Baghouse Accessories - CLARCOR Industrial Air

Baghouse Accessories - CLARCOR Industrial Air
Baghouse Accessories
Designed to reduce maintenance, labor, and overall operating costs.
Solving Challenges
Solutions that solve problems in dust collectors and enhance system performance.
The CLARCOR Industrial Air accessory products are solutions to real problems.
Our products are designed to decrease maintenance time and labor costs, while
adding value to your system. Our innovative accessories offerings include:
• BHA Neutralite® conditioning agent
• BHA Neutralite SR (spark retardant)
• BHA Visolite® leak detection system
• Conical spring
• BHA Tensionor ® suspension system
• AC Tensioning Tool
• U-Channel door seal
• Photohelic gauge
Tensioning products applied properly in
reverse air baghouses can increase filter life.
Clamps seal your filter bags
and pleated elements to
reduce leakage.
Door seal keeps
access doors
sealed air-tight.
BHA filter bag
cages are
designed to
optimize filter
and increase
bag life.
Valves and
valve kits
and conserve
compressed air.
BHA Visolite leak
detection powder
helps find leaks in
the baghouse fast.
BHA Neutralite powder helps
protect filters from moisture,
hydrocarbons, and blinding
CLARCOR Industrial Air is your one-stop shop for BHA Baghouse parts, accessories and services.
Efficiency Enhancers
Transfer bulk materials easily with BHA Vacutrans® cleaning system.
The BHA Vacutrans system is an industrial strength tool specifically designed
to convert your compressed air supply into a high powered vacuum and
material transferring system. The benefits of the BHA Vacutrans system include:
• Reduced maintenance time - quick and easy cleanup
Extended bag life - reduces abrasion on the clean side of the fabric filter
when used to remove particulate buildup from the clean air plenum
• No manual handling of dust - dust flows directly into the collector’s
hopper, eliminating the need to remove the bags for cleanup
• Easy installation - simply attach the Vacutrans to the discharge hose
and connect air
• Virtually maintenance free - there are no moving parts to lubricate
or wear out
Portable - can be easily moved between compartments or collectors
• Uses the compressed air you have - operates in the 150-200 CFM (4.2m3/
min–5.7m3/min) range at 100 psi (6.90 bars)
Vacutrans Assembly
Clean-On-Demand Baghouse Control Systems
CLARCOR Industrial Air offers a full line of baghouse control systems designed
to achieve maximum ventilation and collection efficiency. Clean-On-Demand
controls monitor the differential pressure across the filter bags. The user sets
the high and low differential pressure set points (generally 1/2” w.c. (12.7­mm
w.c.) apart), whereby cleaning will start and stop. By operating the baghouse
at a stable and optimum differential pressure, you are not over-or undercleaning the filter bags.
Benefits of Clean-On-Demand Controls
•Maintains optimum dustcake for filtration efficiency
•Helps protect bag fabric from blinding and bleed-through
for better airflow and less emissions
•Less flex cycles on the filter bag for increased filter bag life
•Maintains stable ventilation at the process with no pickup of
extra material caused by over ventilation or back puffing caused
by under ventilation
• Helps lower compressed air consumption and operating costs
Standard Clean-On-Demand Controller
•Solid-state construction
•Digital input of pulse time, pulse duration, number of valves
•Low profile Photohelic gauge with high and low differential pressure
set points
•NEMA 4 (IP66) enclosure
Differential Pressure Transmitter
Installation of timers can enhance
baghouse performance.
The CLARCOR Industrial Air Differential Pressure Transmitter includes a
Magnehelic gauge with 4-20 mA output housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure. The
Magnehelic gauge gives local differential pressure indication, while the 4-20 mA
output gives continuous remote indication of differential pressure.
See back page for a complete listing of CLARCOR Industrial Air baghouse
products and services.
Bag-to-cage fit is critical for proper performance and collection efficiency.
Maximize Filter Bag Life
The type of cage you buy will affect the life of your filter bags. Cages should
be designed to optimize filter performance and promote longer bag life. Poorly
manufactured cages allow over-flexing of the fabric, abrasion, holes, and
eventually lead to filter failure.
