Model: RE100
Rice Cooker 1,5L
 Stainless Steel
 Keep warm function
 500W
 English
 Swedish
Model: RE100
Thank you for purchasing rice cooker please read all instruction carefully before use and be sure to
keep the manual in a safe place for future reference.
Important information
The cable funktions as the off switch. If you don’t press the button “COOK” the
rice cooker wont automaticly start cooking the rice, it will put itself to the “Keep
warm function”.
This apparatus is not prepared to use by the people who have weak corporeity ,
slow response and mental disorders (including children), unless using under
guidance or assistance by secure and responsible personnel.
The earthed wall socket should be used and the plug must be inserted reliably. Do not
use multipurpose socket while using other electric appliance
at the same time.
If you do not use it ,please pull the power cord out of the socket.
After insert the power cord into socket, it must be inserted to the death, otherwise, the
element may be burnt out by poor connection.
The electric rice cooker can not placed on unstable, wet place near fire otherwise it will be
damaged or go wrong.
When cooking the steam port is extraordinary hot ,do not close it with face or hands to
avoid scald.
The body and cover of electric rice cooker cannot be washed with water or in water,
otherwise the insulator will be damaged and become dangerous.
If the power cord is damaged, it must be changed with new power cord produce by the
Do not let a child operate the product alone. Put it out of the reach of babies to avoid
electric shock, scald and other dangerous accidents.
Before you use the rice cooker please remove all packaging materials, also make
sure you wash the appliance before first use.
1. Measure the desired amount of rice with the measuring cup supplied
with this rice cooker. Rinse the rice several times until the water in the bowl
shows relatively clear.
·One cup of rice weight 160ML(About140g)
·DO NOT rinse rice in the cooking pot, if the pot is used for washing rice
,the fluorine-resin coating may be damaged or the bottom may be deformed which will
result in poor conduction because it contacts with heating plate improperly.
2.Put washed rice into the inner pot and add water to the corresponding level
(e.g., add water to
high level "3" if 3 cups of rice are to be cooked),
add or reduce the amount of water depending your personal taste.
·Do not add water in excess of the "MAX" water mark.
·To steam food off water, add a proper amount of water lest water overflows the
steamer when boiling.
3.Wipe the water outside pot, install the pot into the cooker,
turn it slightly from left to right, ensure that the pot contacts with the
heating plate properly, level the rice inside the pot.
4.Close the outer lid. Push it in securely until the lock clicks.
·If the lid is not closed properly , the cooking efficiency will be affected.
·Make sure the lid is locked closely before moving the cooker.
5.When ready to cook, Connect the power supply cord to the cooker first, then plug into an AC wall
·DO NOT plug cord in until cooking is ready.
6.Press the "cooking" switch. The rice is starting to cook.
"Cook" Light will light up after inserting the plug into socket , you must push down the "Cook" switch
to start cooking.
If the switch is not pushed, the "Warm" light will light up after 1-2 minutes, the cooker will be in
keeping warm.
7.When the cooking is finished. The "cooking" switch will pop up and a click will be heard. At the
same time, the cooking light will go out and the keep warm light will go on.
·After the cooking cycle ends. keep the lid closed for about 15 minutes. the rice can be cooked and
vapoured completely. it is more fluffy and tasty.
·After the rice is steamed, be sure to open the outer lid and to stir the rice well, the cooked rice is to
be served immediately or to be kept warm automatically.
8.Food steaming, Put the amount of water into cooking pot, the amount of water varies according to
the food and its quantity(DO NOT exceed the height of the steam tray).
·Install the steam tray into the pot and place food on the tray.
·Operate the cooker according to the 4, 5,6 above.
·When food steaming is finished, you must turn off the switch button manually (push up).The cooker
will automatically keep the food warm until serving.
9.Unplug the cord before serving.
10.Only use the spoon supplied with this cooker, Do not use a metal scoop so as to avoid scratching
non-stick coated.
The power cable must be removed from outlett, and the appliance
must be allowed to cool of before cleaning
1.The component of steam valve should be washed timely and the cover and seal of steam valve
should be washed separately.
2.Dry and clean the cover, the seat and inside of steam valve with cloth.
3.Take the inside pot out of the electric rice cooker,
wash it with domestic liquefied detergent and rinse with fresh water and
then wipe it dry with soft cloth.
·Do not use metal brush or the harsh tool to wash inner pot in
order to avoid damaging the non-sticking coating on its surface.
4.Take the water holder down and spill over water or soup and then
install it after washing clean.
5.The grain of cooked rice or other sundries may attach to
electric hot tray, the fine sand paper can be used for grind them
away and wipe it with soft cloth to keep the fully contact between inner pot
and electric heating plate.
& lösningar
Heating plate
is not hot
Circuit of electric rice cooker is
not connected with power
Heating plate is
1.wiring connection of indicator
light is loosened.
Inspect whether the
switch,plug and socket
connector,fuse and leading
wire of power supply are in
good condition and insert
the p;ug reliably.
2.Indicator light is damaged.
2 The
1.Wiring in the middle is
It should be sent to
2.Electric-thermal tube is burnt
service department ofr
3 Cooked rice is crudity or
1.Cooking time is insuflicient.
time of cooking is too
2.Heating plate is deformed.
1.cook rice according to
required conditions.
Heating plate
is not hot
3.Inner pot is declined and one
side is banging in the air.
4.There is foreign matter
between inner pot and heating
5.Inner pot is deformed
2.The fine sand paper can be
used for correcting slight
deformation but the severe
deformed one should be sent
to mainternace department
for replacement.
3.turn the inside pot lightly
to make it return to normal.
4.clean it up with fine sand
5.sent to designated service
The rice is cooked
1.witch button and its holder
action are obstructed.
2.The thermostat is malfunction.
Do not warm
The warm thermostat is
It shoud be sent to
authorized service
department for
Replace it
Outlett: 220-240V – 50 Hz
Power: 500W
Capacity: 1.5L
Cook and keep warm funktion (2h)
Steel on the outside (Will get hot during use)
Bace and top in plastic
Package som
• Rice cooker
• non-stick container
• Cable
• Rice cover
• Measurement cup
This symbol on the product or in the instructions means that your electrical and electronic equipment
should be disposed at the end of its life separately from your household waste. There are separate
collection systems for recycling in the EU.
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