Not just a scale… a new weigh of doing things!

Not just a scale… a new weigh of doing things!
Not just a
a new weigh of
doing things!
ABS 960 Baggage Scale
Fast… accurate… efficient… affordable
User friendly
The ABS 960 has been specifically designed
to be easy to read, easy to operate, with
everything in one compact, ergonomic,
‘mount anywhere’ unit.
Tough ABS case
Power on/off
(can be disabled)
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Full graphic LCD screen
• large font characters
• alpha numeric
• foreign language capability etc
Text messages from remote systems
Can be used for:
• conveyer status / error messages
• security messages
• safety messages
• heavy baggage alarm
• scale diagnostics
• Plus more
Function keys
• programmable use
• can be disabled
e.g. - lb/kg conversion
- belt run
- group total
Speaker for audible alarms
e.g. heavy bag
Zero key
Technically friendly
The ABS 960 has also been specifically
designed to be easily installed and
integrated into existing systems with
no complex re-wiring or technical
incompatability. Connections and ports
are clearly identified and easy to follow.
Programmable key
options include:
• belt start
• print/send data
• test
Memory function
• add
• subtract
• clear
and Ports
Local I/O Port
Scale Base Connector
Tamper Proof Setup Switches
Passenger Display connector
RS-232C Serial Port
7.5 VDC Power Input
Passenger friendly
Information for passengers is displayed on
an easy to read, durable counter mounted
display screen.
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High visiblity LED display
Tough, high impact plastic lens
Durable stainless steel fascia
Wide viewing angle
allows maximum counter
mounting options
Tomorrow’s technology today
The ABS 960 is not just a scale … it’s a new weigh of doing
things – a brilliant piece of technology that will revolutionise
airport baggage handling around the globe. Now airports
can have the best of both worlds … a beautifully designed
and built weighing system that also has the ability to
integrate into the entire baggage handling process.
Brilliantly compatible
Right from the early design and development stages of
the ABS 960, one of the main criteria was perfecting easy
installation and integration into existing static and conveyor
scale systems. The result has been both brilliantly successful
and brilliantly simple … the ABS 960 can multi-task to full
capacity immediately, or can be used as a scale only until
the many additional functions are required and accessed at
a later date.
The Atrax ABS 960 Baggage Scale
is a special-purpose scale designed specifically as a universal platform for use in performing baggage check-in
functions for the airline industry. This unit sets the standard in what should be expected from a baggage scale and
can truly be used in a “Fully Integrated” Check-in system.
Graphics Display
The use of a full graphics LCD Operator
panel allows for a number of innovations.
Firstly the display to the operator is clear
and concise, and can be displayed in the
language of choice for the installation.
Full control by the operator of contrast and
backlight further enhances its performance.
Auto ranging power supply
Model PS-960
90 - 264 VAC
47 - 63 Hz
1.9 metres
Cable Length
Approx. 1.2
Universal power adaptor. Conforms with all
relevant safety & electrical regulations
Passenger Display
Pt No. PDC-960-2M
Length 2 metres
Operator Panel
Model: OP-960
Passenger Panel
Model: PP-960
Load Cell Cable
Pt No.
Length 3.6
Connection to
cell base.
Check out the ABS 960 advantages:
• Produced by the world’s leading specialised
• Thousands of units installed in over 80 countries
• Specialised weighing technology for airport
• Finest quality design and engineering
• The latest highly advanced technology
• Handsome European styling and ergonomical design
• Robust, durable ABS construction
• Stainless steel fascia with scratch resistant acrylic lens
• Soft touch silicone keys for sensitive tactile feedback
• Permanent etched lettering that won’t rub off
• Excellent readability from a wide viewing angle and
under variable lighting conditions
• Intersystem text messaging capability
• Scales are self diagnostic and report any errors in
plain language
• Identifies problems and reports to operators/control
• Rapid identification means faster repairs. Less
• One centralised single Operator panel results in very
compact unit
• Can be mounted anywhere, saving desk space
• Easy to install “plug and play”
• An extremely accurate and efficient weighing system
• Future proof – tomorrows technology today
• Designed to fully integrate with Baggage Handling
• Plus many more baggage handling capabilities
Not just a scale … the most advanced baggage handling technology …
A new weigh of doing things
Instant information
On the screen. Easy to read and at your fingertips. All the information
you need with pinpoint accuracy. But it’s not just the standard weight
details … the ABS 960 has the amazing ability to analyse, diagnose,
detect and inform, instantly displaying any malfunctions in the
conveyor control process. By letting the operators and the control room
know the exact location of a problem, personnel or servicing can be
directed to the trouble spot immediately, resulting in faster repairs and
less downtime.