Avoid crimped or scalloped bottom pans, tapered or bowed cages, and cages
that have wires welded on the outside of collars or pans.
The CLARCOR Industrial Air Cage Difference
CLARCOR Industrial Air manufactures cages for use in most baghouses. Properly
designed cages serve as critical baghouse components for optimum bag
performance and durability. Our cages are constructed of the following materials:
• Low carbon steel (bright basic wire)
• Type 316 stainless steel
• Type 304 stainless steel
• Other specialty materials
• Galvanized low carbon steel
Cage top
We also offer rigid wire cages with all bottom pans welded to the inside.
Our cages offer the following benefits:
• Rounded edges on top collars and bottom pans - The top collars and
bottom pans are stamped from durable 20 gauge steel, with rounded edges
to reduce abrasion.
• Consistent spacing of rings and wires - The stringer wires in our cages
are placed perpendicular to rings and consistently spaced so that the cage
diameter is the same from top to bottom. This will promote a proper
bag-to-cage fit.
Wires welded on the inside of collars and pans - The top collar and
bottom pan are attached with the wires welded on the inside, helping
to avoid premature bag failure.
Precision welding and polishing - Rings between the stringer wires are
welded and polished to reduce burrs and sharp edges. We also use a weld
bead at the top and bottom of the cage, allowing a point of contact weld that
is much stronger than welding directly to the roll flange or pan.
Cage bottom
bottom pan
Roll band low groove
Straight flange
Roll flange
Two-piece roll flange top is designed for applications with low headroom in clean air plenum to simplify installation and removal.
5 Roll flange with built-in venturi
Roll band high groove
oll flange with venturi —
The Omni cage top features a
detachable top that allows
removal of the cage top first.
This allows the snapband to
be snapped loose from the
tubesheet, and the bag and
cage body lift out easily.
BHA Visolite Leak Detection
One of the brightest leak detection products available for baghouses — we invented it!
Locate Leaks in Your Baghouse Quickly and Easily
The BHA Visolite Leak Detection System reduces the time plant personnel spend
identifying tears, holes, and bad seals in bags. BHA Visolite is a lightweight fluorescent
powder that is injected into the baghouse. The powder follows the path of least
resistance, accumulating around the source of leakage, whether it is a weak area in the
filter media or a bad seal. A black light is then used to pinpoint the exact location of air
leakage and its severity.
BHA Visolite glows
under the light to
reveal air leaks in
the baghouse.
BHA Visolite Powder-Usage
To determine the quantity of tracer compound needed to run one BHA Visolite test,
follow these guidelines:
•For every 1,000 ft2 (93 m2) of filter cloth, one pound of Visolite is needed.
To calculate filter cloth area in your system use the following formula:
Total Cloth Area, ft2 (m2) = (Bag Diameter (in or mm)
x 3.14 x Bag Length (in or mm))
x Total # of Bags
•If filter cloth square footage per compartment or baghouse is known,
divide by 1,000 to obtain the number of pounds of BHA Visolite powder to use.
The powder quantity may vary depending on the length of ductwork
between the fan and baghouse.
Three Colors for a Variety of Industries
BHA Visolite is available in four different colors and incorporates a varying particle size
distribution to minimize fabric bleedthrough. Straight pigment is also available for specific
applications. It is important to choose the appropriate color for your specific application:
• Pink - all industries
• Orange - all industries except those where iron oxide is present
•Green - aluminum, cement, and utility industries; good contrasting color for pink
and orange
BHA Visolite Leak Detection Inspection Lights
CLARCOR Industrial Air offers a variety of black lights to use with the BHA Visolite leak
detection powder. Lights that are designed
for use in pulse-jet, reverse air and shaker
baghouses. Selections include powerful,
rechargeable, high intensity UV-A inspection
black lights with state-of-the-art, ultra-hi-flux
technology available. Cordless, rechargeable
and powerful with long life.
BHA Neutralite Powder
Creates a more efficient and porous dustcake.
