Single drum rollers The compact class.

Single drum rollers The compact class.
The compact class.
Single drum rollers
Get your business rolling: work flexibly, costeffectively and successfully with BOMAG‘s
compact single drum rollers.
BOMAG‘s new compact and manoeuvrable single drum roller range
models are true all-rounders. For tight inner-city jobs or for landscaping,
civil engineering or highway construction – these single drum rollers
are the perfect partner for every construction project.
This compact class sets a new standard for road construction with
excellent driving precision and accurate compaction along edges.
◆ Powerful and efficient compaction
◆ 30% lower fuel consumption
◆ Uniform compaction
◆ Fast and secure transport
◆ Easy handling
◆ Minimum downtime
◆ Easy servicing
◆ Long service intervals
For inner-city work: high mobility, high output. These compact and
manoeuvrable single drum rollers are ideal for compaction in confined
spaces. VARIOCONTROL: sensitive compaction close to buildings.
Excellent gradeability and an optional dozer blade also make these
models ideal for civil engineering and landscaping work.
Right first time.
BOMAG‘s new compact range of single drum
rollers consists of a choice of models in all
weight classes from 4-8 t and covers a wide
range of applications.
Genuine all-rounders:
◆ for all soil types
- Smooth drum for crushed rock, gravel or sand
- Pad foot drum for cohesive material
- Pad foot segmented shell for flexible use
◆ on small to medium size earthworks
◆ on thin to medium thickness fill layers
In addition to the exact EVIB value, the TERRAMETER also displays the standard specifications for compaction values.
Making compaction easy.
The TERRAMETER option provides accurate and continuous information on compaction performance.
Soft spots are detected and located. Full compaction is seen at a glance and unnecessary passes
avoided. The integrated display in the cab is easy to view. The printer allows documentation of the
EVIB compaction values in MN/m2 for each pass. This results in more uniform compaction and effective use of these rollers.
The optional BCM 05 system offers documentation
of compaction results across the total rolled area.
The BCM 05 saves EVIB values for the complete
site. Compaction is tracked on the large display in
real time, lane by lane, and location by location.
The colour display instantly shows the operator
which areas have already been compacted. Data
can be transferred to the site office via a USB stick
for analysis and archiving. BCM 05 positioning also
allows combination of EVIB values with positioning
data from the BOMAG StarFire GPS receiver.
BCM 05 positioning creates accurate compaction
maps with no need for input from the driver. The
BOMAG StarFire receiver gives high accuracy
without need for local reference stations. Total
flexibility, more accuracy and easy use!
Continuous dynamic compaction control with BCM 05.
Easier: VARIOCONTROL operation with a single switch.
Easy-to-use optional printer for documenting results.
Automatic compaction.
VARIOCONTROL, BOMAG‘s automatic control
device, ensures fast rolling to the specified level
of compaction: Simply select a target value on the
rotary switch and start compacting. The amplitude
is automatically adjusted to the required compaction power. When the compaction target has been
reached, the amplitude is automatically reduced.
This adjustment to actual conditions within seconds guarantees uniform compaction.
Here are the advantages:
◆ Sensitive compaction, e.g. near buildings
◆ Uniform compaction to target values
◆ Powerful compaction for maximum depth effect
and high compaction values
◆ Avoids aggregate crushing and over-compaction
◆ Newly optimised and simplified operation
With VARIOCONTROL, it is also possible to select
amplitude manually. This allows sensitive compaction near buildings or on bridges, for instance.
Easy operation via a rotary switch means the
operator can always find the right setting.
If required, the degree of compaction can be verified by using the measuring position.
BOMAG VARIOCONTROL: the most efficient compaction solution.
Compaction on all terrain.
BOMAG offers top performance - even on steep gradients. Wide frame angles offer clearance when
starting work up inclines. Generous ground clearance avoids bellying or contact. The pivoted articulated joint gives full ground contact and maximum traction at all times.
The DH version is the ultimate model where
traction demands are particularly high. With its
double-pump drive system, this roller becomes a
true mountain goat! The steepest inclines can be
surmounted safely.
Excellent gradeability on both forward and backward travel.
DH With a gradeability of up to 64%, double-pump models meet the toughest demands.
Superb handling.
Every operator will find this intuitive control concept
easy to understand – either equipped with basic or
full features. A comfortable seating position inside
the roomy cab provides fatigue-free operation. The
driver can adjust the seat and steering wheel as
needed. With the track assistant and a self-centring
articulated joint, lane driving or along edges is made
easy for every level of experience. At the same
time, the generously dimensioned cab with excellent ventilation provides comfort in any conditions.
