Co/Struc Lab Work Tables brochure

Co/Struc Lab Work Tables brochure
Co/Struc Lab Work Tables
Lab Work Tables
Today, it’s one set of needs. Tomorrow,
another. But no matter how much things
may change, you need a workspace
that’s designed around you.
Our new family of lab tables offers a
flexible and adaptable solution. Choose
from a range of heights, surface materials,
storage options, and technology supports
to accommodate a wide and evolving
variety of people, processes, and heavy lab
equipment. Start with a seated, standing,
or adjustable-height base designed for
a range of administrative or lab-specific
functions. Then match it with a Corian®,
phenolic resin, high-pressure laminate,
or Chemsurf ® surface, all sold separately.
A flexible design lets you add stretchers
to accommodate future storage needs,
integrate with Co/Struc C frames or
drawers, or enhance the health of your
team by adding keyboard trays and
adjustable monitor supports. Glides or
casters make it easy to rearrange tables at
any time, and our 12-year parts and labor
warranty ensures that your lab tables will
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support your needs for years to come.
Holds up to 300 pounds
Refrigerator fits
easily underneath
Standard modesty panel
Basic Lab Work Table
Hardworking. Healthcare Appropriate.
Base Dimensions
W: 48" (accommodates 48 – 60" W work surfaces)
D: 24" (accommodates 24" or 30" D work surfaces)
H: 29" (seated) or 36" (standing)
1" adjustable glides
Holds up to 400 pounds
Accepts power and data outlets
Corian surface
Integrates with Co/Struc
storage components
Features 1- or
2-stretcher options
Standard Lab Work Table
Heavy-Duty Performance. Maximum Value.
Base Dimensions
W: 36 – 72"
D: 24" or 30" (accommodates 36 – 72" W surfaces,
including island applications)
Add a Reagent Shelf
for additional storage
H: 29" (seated) or 36" (standing)
1" adjustable glides
Holds up to 400 pounds
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Chemsurf surface
Adjustable-Height Lab Work Table
Supports up to 8
Co/Struc C frames
Customize for Today. Adapt for Tomorrow.
Base Dimensions
Features 1- or
2-stretcher options
Easy pin-height adjustment
W: 36 – 72"
D: 24" or 30" (accommodates work surfaces 36 – 72" W
and 24 – 36" D, including island applications)
H: With glides: 27 – 36" With casters: 29 – 38"
1" adjustable glides or
4" locking casters available
Designed to Adapt
Designed for the Environment:
Design tables for the work you are doing today. Take
• 100% recyclable and manufactured using
up to 33% recycled content.
confidence in knowing you can adapt them for any future
changes that people, processes, and equipment may require.
Warranty: 12-year, parts and labor included
• Up to 6% of recycled content is pre-consumer,
up to 27% is post-consumer.
Lab Work Table
Basic Lab Work Table
Basic, heavy-duty table
with modesty panel
Co/Struc drawer for storage
Accommodates floorstanding equipment
C frame & 3 Co/Struc drawers
Work Table Reagent Shelf
Surface-mounted power
and data support
Keyboard tray and
monitor arm support
Pin-adjusted from seating
to standing height
Standard Lab Work Table
Standard, heavy-duty table with
1 stretcher & Co/Struc drawer
Adjustable-Height Lab Work Table
table with 2 stretchers
Storage Unit
24" D Base uses L leg.
30" D Base uses T leg.
Shown with 30" D overhanging work surface.
Shown with 30" D work surface.
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® Co/Struc is a registered trademark of Herman Miller, Inc.
Corian and Chemsurf are registered trademarks of E.I duPont de Nemours and Company
Pin-height adjustment adapts
easily to meet future needs.
1" pin adjustable increments
create an ergonomic, flexible,
and heavy-duty workspace.
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