BA1105—Battery Charger Operating Manual
BA1105—Battery Charger
Operating Manual
Model: QQE192
BA1105 Battery Charger Operating Manual—OM004E/3
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BA1105 Battery Charger Operating Manual
Safety Information
Making or breaking the connections to the unit while the charger is connected to
the mains power may cause electrical shock. Disconnect the power supply before
making or breaking the connections to the unit to be charged.
Explosive gases may be produced during charging and cause explosion. Prevent
flames and sparks and provide adequate ventilation during charging.
Water ingression may cause electrical shock. Do not expose the charger to rain.
Current interrupting on output connector may cause electrical shock.
Charging other types of batteries may burst causing personal injury or machine
damage. Charge only 24V, 20–75Ah lead-acid or gel cell type rechargeable batteries.
Read the instructions before charging.
This charger is for indoor use only.
Never charge a damaged battery.
Never charge a frozen battery.
Do not operate if there a signs of damage to the charger.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.
BA1105 Battery Charger Operating Manual—OM0004E/3
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BA1105 Battery Charger Operating Manual
1. Ensure the input selector switchA is in the correct voltage selection your local area
(i.e. 230V or 115V).
2. Ensure that the charger is switched offE and connect the charger to the mains power
(wall socket).
3. Connect the XLR plug to the machine to be chargedB. Initially the status LEDC will light up after
a few seconds and will drop to ≤30% on the LED level indicatorD. This will confirm that the
charger has recognised the batteries and is ready to charge.
a. If this does not occur check wall socket is turned off and reconnect.
b. If still not occurring there may be a fault with machine or charger. Contact Electrodrive
immediately (see page 4).
4. Turn the power on at the wall socket. Turn the charger onE.
5. The status LEDC will blink and the fan will be running while charging.
6. While charging, the LED level indicatorD will indicate the level of charge.
a. If the status LEDC does not blink, either the battery or the wiring is faulty. Contact
Electrodrive for a service enquiry immediately (see page 4).
7. When the battery is 100% charged, the charger will switch to a trickle cycle mode.
a. The fan may continue to run for a while after it switches to trickle cycle mode.
8. Turn the charger off and disconnect it from the machine.
____________________ A, B, C, D, E refer to pictures below
BA1105 Battery Charger Operating Manual—OM0004E/3
Electrodrive | 2A Ayton Street, North Sunshine VIC Australia 3020 |
BA1105 Battery Charger Operating Manual
Technical Data
Input voltage AC
Input frequency
Charging current (24V)
Ambient temp
1–40 degrees
Type of charger
Switch mode
Battery types
Lead Acid batteries (Gel Cell, AGM)
Rated capacity of battery
No. of cells
12 (24V)
Noise level
<50dB (Tested from 50cm away)
Service Enquiries
Electrodrive can provide parts and service support on request.
Call +61 3 9300 8500 or email
BA1105 Battery Charger Operating Manual—OM0004E/3
Electrodrive | 2A Ayton Street, North Sunshine VIC Australia 3020 |
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