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Introduction to s-MT
Sinor Marine Technologies (s-MT) is a Singapore Base Company providing advance navigation,
automation and other vessel control and monitoring solutions.
Sinor Marine Technologies (s-MT) aspire to provide the maritime and marine community with the
most innovative yet well-proven technologies to ensure affordable, safe, efficient and user
friendly solutions for shipyards, ship owners, the operating crews and technical maintenance
Our staffs have decades of sales, service and engineering experience and extensive knowledge
within the maritime and offshore markets. We cover everything from navigation and
manoeuvring to high-accuracy positioning to automation as well as safety solutions. Also, we
provide training tailor-made to our customers need as well as mandatory training as regulated by
IMO and authorities.
s-MT The exclusive representative for Marine Technologies LLC in Asia &
s-MT is the exclusive sales and service representative in Asia & Oceania for Marine Technologies
LLC (MT). MT has for more than a decade being the market leader and innovator when comes to
advance integrated vessel control systems including Dynamic Positioning (DP), Integrated Bridge
System (IBS) and Thruster Control System (THCS). As MT’s exclusive representative s-MT offers
the most advanced, yet user-friendly total integrated solutions for any vessel type. These include:
Integrated Bridge Solutions, adhering to the highest IMO and other relevant international
standards, scale-able to any kind of vessel from yachts and tug-boats to offshore vessels to
Cruise vessels. Our IBS includes MT developed and/or approved applications, operable on
touch screen from our Multifunction Workstations (MFWs), like
o Radar/ARPA
o Heading Control
o Track Control
o Conning
o Window Wiper Control
o Search Light Control
o Navigation Light Control
o Automation System
o Echosounder
o Thruster Control
o Dynamic Positioning
o Helideck Monitoring System
o Others
Dynamic Positioning Systems – All IMO Classes (DPI, II, III)
o Position Keeping System – PKS (DP functionality for yachts, workboats, fishing vessels
etc that don’t require a certified DP installation)
Thruster Control Systems – any main or auxiliary propulsion
VSAT Satellite Communication System
Sinor Marine Technologies Pte Ltd ˑ www.sinor-marine.com ˑ Email:sales-asia@marine-technologies.com
Marine Technologies (MT) are supplying the total ranges of Dynamic Positioning
The MT’s DP/Joystick concept is called “Bridge MateTM”. The table below shows the MT BMTM DPS and the
IMO definitions equivalence.
System/ Class
MT name
Independent Joystick
DP Class 0
No class approved DP-system
DP Class I
IMO Class I Single DP system, requires independent
backup Joystick
DP Class II
IMO Class II Redundant DP system, requires independent
backup Joystick
DP Class III
IMO- Class III DP system, requires independent backup
All MT BMTM DP-systems are based upon a number of common standardized components configured together
dependent upon class requirement and specifications.
The MT BMTM DP-system is unique in its architecture and design and can be tailor made to fit any vessel
DP Sensors by Marine Technologies
Smart Radar Scan
Smart GNSS Receiver
Sinor Marine Technologies Pte Ltd ˑ www.sinor-marine.com ˑ Email:sales-asia@marine-technologies.com
Integrated Bridge System (IBS)
The Bridge Mate™ IBS is designed to optimize the human-machine interface, taking into account that
different information is required depending on the type of operation at hand. All applications, such as ARPA
Radar, ECDIS, Conning, IAS, cameras, sensor control & monitoring, etc., are readily available at any multifunction workstation (MFW), giving the operator unique redundancy and flexibility of operation.
The Bridge Mate™ concept is based on a segregated architecture comprising a dual redundant network,
extremely durable marine approved computers without fans or hard disks and flexible console and monitor
Each Multi-Function Workstation is an independent, standalone unit connected to a dual communication
network and includes a marine approved computer, a TFT monitor and a control device (touch screen, roller
ball or a combination) to operate the available applications.
The MFW can be supplied in MT-designed console or supplied as split version for mounting in a third part
supplied bridge console.
IBS for Yacht
IBS for Ferry
Sinor Marine Technologies Pte Ltd ˑ www.sinor-marine.com ˑ Email:sales-asia@marine-technologies.com
IBS for Coast Guard, Offshore Patrol Vessel & Navy
IBS for Harbour Tug
Thruster Control System
Bridge Mate™ Thruster Control System is based upon a number of common, standardized components,
configured together dependent upon class requirement and specifications. It is a fully distributed system
concept and consists of one or more operator stations, three controllers and a number of distributed interface
The system is unique in its architecture and design and can be tailored to today's modern vessel design.
The operator station can be supplied with a Marine Technologies console, in units to be mounted into a
navigation console or as a part of Marine Technologies Integrated Bridge System.
The controller units can be a part of the console or can be mounted elsewhere and connected to the
redundant network.
The interface units can be placed close to the drives/thruster units and main switchboard. This to minimize
cabling for both new built and retrofits.
