EL- 40123 - PIR wall fittings.
Safety Warnings
This product is only suitable for connection to a 240V~50Hz supply.
It is recommended that this light is installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with current IEE Wiring
Regulations and local Building Regulations.
The light fitting should be connected to a lighting circuit protected by a 5 amp fuse (or a 6 amp miniature
circuit breaker).
This light has an IP44 (splash proof) rating suitable for use outdoors.
For optimum detection range a mounting height of 1.8M to 2.5M metres is recommended. Do not mount where
the PIR can be activated by heat sources such as central heating vents, animals, traffic etc.
Run supply wire from a 5-amp electrical supply using double insulated 3-core cable of type H05RN-F 1.0mm
(not supplied) to selected site, ensuring it is adequately protected through the full length of the cable run, it
must come out of the mounting surface in line with the entry to the fitting.
Except where installed in a conduit or duct , which provides equivalent protection against mechanical damage,
a cable buried in the ground shall incorporate an earthed armour or metal sheath or both, suitable for use as a
protective conductor, or be of insulated concentric construction. Buried cables shall be marked by cable
covers or a suitable marking tape. Buried conduits and ducts shall be suitably identified. Buried cables,
conduits and ducts shall be at a sufficient depth to avoid being damaged by any reasonably foreseeable
disturbance of the ground.
This product contains breakable parts – be careful during handling and maintenance to avoid breakage.
The bulb, body and lid cover can become hot in use. Switch off and allow 10 minutes to cool before cleaning
(using a dry cloth only – do not use liquid or abrasive cleaners).
If any part of the bulb housing is broken or cracked then it must be replaced immediately to preserve the water
ingress protection, please consult your retailer. This is represented by the symbol
If any modification is made it will invalidate the warranty and may render the product unsafe.
Before you start
Please read these instructions carefully before fitting your new light and retain for reference.
Switch off the mains supply and remove the appropriate fuse or switch off the appropriate circuit breaker
before commencing installation.
Ensure that no one else has access that would enable the supply to be inadvertently reconnected.
Check the packaging and make sure that you have all the required parts.
Follow each assembly step in order to prevent incorrect assembly – make sure the unit is the correct WAY UP.
Make sure all screws / nuts, including electrical connections etc are fully tightened before use.
The Light pack contains:
Wall light with integral PIR detector (with fitted
The following tools may be required:
Selection of cross and flat head screwdrivers.
Electric drill and assorted drill bits.
Wire strippers.
Electrical insulation tape.
Assembly / user instructions
These assembly diagrams are intended as a guide – if in doubt consult a qualified electrician.
Diagram A
Determine the position of your light fitting taking into
account the entry position of the cable and the ARROW
indicating which WAY UP the base is to be fitted. Make
sure there is sufficient cable coming out of the wall to
connect to the terminal block. Ensure that the mounting
surface is solid, preferably a brick or block wall and ensure
that there are no other cables or pipes beneath the
2. Diagram A. Fit the 2 threaded posts in the back plate and
bring the mains cable through the rubber grommet then
use the back plate as a template and mark the 2 fixings
holes, making sure the back plate is correctly aligned so
that the threaded bolts are horizontal. Use appropriate
fixings to secure the back plate to the wall.
Diagram B
3. Diagram B. Connect the house wiring to the internal
terminal block. The cable entry grommet must be securely
in place to ensure that the water ingress protection is
maintained. NOTE: This is a Class II fitting and must
not be earthed. If you have any earth cables make sure
that they are connected to each other – to maintain
earth continuity throughout your property – and wrap
the earth terminal and connections in 2 layers of good
quality insulation tape and keep them away from the
terminal connections of the fitting.
4. Connect the incoming mains as per the diagram.
5. Diagram C. Fit the terminal block onto the post in the back
plate and then fit the front frame over the 2 threaded bolts
in the back plate and secure with the 2 threaded nuts.
Take care not to trap or strain the internal cables.
Diagram C
Fit the appropriate bulbs into the lamp holders NOTE:
Never fit bulbs of a higher wattage than specified on
the label (as this may cause overheating and damage
the fitting). Secure the lids- making sure the seals are in
7. Diagram D. To Test the Fitting. Turn on the power. To
test the PIR unit in daylight, Pull the lens cover down – to
expose the dials- then turn the timer dial (with clock) gently
fully anti-clockwise (towards the -) and turn the Day / Night
dial gently fully clockwise (towards the +). Lift the lens
cover and activate the PIR by covering the PIR lens with
your hand. The unit will light and should stay on for
approximately 5-10 seconds then go off. It will remain off
until the light level drops.
Diagram D
Endon Lighting
8. To adjust Time On. By adjusting the timer dial the unit will
stay on (once activated) from 5 seconds (fully anticlockwise) to 5 minutes (Fully clockwise)
To adjust range level. By adjusting the Range level dial
the unit will activate from 4 metres (fully anticlockwise) to 8
metres (fully clockwise).The angle of detection is
approximately 90.
To adjust the light level. By adjusting the Light level dial
the unit will activate either in daylight (fully anticlockwise)
or at night (fully clockwise).
NOTE:1. All time on values are approximate.
2. After adjustment, make sure the lens cover is lifted up
to expose the detector lens.
3. This unit does NOT have an override function.
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