and steer confidently and in comfort. Four different viewing
modes make your life easy and working a pleasure.
Visuals and efficiency:
The technology
makes the difference.
Four different viewing modes - 2D, 3D, north and bird's
eye view - give you the perfect picture.
Multiple A-B tracks and markings can be saved so that
you can easily continue work later exactly where you left
Acoustic signals indicate when a track has been covered
twice or when the headland has been reached.
An integrated order management system helps when
sorting jobs on the basis of field, farm and machine.
The system calculates the area of a field exactly for
application maps so that the precise amount of fertilizer
needed is applied.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
You can also avoid trouble with your neighbor if you drive
round the field at the beginning of the job and set up
boundary lines.
With the zoom function you can see everything clearly
down to the last detail.
The areas already covered are always displayed.
Easy operation via the touchscreen with logical symbols
and an integrated alphanumerical keyboard.
Technical details.
The 8.4 " VGA screen with touchscreen user interface facilitates
Interfaces for speed output, RS 232
for position data, as well as data
transfer and program updates via
USB guarantee maximum efficiency
and comfort.
The terminal is based on the
established Microsoft Windows XP
operating system.
The 10 Hz GPS receiver with 12
channel receiver technology is
1 GB memory creates independence.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
RTK: The highly precise method
of tilling fields.
If every centimeter counts when you're steering a tractor during the sowing or harvesting period,
then RTK is the technology you're looking for. The fixed reference station corrects the signal in
relation to its own fixed position. It incorporates a dual frequency antenna and achieves accuracies
of +/- 2 to 3 cm. This makes it ideal for any applications using fully automatic GPS-assisted
steering, even sowing, and there are no compromises when it comes to accuracy.
Use our know-how.
Users receive a proprietary correction signal via the RTK station: Or they can
have communal access to the signal of a CLAAS dealer and share the costs for
the radio frequency and broadcasting station with colleagues. The signal can be
used within a radius of about 15 kms by any number of machines which all have
to work with extreme accuracy at the same time.
GPS satellites
GPS antenna
and -Empfänger
n signal
Radio antenna
GPS antenna
GPS receiver
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
The Top-System:
Maximum accuracy again and again
Low-cost flat rate, no subscription
Fast signal availability
Lower operational costs over the long-term
Maximum efficiency
For use on one or more farms
Maximum range
Perfect for the entire fleet
System equipment.
The fixed RTK station consists of a housing unit with receiver, mains connection
and mobile radio. The GPS and radio antenna have to be mounted in a higher
position. Corn silos and chimneys are the ideal place. Tractor equipment includes
the receiver with integrated GPS antenna, as well as a radio receiver with a
separate antenna. The RTK reference station picks up the DGPS signal in just a
few minutes and quickly gets into working mode. This also means that there are
no interference problems even if part of the satellite is in the shade, because the
technology quick gets back to the normal working mode.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
The solution for everyone.
A system that's hard to beat on the market. BASELINE HD is a
reference station for mobile use out on the field. It has a single
frequency GPS and is capable of accuracies of +/- 4 to 6 cm
when used with autosteering systems, a range normally
reserved for dual frequency GPS systems. And besides, the
proprietary system doesn't generate any external signal costs.
Another advantage is the speed with which the settings are
calculated. You're in working mode in a flash and ready to
start. right on track to ensure maximum profits.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
A Compact Unit.
User-friendliness and economy of use are features that are built into the BASELINE
HD reference station. All components are integrated: a GPS receiver, a GPS antenna,
a battery and mobile radio. The only externally fitted equipment is the radio antenna,
the antenna holder and the telescopic tripod. This means the mobile unit can be
set up quickly anywhere and is ready to use in no time. It should be set up on an
open field or close by. The rover housing with integrated radio receiver and antenna,
as well as the antenna cable for the rover have to be fitted on the tractor.
Perfect for the entire fleet.
BASELINE HD is a proprietary correction signal with a range of 3 to 5 kilometers,
depending on the topography. Any number of vehicles can pick up the signal
within this range. The only prerequisite is that the machines are equipped with
the necessary receiver and antenna technology.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
if you want to be independent.
OMNISTAR HP is a satellite-assisted DGPS correction receiver based on
a dual frequency GPS that achieves working mode very quickly with
outstanding accuracies of +/- 5 to 10 cm. It is a popular tool to assist
farmers with mowing, applying fertilizers and pesticides as well as
preparing and tilling the fields. The efficient software is designed to
optimize setting times so that work can start without wasting too much
time. The DPGS signal is picked up very quickly - the prerequisite for
driving in working mode with the desired accuracy.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
Easy to install, easy to operate.
The advantage for you: With the satellite-assisted EGNOS and
OMNISTAR HP, the only components needed are on the tractor
itself. The receiver has both an integrated GPS receiver and an
adapted GPS antenna. They are freely mobile.
Overview GPS Accuracy
+/- 15 – 30 cm
EGNOS (Basic version)
With integrated
eDif correction
No license required
+/- 4 – 6 cm
+/- 5 – 10 cm
+/- 2 – 3 cm
single frequency receiver
correction signal
3-5 km range
No license required
For the farm's
entire fleet
Dual frequency DGPS
correction signal service
Correction signal service
Permanently available
Permanently installed equipment
correction signal
15-20 km range
For the farm's entire
fleet, including
multiple farm use
Correction signal also
available from Class dealers
Getting started with EGNOS.
The satellite-assisted basic version of EGNOS, which
achieves accuracies of 15 to 30 cm, is free of charge
and no license is required. It can be used on all standard
tractors and is ideal for a variety of applications, including
applying pesticides, liquid and solid manure, as well as
soil tillage. All you need is a GPS receiver, a terminal and
a control box. You can easily update to the BASELINE HD,
which has a higher accuracy.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
EYE-DRIVE: The best way
through your crops.