Sinor Marine Technologies Pte Ltd ˑ www.sinor-marine.com ˑ Email:sales-asia@marine-technologies.com
Bridge MateTM ECDIS
The Bridge MateTM ECDIS by Marine Technologies
(MT) can be integrated with other MT systems,
including the Bridge MateTM Track Control System
(TCS). In conjunction with inputs of position,
heading and speed, the TCS can automatically
keep a vessel on a pre-planned track over ground
under various conditions and within the limits
related to the vessel’s manoeuvrability.
MT’s Track Control System calculates and
monitors any cross track distance (XTD)
continuously in real time along the route, both
on straight legs and during turns, and adjusts the
course to steer (CTS) or the rate of turn (ROT) as
required to keep the vessel on track.
The MT TCS is designed for safe navigation at sea
and includes fall-back arrangements at track
control failures to meet all requirements. This is
achieved by monitoring sensor information,
usage of ENCs and intuitive operator interfaces.
Bridge Mate ECDIS is Wheel Mark Approved
Optional features - With the integrated
steering mode panel (pictured on left)
MT’s ECDIS has a new unique interface to
the MT HCS autopilot, making it possible
to change the course and enter track
control from a single location.
Bridge MateTM NavStation
 Navstation Desktop easy organizes
the subscription apps.
 Route planning on the ENC base layer.
 Beaufort color presentation of wind
 Color presentation of wave height
 Wind speed along route with alarm
set for wind speed.
 Wave height along route with alarm
set for wave height.
 Split screen showing the initial and
the latest optimized route.
 Admiralty Total Tide, Digital List of
Lights and Radio Signals are easy at
Sinor Marine Technologies Pte Ltd ˑ www.sinor-marine.com ˑ Email:sales-asia@marine-technologies.com
Northern Solutions, EMES60 is a
combined electromagnetic speed log
and echosounder navigation system.
It is a single sensor with two
transducers in one-housing. Both
parts have been designed to meet
the relevant international standards
and provide all the modern and
legacy input-output interfaces that
are specified by the IMO standards.
As required by the relevant
regulations, the two parts are totally
separated internally. The main
advantage of this arrangement is that
the system only needs one hull
penetration, and one set of mounting
hardware, thus increasing reliability
and reducing costs of installation and
The size and weight of the sensor is
significantly less than other systems
on the market, which greatly
facilitates installation and handling.
 Only one hull penetration, which increases safety of navigation
 Small overall diameter of sensor, requiring small hull penetration, which minimizes the risk
of mechanical damage
 Sophisticated analog and digital signal processing, which provides reliable data in any
navigation conditions
 All modern and legacy input-output interfaces are supported, including IEC61162-1
 Sound speed calibration based on temperature, which provides accurate depth
measurements in different conditions without the need for manual adjustments
 Includes water temperature sensor, accurate to 1°C
 Optimized electromagnetic log operational parameters, which provides accurate speed
through water measurements in different water conditions, such as sea water, river water,
and brackish water
Sinor Marine Technologies Pte Ltd ˑ www.sinor-marine.com ˑ Email:sales-asia@marine-technologies.com
ShoreConnection is an international supplier of Marine Electrical Products and solutions based on
Norwegian expertise and Technology. The Helideck Monitoring System provides motion and
meteorological information, which is essential to support safe and efficient helicopter operations to
rigs and vessels
Offshore vessels and rigs relies on helicopters to transport their crew safely to and from work.
Understanding that motions and harsh weather conditions represents potential hazards to offshore
helicopter operations, the ShoreConnection Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) is designed to support
Helicopter Pilots to make vital safety decisions before take-off, during the approach and while on-deck.
A basic HMS can always be expanded with many add-on options and also sea sensors to form a full
Met-ocean system.
All HMS data is recorded for 12 months. This data can be replayed and analysed on board or even
ashore using the unique playback and data export function. The HMS also displays and records video by
using a helideck camera. This combination of playback and recording makes investigation fast and
Sinor Marine Technologies Pte Ltd ˑ www.sinor-marine.com ˑ Email:sales-asia@marine-technologies.com
Matre Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System “DIFFS” is
designed in order to provide and control water/AFFF
mixture to the helideck firefighting systems covering the
Matre Foam Skid
The water-foam mix shall be applied with a minimum
spray height corresponding to the top of the applicable
helicopter bodies in calm conditions. This to ensure a
safety margin with respect to safe escape, including windy
Full water and foam supply shall be available within 15s
from time of activation; Matre`s DIFFS System mainly
consists of an complete foam skid with open/close Valve,
Matre foam proportioners “Inductor type”, pipe spools.
All installed on a compact, maintenance friendly stainless
steel frame/heated & insulated cabinet. Fire fighting
system on helideck consists of Matre Pop-up Nozzles.
If a fire should occur at the helideck the DIFFS system can
easily be activated from a number of control and remote
cabinets located in dedicated areas such as central control
room (CCR) or Helicopter traffic control centre (HTCC) and
by remote panels installed close to helideck.
Matre Pop-Up Nozzle
When activating the open/close valve the valve will open
up and the fire water will pass through the Matre Foam
Inductor that is calibrated to insert the correct amount of
AFFF into the fire water line. Release/control valve as well
proportioning equipment is located in our Foam Skid.
