Mercedes E-Class (W211)
Installation Manual
Double DIN Kit
CAW 2190-28
Rubber-Touch: CAW 2190-28-RT
• Mercedes E-Class (W211)
Mount the metal brackets with
the double DIN head unit
The position of the copper
coloured holder can be adjusted
to your needs for perfect fit.
(see sample)
Push the metal frame into the
mounting bracket
Compatible with these Kenwood double DIN devices
Kenwood Navigation
Connect all required circuit points
Push the Kenwood Navigation
into the metal frame until
it snaps in.
Push the facia plate onto the
mounting bracket
Reinstall everything in reverse
order to finish installation.
Double DIN Set contents
• (1) Metal Frame
• (2) Installation Kit
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• (3) Mounting Bracket
• (4) Facia Plate
Installation Manual Double DIN Kit
Mercedes E-Class with
OEM head unit
Remove the control unit / or CDChanger underneath the OEM
radio by removing the screws at
left and right side
Remove the OEM head unit
Release the two screws (see arrows)
underneath the radio first - then
pull out the OEM head unit
Place the mounting bracket on
the dashboard
Facelift models 2007 upwards:
After Replacing the OEM head unit it is
not possible to use the pocket underneath the radio anymore.
Pull up the gear shift cover
Unclip the gear shift panel and
remove it
Open the ash tray and remove the
complete ash tray unit
Fix the mounting bracket with the
two screws (see arrows) at the left
and right side under the mounting
bracket holder
All installation work must be performed by a qualified professional installer only.
The manufacturer / dealer is not liable for any kind of incidential or indirect damages.
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