Professional two-sided laminating system
The 5031TS laminator is safe and easy-to-use in your commercial printing or in-house
production environment. Featuring a unique dual heating system that incorporates both
heat shoes and heated nip rollers, with independent controls. The GBC® 5031TS enables
the strongest possible adhesion at the fastest speeds. Edge slitters are an added bonus
to reduce post-process finishing.
To further improve workflow, the in-line feeder connects easily to the laminator for
precision sheet feeding. The feeder incorporates a large deck and vacuum feed head to
accommodate a wide range of stock types and sizes. The stand-alone cutter completes
the Total Solution by providing in-line leading and trailing edge cuts. The full system is
easily controlled by a single operator.
Optional Feeder
Smart design – Hinged connection allows feeder to swing
out for easy access to the bottom film roll of the laminator.
Smart design for productivity and quality – The
5031TS laminator runs up to 35 feet per minute. The
5031TS ensures strong adhesion even when running
films up to 10 mil thick. Cooling fans ensure consistent
flat output.
Automatic feeder integrates effortlessly with the
5031TS Laminator
Dual heat, high-speed laminator for low to
mid-range production
Simple set-up – Adjustable side guides ensure straight
sheet feeding. The controls allow precise settings for sheet
length and gap allowance. Long production runs are easily
accommodated with a pile height of 15.75”.
Time-saving features – Holds large diameter film rolls
to handle long runs and reduce set-up time. Saves speed
and temperature preferences for repeat jobs using the
job-memory recall feature. The three in-line slitters permit
edge and center slitting of 2-up jobs. The adjustable scrap
rewinds prevent scrap from winding onto the pull rollers or
cluttering the floor
Reliable paper feed – Quick-change dual-option
delivery system accommodates paper from 20 lb
bond to 24 pt stock. The vacuum pick-up head and
adjustable feed roller pressure ensure consistent
and straight feeding while an adjustable air blast provides
optimum sheet separation.
Safe operation – UL compliant interlocking safety shield
protects operators from heat shoes.
Optional Cutter
See reverse side for
cutter highlights
Output tray
Tie bar
Delivery system with option for
heavier stocks
Built-in tray
for pump
Latching mechanism
5031TS laminator control panel
Adjustable scrap rewind
Optional Cutter
Synchronized automatic cutter
Precision cutting – Tie bars connect the cutter to the 5031TS laminator to provide
straight and precise cutting. The cutter utilizes a large rotary blade to cleanly cut
paper and film, while a pull-out roller keeps the web straight for the exit cut.
Comprehensive capabilities – Cutter settings adjust in 1/32” increments to
accommodate a wide range of sheet sizes. Includes sheeting capabilities for paper
rolls. A digital controller tracks the number of cut sheets to minimize waste and
satisfy customer requirements.
For best results use high-quality GBC films
•Nap-Lam l film
•Nap-Lam ll film
•Digital polyester film
5031TS Laminator
5031 Feeder
5031 Cutter
Input Sheet Size, Minimum:
1” W x 4” L
6" W x 10” L
1” W x 6” L
31" W x 40” L
31” W x unlimited
20lb. bond 24pt cover stock
Input Sheet Size, Maximum: 31" W x unlimited
Paper Stock:
20lb. bond 24pt cover stock
Film Diameter:
3000’ rolls of 1.7 mil. 3"core
2000’ rolls of 3 mil. 3"core
3000’ rolls of 5 mil. 3"core
500’ rolls of 10 mil. 3"core
Throat Opening, Maximum:
Film Width, Maximum:
Film Gauge:
1.5 to 10 mil
1.5 to 10 mil
4 to 35 fpm
4 to 35 fpm
up to 50 fpm
Temperature, Maximum:
320° F
48.75" W x 50.25" H
x 35.5" D
45.25" W x 43.5" H
x 51" D
52.75" W x 37.25" H
x 19.75" D
Stacker tray
(included with cutter)
39.5" W x 35" D
440 lbs
423 lbs
220 lbs
Power Requirements:
230V, 30A; NEMA 6-30
115V, 2A; NEMA 5-15
Air pump (required for feeder)
220V, 9.6A; NEMA 6-15
115V, 2A; NEMA 5-15
Safety Approval:
C/UL Listed
C/UL Listed
C/UL Listed
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