Connect your
to your lifestyle
Cutting edge
curb appeal
Usher in a new era of outdoor lighting controls with the Philips
Hadco ZoneScape landscape lighting control system. Up to 8
independent outdoor lighting groups are controlled at the touch
of a finger from any mobile device, elevating ordinary lighted
landscapes into enticing, high-tech destinations.
ZoneScape’s control module easily connects to new and
existing outdoor luminaires and low voltage transformers from
any manufacturer – no special wires or adapters are needed.
The module connects via wireless networks and is managed
via a downloadable app on iOS or Android smart phone and
tablet device
Philips Hadco
High tech
solution for
low voltage
What is controlled?
What will the neighbors think?
Up to 300W of total luminaires may be
connected per each ZoneScape control
module. The luminaires are organized in up to
8 independent, user-defined groups, and using
the ZoneScape app, each group can be instantly
switched on and off, or programmed to turn on
and off according to a flexible and user-defined
single daily or weekly schedule.
ZoneScape does more than just control outdoor
lights – it helps to define an opulent nighttime
outdoor destination that is both energy-saving
and enviable. Create a high-tech, standout
landscape. Create energy-saving lighting
schedules for when and where light is needed.
Set the neighborhood standard.
Is it complicated to install and use?
Install the ZoneScape control module in under 10
minutes without special wires, adapters or tools.
Then, use the ZoneScape app’s straightforward
and user-friendly interface to create and control
lighting groups. It’s that easy.
& transformer
Zone 4
Zone 2
Zone 1
Connect your lighting to
your lifestyle with
custom zones
Zone 1: Property entrance
Safely guide drivers after dark, guard against
pedestrian falls, and discourage prowlers
Zone 2: Building / house
Add curb appeal, emphasize architectural lines
and textures
Zone 3: Property perimeter
Inspire drama and extend your backyard
living space
Zone 4: Entertainment / pool patio
Highlight a festive gathering place.
Zone 3
Light Switch
Once connected, user-defined
zones may be named for easy
reference and manually turned
on/off. Up to 8 zones may
be connected together, each
controlling up to 300W of total
outdoor luminaires.
Use the Schedule screen to set
zone on/off times for single,
daily or weekly schedules.
Easily reference the connected
network’s internet protocol (IP)
address and port.
Philips Hadco
Ordering and specifications
Product: ZoneScape 1A ordering information
ZoneScape single control module / controls 4 light switches (300W)
Housing is dark gray polyester powder-coat formed steel case with stainless
steel screws and lockable captive door, hinged on side. 1/2" knockout on
one side for hardwiring or accessory mounting. Exterior Mounting - should
be mounted on the wall, structure, or post in the vertical position. Cable
entries should be positioned downward.
ZoneScape control modules pre-configured for controlling up to two units /
8 light zones (600W of total luminaries / 300W per control module)
ZoneScape modules example configuration
Four zones (one ZoneScape unit)
Configured as WiFi Access Point (provides access) for connecting and
configuration via WiFi, secured with WPA2/PSK key.
Configurable via the ZoneScape app for smart phones with Android or iOS
operating systems.
Eight zones (two ZoneScape units)
One of the units is configured in Access Point mode and the second in client
mode for connecting and configuration via WiFi, secured with WPA2/PSK.
ETL Listed to U.S. safety standards for wet locations. cETL listed to
Canadian safety standards for wet locations. NEMA 3R Rated.
Five-year limited warranty.
Height: 11-3/8" (289mm)
Configurable via the ZoneScape app for smart phones with Android or iOS
operating systems.
Width: 6-3/8" (162mm)
ZoneScape app for Android™
Max. Weight: 6 lbs
Depth: 5-5/8" (143mm)
Available on Google Play , compatible with any Android version
ZoneScape app for iOS™
Available on Apple App Store compatible with any iOS version
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