The foam mixer is placed on the dry side of the open/close
The fire water will be distributed through pipework up to
the helideck surface area and discharged through Matre
Pop-Up Nozzles located at the helideck.
It is required that the Matre Foam Skid is placed
strategically close to the helideck within 3 m below
helideck surface, max. 10 m from helideck outer edge.
The DIFFS can be activated without inserting AFFF. By this,
the system can be used as a helideck wash down system.
Sinor Marine Technologies Pte Ltd ˑ www.sinor-marine.com ˑ Email:sales-asia@marine-technologies.com
XTronica Complete Tank Monitoring System
 Air Purge
 Electronic Pressure Transmitters
 Radar and Ultrasonic
 Independent High level and overfill
protecing system
 Customized Tank Gauging Systems
 Local Level Indication
 Tank Temperature Monitoring
XTronica Valve Control System
 Actuators (Hydraulic, Electric)
 Valves
 Valve and pump control systems
 Hydraulic Power Unit
Electronic Tank Monitoring System
 Tank Level measurement
 Tank temperature measurement
 Inert gas pressure
 Vapour pressure
 Temperature and pressure
on cargo lines
 Pump pressure
Central cabinet
Cabinet door
Air Purge
 Very price competitive with
low maintence costs
 Modular and compact design
 Ballast tanks
 Service tanks
 Draft measurements
for trim/list calculations Combinable and
I/O Modules
Color LCD
Serial comm. to
other systems
for alarm
Manifolds with valves
and pressure
24 VDC
Air supply
Tank temp.
I/O signals
i.e. Inclinometer
for Trim/List
Level sounding Level sounding with
Draft Trim/List
Level sounding with
external pipe
Level sounding with
external pressure
Local Indication
 Local Level Indication
 Self-powered local indicators with
DNV certification
 Digital local indicator
 Local Pressure Indication
 Very cost effective solutions
XTronica Gauging and Monitoring System
Custom made HMI-interface for each vessel
User friendly PLC-based gauing system or
SCADA-based advanced but user friendly PC system
Topsystem or backup system
Sinor Marine Technologies Pte Ltd ˑ www.sinor-marine.com ˑ Email:sales-asia@marine-technologies.com
Active Heave Compensation for all Winches and Cranes
Scantrol AHC is an Active Heave Compensation control system for winches and cranes used for subsea
operations. The system includes a MRU (motion reference unit) measuring vessel heave, pitch and roll
motion. Scantrol AHC is controlling the winch to eliminate vessel motion being transferred to the load.
The winch operator has precise control over the load, also when operating in rough sea conditions.
Scantrol AHC adapts to varying load and operating conditions to maintain safe and efficient
compensation without overloading the winches.
AHC will increase operational time window and minimize weather related downtime
Landing and Pickup from Seabed
Precise and safe handling of subsea equipment
during landing, pickup and positioning. Scantrol AHC
controls the winch to compensate for vessel motion
and eliminate vessel motion being transferred to the
load. The winch operator has precise control, and
can heave, lower, or position the load without
influence from the ships motion.
ROV Handling
Scantrol AHC keeps the TMS at a fixed position. Docking
of the ROV against the TMS can be done safe and
controlled without the vessel motion on the waves
compromising the TMS position.
The AHC function will give improved and accurate control
also when deploying and retrieving.
AHC for existing winches
Many existing winches have speed and torque characteristics that make them suitable for AHC.
By using the Scantrol AHC Analyzer it is possible to predict AHC performance with different
loads , and varying vessel motion. In many winch applications only a fraction of the winch
design load is being used during normal operation, and the spare torque can be used for AHC.
This is the case with many ROV handling winches that are designed with a lot of redundancy
power. In many cases it is possible to fit AHC to existing winches with little or no modifications
to the winch.
Sinor Marine Technologies Pte Ltd ˑ www.sinor-marine.com ˑ Email:sales-asia@marine-technologies.com
Scantrol iSYM - Trawl Control with focus on catching
efficiency and catching economy iSYM is built on a
modern technology platform and combines
information from the trawl and winches with
navigation data and the skipper’s settings to control
the trawl efficiently. iSYM is a user friendly system
that gives the skipper the possibility of choosing
different control modes for different fishing
Design philosophy
All iSYM functions shall give benefits to the user in one or more of these
CATCHING EFFICIENCY - Focus on trawl to maintain high gear performance in
varying fishing conditions.
FUEL ECONOMY - Control of winch power, towing power and regeneration of
GEAR ECONOMY - Reduce wear and damages to trawl gear, wires and
Autotrawl for all winch types
ISYM can control all modern hydraulic and electric trawl winches. iSYM keeps
focus on the trawl, and it is not required to have 100% perfect winches to be
efficient. In good fishing conditions it is sufficient to work with synchronized
winches and equal wire tension, but with iSYM it is possible to improve
catching efficiency by controlling the winches according to the water flow into
the trawl opening. ISYM includes all control functions that are required for
safe and reliable winch control. Existing autotrawl systems can be upgraded or
Sinor Marine Technologies Pte Ltd ˑ www.sinor-marine.com ˑ Email:sales-asia@marine-technologies.com
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