The Importance of Building a Protective Dustcake
For a baghouse to operate efficiently, the fabric filters must capture and
release particulate during the cleaning cycle. The effectiveness of this process depends on the
development of the dustcake (initial control layer of dust) that protects the fabric interstices. A
variety of particle sizes and shapes are needed to produce an efficient and porous dustcake.
Particles that are similar shapes and sizes will form a very dense dustcake that
restricts airflow.
BHA Neutralite vs. Other Precoats/Conditioning Agents
BHA Neutralite consists of microscopic particles that vary dramatically in shape, while most
other precoats only have one particle size. Neutralite is also lighter than lime and flyash and
will not fall off the bags during cleaning. Don’t throw money down the hopper by using precoats
that don’t work properly in a baghouse application.
Fly Ash
Diatomaceous Earth
• Alkaline by nature
•Presence of sulfur can
form gypsum, leading
to plugging or blinding of
filter bag
•Similar particle size
creates dense,
compact dustcake
• Generally abrasive
•Varying pH from highly
acidic to very basic
•May require pretreatment
to alter hazardous
material makeup
•Material is heavy and
often falls off bag
•Typically used for wet
filtration applications
•Introduces moisture and
hydrocarbons into the
gas stream
•Moisture binds the
diatomaceous earth to the filter
surface causing permanent
blinding and loss of airflow
•No detectable free silica
content for a safer work
•Light density aluminum
silicate powder
•Varied particle size to
prevent blinding of filters
•Works in a variety of
•Absorbs hydrocarbons,
moisture, and sparks
(BHA Neutralite SR)
•Proven to help lower DP,
increase airflow, and lower
BHA Neutralite SR (Spark Retardant)
If your op­er­a­tion has the potential for hot sparks in the gas stream entering the
baghouse, BHA Neu­tralite SR Powder can help protect your collector. It offers
the same benefits as regular Neu­tralite pow­der, plus it:
•Provides­a protective barrier between the fabric and sparks in the gas stream
•Helps extinguish sparks before they damage the bag
•Absorbs up to 300% its weight in moisture and 250% its weight
in oil and hydrocarbons to help prevent filter bag damage
Independent testing by the Southern Research
Institute showed that BHA Neutralite increased
collection efficiency dramatically, while operating at a differential
pressure 3 to 4 times lower than operation without an
initial dustcake of BHA Neutralite.
By injecting an initial dustcake of BHA Neutralite
powder, the fabric is protected from the particulate,
while still allowing airflow to pass through the
dustcake. The result is lower differential pressures
and higher col­lec­tion efficiency.
Protection for your filter investment. When you buy new filters, buy new clamps.
CLARCOR Industrial Air Clamps are Designed to
Protect Your Filter Bags and Make Installation Easy
Our clamps increase bag life by decreasing leakage and abrasion.
Each clamp is designed specifically to ensure bag sealing and make filter
installation simple. We offer a variety of designs and sizes engineered
to meet your particular needs. They can be used with raw
edge, cord, hem, or sleeve constructed bags and some
pleated filter elements. There are several
reasons why clamps can fail:
• Reuse of old clamps
Our dust collector experts recommend replacing clamps each
time you change out your filter elements.
Worm Gear/
Latch Combination Clamp
• Designed with a worm gear connection for tightening upon installation
• Designed with a latch assembly for quick removal
• Constructed of 300 series stainless steel and has a 9/16-inch (1.43 cm) band width
Quick Release Clamp
• Swivel action locking of the screw to the band makes installation simple
• Reduces downtime required during bag changeouts
•Band and housing are constructed of 300 series stainless steel with no spot welds,
reducing the possibility of rupture under stress
• Clamp housing conforms to the round shape of the band, providing a stronger interlock
Worm Gear Clamp
• Specifically designed with lower housing to be used in areas where room is restricted
• Easy to tighten, which ensures a leak-resistant closure
T-Bolt Band Clamp
• Used in high torque/clamp pressure applications where ordinary hose clamps fail
• Available in general purpose and quick release styles depending on the application
• More sealing pressure for bottom load collectors collecting fine particulate
Tool-Less Clamp
• Designed for easy attachment to Norblo style bags
• No tools required for installation or removal
• Has a 6-inch (15.24 cm) diameter and 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) band width
Lined Clamp
• Designed for our patented BHA PulsePleat® filter elements
• Constructed of 316 stainless steel
•The liner protects the filters from extruding or shearing through the band notches
on the clamp as it is tightened
Provides proper support to filter bags.
