GradeCam Go! Quick Start Guide

GradeCam Go! Quick Start Guide
1. Log-in and establish your password from the GradeCam invitation
a. Go to and submit your email address in the “Sign up for a free trial…” box.
b. You will receive an email back from asking you to complete your registration.
c. Log in using your new credentials at > log-in or
2. Set up your Computer and/or Mobile Device
a. In order for your document or web camera to function as a scanner, you need to download the
GradeCam Plugin onto your Computer. This is a one-time download that runs in the background.
b. GradeCam supports the vast majority of document cameras (i.e., Lumens, Elmo, and Epson) and web
cameras like those on a laptop. Your camera type can be checked at: Some, listed at the bottom of that page, require an additional
download. The camera must be connected directly to your computer using a USB cable for GradeCam to
“see” it. The document camera software (upgraded with the newest drivers) must be turned off.
c. GradeCam is accessible on your Mobile Device as well (Apple and Android). The GradeCam
App, available from the App Store or Google Play Store, accesses the same site as your
computer and uses the device camera as the bubble sheet scanner. You may only be logged
into your account on one device at a time.
3. Create an assignment
a. From your Home page, click on the “New” button on the top left. Fill in the assignment data:
i. Click on the type of assignment (for beginners, click on “New Multiple-Question Assignment”).
ii. Enter a name that follows your filing system.
iii. Type in the number of questions (maximum 1,000).
iv. Click the “Save” button.
b. Set up your answer key for this assignment
i. By checking the boxes next to each (or multiple) questions, you have options to add Standards,
change the question type, or set varying points for each question.
ii. Click in bubbles for correct answers OR place a completed bubble sheet answer key under the
document camera. The Key may be modified at any time in the future by clicking on “Key” for
that assignment.
4. Print your Students’ bubble sheets
a. On the answer key window, click “Forms.”
b. Choose the default form with Blank ID, or choose the proper class from the “CLASS” dropdown menu.
c. Click the “Generate” button, choose “Download PDF” and then print as needed.
d. Students may bubble in with any type of writing device.
e. Bubble Sheets may also be laminated or placed in non-glare sheet protectors to be marked with dry or
wet erase markers.
5. Scan your Students’ forms
a. After completing your Key, click “Scans.”
b. Scan the sheets with the camera. GradeCam will prompt you to choose a class if the
student is in multiple classes.
c. When placing the bubble sheets under the camera, the camera must “see” the box around the bubbles.
6. View your results
a. Click “Reports.”
b. Types of reports are accessible along the left side: Score Graph, Item Analysis, etc.
7. Transfer results to your Gradebook (Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, Skyward, etc.)
a. Click the “Transfer” button at the top right.
b. Select a class from the “CLASS” dropdown menu.
c. Choose to transfer “All scores entered exactly as scanned” (raw score) or as a function of the
MAX score (100 gives you a percentage score).
d. With both windows open (GradeCam and your Gradebook), click the first cell in your
Gradebook where you would normally manually enter your grade.
e. Press the F8 key on your computer to start the transfer process. Your grades should automatically fill
down the column.
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