Hard wearing, soft to touch
The handsome European design and stainless steel fascia combines
modern sophisticated styling and ergonomics with rugged, robust,
durable construction. The lens is strong, scratch resistant acrylic. The
keys are soft-touch silicone. Lettering is permanently marked into every
key. Everything is at your fingertips on one centralised, compact, singlepanel unit that can be mounted anywhere, saving valuable desk space.
Full graphics, high contrast, backlit LCD. Simultaneously displays: Passenger bag weight, Total bag
weight and Bag count. Conveyor system text messaging enabled.
Front Panel Annunciators
Centre of zero, motion, lb/kg selection, overweight alarms and customised legends.
Text messages from BHS control system.
Operator Push-buttons
5 primary keys for: zero, add, minus and clear totals plus one configurable key.
4 programmable function keys with display labelling. 1 power on/off key.
All keys are moulded soft touch silicone with tactile feedback.
Control Outputs
2 fully isolated digital outputs as standard. Overweight setpoint, Belt start & spare.
DC only at 1.5 amps max. AC/DC at 0.75 amps max. 24 volts max.
Control Inputs
1 fully isolated digital input as standard. Remote on/off. Add function inter-lock & spare.
DC input only. 24 VDC max.
Serial Data Ports
1 x RS 232 port.
Full Scale Capacity
Adjustable up to 999.9kg and/or lb.
Display Increments
Selectable to 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and 1.0.
Auto Zero Maintenance
+/- 0.5 graduation zero tracking.
Built in audible and visual alarms with setpoint output.
Programmable heavy bag warning and overweight bag alarms.
Power Input
7.5VDC, supplied by external unit. Internal self resetting thermal fuse protected.
Tough ABS moulded fascia. Mild steel rear cover. Scratch resistant display lens.
Overall size: 160mm x 130mm (6 5/16 x 5 1/8 inch)
Operating Temperature
-10oC to +40oC (14oF to 104oF)
High intensity 7 segment LED. 3 rows consisting of 5, 5 & 3 digits respectively.
Simultaneously displays passenger bag weight, total bag weight and bag count.
Brushed stainless fascia. Scratch resistant display lens.
Mounting options to suit airport requirements. Overall size: 122mm x 86mm (4 4/5 x 3 3/8 inch)
Operating Temperature
-10oC to +40oC (14oF to 104oF)
Power Input
110 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz +/- 10%, clean supply.
0.33 to 0.19 Amp (actual consumption depends on installation)
Power Output
7.5 Vdc. 1 Amp max.
Typical Size
110mm x 60mm x 30mm (4 1/3 x 2 3/8 x 1 3/16 inch)
UL, C-Tick and CE Mark.
Compatible with all Atrax scale bases, including static and conveyor scales.
Compatible with most other single, dual and four loadcell scale bases.
We are the world’s leader in specialised, quality weighing technology for airports. We have installed thousands
of products in over 100 countries and have a worldwide network of Atrax installation, sales and service personnel
to provide local, ‘on-the-spot’ expertise. We know the business. We also know when we’ve produced something
very special! The ABS 960 is one of the most exciting and innovative Atrax developments to date. It’s a huge
technological step. Yet it’s easy to take. And very affordable. Just contact Atrax today.
Due to our continuing development programme, this information and specification may change without notice.
Rev 11/13
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