Tensioning is Critical to Reverse Air Baghouse Operation
Improper tensioning is one of the main causes of bag failure in reverse air
baghouses. Excessive tensioning causes harmful stress on the fabric yarns
and sewing threads and also prohibits movement necessary for dustcake
release. We have developed many tensioning assemblies to best fit your
application. The assemblies are available in chrome silicon steel for
moderately elevated temperatures or 17-7 PH stainless steel for high
temperature applications.
Conical Spring
Unlike a linear spring, which compresses equal amounts for equal
pounds of load applied to it, the conical spring becomes harder to
compress as heavier loads are applied. In this manner, it acts as a
shock absorber, preventing the fabric from total collapse while under
the reverse air cycle. It also reduces any “popping” effect on the bags
when returning to service. This spring is used in the I-Bolt and Double
Draw Bar Assembly and the Pre-Loaded Rod and Draw
Bar Assembly.
I-Bolt Assemblies
I-Bolt and Double Draw Bar Assembly Features and Benefits
• Hitch-pin design allows for ease of maintenance when re-tensioning
•Easy adjustment and installation reduces labor that is normally associated
with threaded bolt assemblies
•Provides the necessary tensioning to maintain proper collection efficiency
• Prevents bag-to-bag abrasion
•Features a patented cup washer centering the spring on the bolt, which
resists spring buckling and abrasion
•Provides non-linear compressibility, supporting both the bag and dustcake,
allowing fabric the necessary movement to clean while preventing bag collapse
•Provides the required pre-load and travel for proper tensioning
Tensionor Suspension System
Our Tensionor Suspension System adjusts the filter bag/cap
assembly to the proper tension, providing the following benefits:
•Prevents abrasion caused by improperly tensioned bags that droop
into thimble
• Easily installed in shaker or reverse air without the use of hand tools
•Helps reduce fan horsepower requirements due to lower pressure
across the filters
•Increases filter bag life by minimizing flex fatigue and abrasion at bottom of filter
Tensionor Suspension System
AC Tensioning Tool System
The AC Tensioning Tool System is a precision tensioning device used with our I-bolt
and double drawbar tensioning assemblies providing accurate, consistent bag
tension significantly faster than conventional methods.
Additional Tensioning Products
Pre-Loaded Rod and Drawbar Assembly is designed for use in tight spaces.
The TRAP Control System is designed to reduce bottom bag abrasion in shaker
baghouses. It features a self-cleaning torsion spring and anti-collapse rings.
Hanging Assemblies include Tubehook, Double-D Hanger, and Strap Clip
hanging assemblies, available in both carbon and stainless steel.
AC Tensioning Tool
Valves/Valve Kits
Improve your baghouse cleaning system.
The Efficiency of Your Pulse-Jet Cleaning System Relies
on Proper Valve Operation
Diaphragm and solenoid valves work together for efficient operation of
the baghouse cleaning system. CLARCOR Industrial Air can provide technical
support, complete rebuild instructions, and an in-house engineering staff to assist
your crews with site-specific valve problems. We supply a a wide variety
of valves to accurately fit your application.
•For extremely corrosive applications, valves can be coated in a
variety of finishes
• Integral solenoid valves are mounted directly on the diaphragm valve
• Remote solenoids are mounted in a separate NEMA enclosure
• Valves available for high volume/low pressure applications
Diaphragm valve kit includes:
Inside view of double
diaphragm valve.