You know: As soon as crops have develop in and above the ground, utmost
caution is required when driving across fields. AGROCOM EYE-DRIVE has 3D
vision and also recognizes green plants by their color. The autosteering system
scans the entire area in front of the tractor and not just along one line. No
more errors because of the wrong position.
Steering is child's play:
through plant rows
along tramlines
in hay and straw swaths
in asparagus furrows
along ridges
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
Always at the ready.
There are no license fees to pay since the steering system works without an external correction
system. Signal interference problems become a thing of the past. No more shading at the tree
line or on slopes and in valleys. You can even work at nights with easy to install xenon floodlights. Always at the ready.
Superior technology - well designed components.
If you want to equip several tractors on your farm with the automatic steering system, but not
use them at the same time, it is possible to equip the first tractor fully and the second with a
hydraulic kit. The camera can then be moved from tractor to tractor depending on what you want
to do. The hydraulic kit includes all the fixed components (hydraulic valve, cable tree, steering
switch, seat safety switch, camera holder), so the tractor is operational in a few minutes.
High performance
is a matter of course.
EYE-DRIVE steers the tractor automatically with a
high degree of accuracy of +/-3 cm. This leaves
the driver free to concentrate his full attention on
monitoring and optimizing the machine settings.
Whether during sowing, planting, spraying, fertilizing or other field work: the system is easy to
operate and automatically steers along tramlines
(e.g. cereals), rows (e.g. sugar beets, corn, strawberries, vegetables) or ridges (e.g. potatoes),
without damaging the crops. Because EYE-DRIVE
recognizes asparagus furrows, the tractor automatically drives parallel to them so that the ridges
are earthed up in the exact centre of the slender
asparagus shoots.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
EYE-DRIVE for potatoes.
Potato farmers have to concentrate very hard during their
work, steer accurately along the ridges and operate and
control the implements at the same time. An exhausting job.
Severe harvest losses as well as poorer quality result from
off-centre ridges, which is both frustrating and irritating. Rely
on EYE-DRIVE. A technology whose strength lies in earthing
up perfect ridges.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
Ideal for professional farmers.
EYE-DRIVE raises potato harvesting to a new
level. The camera leaves the driver free to concentrate on the lifting and earthing equipment,
which lightens the workload enormously. A higher
working speed and higher quality every day.
EYE-DRIVE for asparagus.
Asparagus farmers have been looking for an automatic steering system for a long time. If the asparagus grows out of
the side of the ridge, huge financial losses ensue. It is very
important that the ridge is earthed up exactly in the middle
of the asparagus. This is where EYE-DRIVE comes into its
own. A special software has been developed to meet this
demand in cooperation with the company Hermeler in
Füchtorf. The ridge recognition feature guides the tractor
automatically and precisely along the track. This is ideal for
automatic weed control, precise earthing up of ridges and
mulching the sensitive asparagus before the winter.
Asparagus furrows for precise driving.
The manufacturer HMF is an important partner for
AGROCOM in the area of asparagus farming. The two
companies joined forces to develop the "Asparagus
furrow" application. Asparagus dams remain on the
field for up to seven years. The asparagus grows, works
and changes its position in the ridge. But the furrow
directly above the asparagus enables the camera to
steer the tractor with a high level of accuracy - without
even seeing the valuable vegetable.
Focus on the
machine implements.
The camera recognizes the asparagus furrow and
keeps the tractor right on track “without seeing the
The dam recognition feature enables the driver to
steer automatically so that he can concentrate his
full attention on the implements, whatever the job
and whatever the season.
This reduces the driver's workload while at the same
time increasing the speed of work and guaranteeing
consistent quality throughout the day.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
EYE-DRIVE for beds and cultures.
Tree nurseries are benefiting enormously from the trend towards sustainable raw materials. There is a
big and ever growing demand for Christmas trees and other trees and shrubs. It's worth investing in at
the moment. Especially when there's a technology that can help with sowing, planting and mechanical
weed control with an accuracy of +/- 3 cm. The tramline recognition feature guides the tractor exactly
along the tramlines and leaves the driver free to concentrate on the spraying boom when applying pesticides or precise tilling when working in plant rows. Bed recognition is also possible. As well as long
working hours with the same high quality of work all day long.
High precision creates perfection.
There are very few herbicides on the market for tree nursery cultures. That's
why a lot of nurseries resort to chopping, brushing, flaming and band spraying.
EYE-DRIVE is a great help here as it guides the tractors exactly along the
plant rows. A new dimension in mechanical weed control between plant rows special xenon floodlights allow you to work at night,
EYE-DRIVE for straw and hay.
The system locates grass, hay and straw swaths and guides
the tractor automatically along the correct course during
work with loader wagons, round bales and rectangular
balers. This is an enormous help and saves valuable time,
costs and energy.
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
EYE-DRIVE for strawberries.
Strawberry farming involves long and tiring hours.
And in addition, maximum concentration and precise
driving are required. EYE-DRIVE technology is the
ideal help throughout virtually the entire cultivation
process. With no compromises when it comes to
methods. It helps the strawberry farmer with planting, bedding, looking after leaf tendrils and weed
control between rows. The high level of accuracy
prevents damage to the mother plant is synonymous with successful farming.
EYE-DRIVE loves strawberries.
Precise and automatic guidance
Makes the driver's work easier
Increases work speed
Ensures safe driving when applying total herbicides
Full concentration on machine implements.
Maximizes quality of work
Guarantees precision in mechanical weed control
Night work with xenon floodlights
AGROCOM – System competence Optimum steering
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