The new radio with hands-free function allows
distraction-free driving. The cab even has space for
electric cooling bags. Access on both sides provides
safety and ease with everyday use. A clear 360°
view allows fast and effortless driving and enhanced
safety on site. The well laid out and easy access
controls highlight the straightforward BOMAG design
Precise compaction on edges with the optical track assistant.
concept. Clear symbols give immediate recognition of functions. Two working head lights at the
front and at the rear provide an outstanding 360°
view at night.
Easy access on both sides and a spacious cab.
The single drum roller which meets individual
The choice of options allows configuration to meet all preferences. From simple layouts without cab
to cabs with air conditioning and hands-free functions – the options are all yours.
Optional equipment such as a pad foot segmented
shell allow combination of two applications in one
machine. The dozer blade turns the roller into a
highly versatile machine which can handle levelling, distribution and compaction all at the same
Easy levelling and distribution with the optional dozer blade.
time. In addition, BOMAG measuring systems such
as TERRAMETER and BCM 05 provide an overview
of compaction progress at all times. A rear view
camera with an in-cab monitor is available for
increased safety and travel comfort.
Transport and service is easy.
Fast and secure transport
Compact dimensions and effective lashing options
allow easy transport. The new loading function
makes the loading process fast and safe. Thanks
to the low height, a flat-bed trailer is no longer
needed. Steep ramps are handled effortlessly.
Fast loading and lashing.
Easy service
The proven BOMAG service concept has been
consistently applied across our new single drum
range. Long service intervals and minimum service points keep the maintenance to a minimum.
No daily maintenance is required – a visual check
using easy access inspection windows is all that
is needed. The hood can be opened fully without
tools. As with previous single drum models, no lubrication is required. All service points are directly
accessible. To offer dependable machines every
time, we use high-quality components from renowned manufacturers. The BOMAG Service Team
is always there when you need it, via telephone or
on site. BOMAG Service offers direct, fast on-site
assistance, keeping your productivity as high as
can be.
All service points are easily accessible from the ground.
With the ECOMODE function included as standard, the engine adjusts speed according to work load
intensity, resulting in up to 30% less fuel consumption. Noise and exhaust emissions as well as wear
are all reduced with this system.
The optional engine stop function switches off the
engine after a specified stationary period, preventing unnecessary fuel consumption. All new single
drum rollers in this generation use future-proof
level 4/tier 4 engine technology and run without
additives. Low emissions mean these rollers are
particularly suitable for use in inner-city areas.
Start vibration
Saving potential
Engine speed
Compaction performance
Save fuel with BOMAG ECOMODE.
All the benefits:
Increased profitability from:
◆ High compaction performance
◆ High-quality components
◆ Low running and service costs
◆ Wide scope of standard features
Greater ease of service with:
◆ Fast accessibility
◆ Long service intervals
◆ Service kits
Higher utilisation with:
◆ Wide range of applications
◆ High gradeability
◆ Choice of working widths
◆ Comprehensive range of options
◆ Easy operation
◆ Easy transport
Users around the world trust in the BOMAG
The company has been part of the FAYAT
Group since 2005. BOMAG has six branches in
Germany and twelve independent subsidiary
companies around the globe. More than
500 dealers in over 120 countries ensure
global sales and service for BOMAG
Head Office / Hauptsitz:
BOMAG France S.A.S.
2, avenue du Général de Gaulle
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56154 Boppard
Tel. +33 1 69578600
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BOMAG Italia Srl.
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Distrito Industrial Ritter
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Tel. +39 0544 864235
Fax +39 0544-864367
ZIP code 94935-225
Tel. +55 51 2125-6677
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141400, RF, Moscow region
Khimki, Klayazma block, h. 1-g
Compaction Machinery Co. Ltd.
Tel. +7 (495) 287 92 90
No. 2808 West Huancheng Road
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Shanghai Comprehensive
Industrial Zone (Fengxian)
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Fax +86 21 33655508
Singapore 199555
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BOMA Equipment
Fax +65 6 294 1377
Hong Kong LTD
Room 1003, 10/F Cham Centre
700, Castle Peak Road
BOMAG Americas, Inc.
2000 Kentville Road
Kewanee, Illinois 61443
Tel. +852 2721 6363
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