Solenoid valve kit includes:
• Plunger Assembly
• Retaining Clip
• Clip Retainer
Simplified valve troubleshooting guide
Valve will not open
•No power to timer or solenoids, or faulty steps in timer
•Solenoid coil continuity
•Buildup of debris (oil, dirt, etc.) in solenoid plunger sleeve
•Tubing between solenoid and pulse valve blocked
•Tubing ID too small (< 0.167” or 0.42cm) or tubing
too long (> 8’ or 2.44m)
•Solenoid plunger worn
•Holes in diaphragm
•Blocked exhaust ports
•Check wiring, may need new timer board
•Replace coil
•Clean or replace plunger
•Unplug lines - replace if needed
•Install correct tubing
•Rebuild with solenoid repair kit
•Replace diaphragm
•Remove blockage
Valve will not close
(leaks air)
•Solenoid leaks air
•Tubing between solenoid and pulse valve leaks
•Solenoid energized continuously
•Insufficient air supply
•Blocked bleedports in pulse valve housing
•Bad seal on diaphragm or broken diaphragm spring
•Rebuild or replace solenoid
•Replace tubing and/or connectors
•Check power - replace timer board
•Check compressor supply lines, and
the header is properly sized
•Lightly tap housing near bleedport
to release blockage or disassemble
valve and clean out bleed port
•Replace with diaphragm kit
Door Seal/Access Doors
Help prevent outside air from leaking into the system.
Avoid Corrosion, Emissions, and Production Loss by
Keeping Access Doors Sealed Properly
A door seal is one of the most overlooked issues in dust collector maintenance.
If your doors are not sealed properly, many problems can occur within
your system, including:
• Corrosion of doors and walls
• Fugitive emissions
• Production losses
• Maintenance problems
• Reduction of airflow across filters due to condensation and blinding
CLARCOR Industrial Air has developed a variety of door seals to prevent leakage
of outside air into your air pollution control (APC) equipment.
Helpful Maintenance Tips
• Replace old door seal
• Make sure the door is not warped and seals tightly
• Avoid repeated opening of access doors, which often moves the seal
CLARCOR Industrial Air has the Perfect Access Door for Your
Dust Collector
Need custom made doors for your baghouse, electrostatic precipitator (ESP), or
selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system? CLARCOR Industrial Air supplies
access doors to fit all typical OEM applications, whether you need a stamped,
round precipitator door with a key interlock, an insulated center-pivot baghouse
door, or a large rectangular moisture-proof scrubber or SCR access door. All our
doors are custom-manufactured to suit your needs. Many are preassembled, and
are on-the-shelf. Other, less-common styles are assembled and welded using jigs
to ensure a precise fit for your unit.
Part No.
Max.Temp. Specifications
Solid Silicone U-Channel
3/4 in. (1.9 cm) x 1 in. (2.54
5/8 in. (1.59 cm) x 7/8 in.
(2.22 cm)
450° F
(232° C)
• Excellent high-temp
• General resistance to oxidizing chemicals, ozone,
and alkalies
• Poor resistance to solvents, oils, concentrated
acids, and abrasion
Sponge Neoprene
250° F
(121° C)
• Good resilience, abrasion resistant
• Moderate chemical resistance
• Generally affected by strong oxidizing acids
Sponge Silicone
3/16 in. (0.48 cm) x 1/2 in.
(1.27 cm)
3/8 in. (0.95 cm) x 1 in. (2.54
1/4 in. (0.48 cm) x 1/2 in.
(1.27 cm)
3/8 in. (0.95 cm) x
1 in. (2.54 cm)
450° F
(232° C)
• Excellent high-temp
• General resistance to oxidizing chemicals,
ozone, and alkalies
• Poor resistance to solvents, oils, concentrated
acids, and abrasion
“Rope” Style Inconel
1 in. (2.54 cm) Bulb
1 in. (2.54 cm) Bulb
600° F
(316° C)
• Excellent high-temp
• General resistance to oxidizing chemicals,
ozone, and alkalis
• Poor resistance to solvents, oils, concentrated
acids, and abrasion
“Rope” Style Glass Core
“Tadpole” Style Inconel
1/2 in. (1.27 cm) Bulb
1 in. (2.54 cm) Bulb
600° F
(316° C)
“Rope” Style Zetex
3/4 in. (1.9 cm) square 128 821-0125
ft. (39.01 m) per roll
1 in. (2.54 cm) square, 86 ft.
(26.21 m) per roll
1500º F
(815º C)
• Excellent high-temp
• Good resistance to most acids, alkalies,
and solvents
• Abrasion resistance
• Superb tensile strength­
*Glass Core and Inconel Core Door Seals are PTFE impregnated for chemical resistance.
Small changes now can mean big savings in the long run for your operation.
Keep Differential Pressure in Check with Pressure
Measurement Gauges
High differential pressure in the baghouse can cause damage to filter bags,
decrease airflow in your baghouse, and increase operating costs. You can monitor
differential pressure with one of our pressure measurement gauges, and even allow
your collector to clean on demand!
Magnehelic* Gauge for Continuous Pressure Measurement
The Magnehelic gauge is used to measure the differential pressure between the
clean gas side and the dirty gas side of the baghouse, which is the bag’s resistance
to the airflow. A sudden drop in pressure denotes a leak in the system. A sudden
or sharp rise in pressure denotes that the filter bags are becoming blinded or “caked”
with particulate. The Magnehelic gauge is the best indicator of your baghouse’s
current operating status, and offers critical information when troubleshooting.
Photohelic Gauge to Incorporate Clean on Demand
The Photohelic gauge is a Magnehelic gauge with the capability to allow a collector
to clean on demand. In addition to measuring differential pressure between the
clean and dirty sides, the Photohelic gauge allows you to set high and low pressure
points. When the actual differential pressure reaches the high point, a relay signals
the pulse system to activate cleaning. While cleaning, the differential pressure will
fall to the low pressure point and a relay signals the pulse system to stop cleaning.
Surge Valve Provides Fast and Easy Cleanout of Gauge Lines
The Surge Valve is a three-way valve that allows fast and easy cleanout of
Magnehelic and Photohelic lines without disconnecting the lines to manually clean.
A surge valve can eliminate
plugged lines.
The ball valve is designed to protect the gauges from breaking under high pressure
cleaning. The benefits of the surge valve include:
•Simple to operate – close the valve and a push of a button cleans the
entire line in seconds, making it a fast, easy way to keep the lines clean.
• Can be connected to a timer for automatic cleaning.
• Withstands temperature ranges from 32° F (0° C) to 200° F (93° C).
•Heavy duty construction makes it suitable for service up to 150 psi
(10.34 bar) pressure.
Diaphragm Valve
Auto Purge Valves Help Prevent Corrosion and
Agglomeration in the Baghouse
The CLARCOR Industrial Air automatic purge valves are designed
to help eliminate water buildup in the compressed air header of a
pulse-jet system. Without the purge, water from the compressed air
can enter the baghouse and cause corrosion to filter bags
and an agglomerated, hard-to-clean dustcake. The valve is
installed at the bottom of the air header assembly and is
connected to a pulse valve. When the pulse valve fires, the
valve opens the purge valve discharge port on the air header
assembly, removing excess moisture.
Purge Valve
Your Complete Resource
A system-wide approach to optimize your APC system.
Baghouse Accessories
Access Doors
AC Tensioning Tool
Bag Cups/Venturis/Thimbles/Clamps
Diaphragm/Solenoid Valves/Valve Repair Kits
Differential Pressure Monitors and
Magnehelic/Photohelic Gauges
Door Seal
Gauge Line Cleaners - Surge Valve
Neutralite Conditioning Agent
PureLine® Filter System
Tensioning Assemblies
Vacutrans Vacuum Cleaning Systems
Visolite Leak Detection System
Baghouse Filters
BHA Preveil® Expanded PTFE Membrane Filters
Cartridges - Paper and Spun Bonded Media
Filter Bags and Cages
BHA STS® SpiroTube Filter System
BHA PulsePleat® Pleated Filter Elements
BHA ThermoPleat® Pleated Filter Elements
Acoustic Cleaners
Acoustic Horn Replacement Parts
BHA Powerwave® Acoustic Cleaning Systems
Systems and Services
Technical Services
Maintenance Programs
Fabric Filter Rebuilds/Conversions/Cleaning System Upgrades
Troubleshooting and Maintenance Seminars
Blowpipe Design
Tubesheet Upgrades
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