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FTTX Solutions
FTTX Solutions
Hardened Drop Cables
TE Connectivity's Hardened Drop Cables are environmentally robust to provide
a reliable interface for fibre drop cables in the outside plant environment. At
the same time, the hardened connector approach dramatically reduces splicing
labour requirements. The rugged optical connector is hardened to protect
against extreme temperature, moisture, UV, chemical exposure and other harsh
conditions typically found in the outside plant.
• Single-fibre, single-mode hardened connector
SC APC drop cable assemblies
• Available with one or both ends connectorised
• Available standard lengths – from 20 to 500 metre
increments (longer assemblies available upon request)
• Environmentally sealed and hardened connector
• Easy connection to hardened adapters on terminals or closures
• Arrow alignment indicator on hardened connector shell
ensures precise alignment of connector into optical port
• Connector can be pulled through 30 mm conduit
• Pulling eye on connector cap is designed for
100 lb. maximum pulling tension
• Drop cable fully tested to GR-20 and designed to GR-3120
Hardened Connectors are used to connect Multiport Service Terminal (MST)
enclosures typically located at the street with Premise Connection Device
(PCD) located at the premises. The hardened connector is connected to
hardened adapters on the enclosure’s external surface so that connections can
be completed without opening the enclosure. The application facilitates rapid
deployment of optical services by quickly and efficiently connecting hardened
connectors to the terminal at the street and the ONT at the premises. Hardened
connectors may be installed anywhere fibre terminals are installed, including
aerial and below grade applications.
FTTX Solutions
Hardened Drop Cables
Multi-Port Service
Terminal (MST)
bre Access
ode (FAN))
Multi-Port Service
Terminal (MST)
Feeder OSP Cable
From FAN
SC Technology
The hardened connector is based on standard SC connector technology. The hardened connector contains an SC style
inner connector as the basis for coupling inside the connector, thus conforming to industry standards including GR-326
and FOCIS (Fibre Optic Connector Intermateability Standards). The SC connector allows easy and secure connection
while ensuring reliability and compatibility with a wide range of SC connectors and adapters currently on the market. This
hardened connector is fully compatible with OptiTap® adapters that utilise the SC as the core of the adapter design.
Cable Types
TE’s Drop Cable assemblies are available with hardened connectors in cable configurations, including: Flat Dielectric Cable.
All cables used with the hardened connector are tested to GR-20 and designed to GR-3120.
Size and Configuration
TE’s drop cable assemblies with hardened connectors are available in standard lengths from 20 to 500 metres. Longer or
shorter assemblies are available upon request. Cable assemblies are available with one or both ends connectorised. Single
ended connectorised cables may sometimes be spliced at the premises.
Ordering Information
Catalog Number
FHD-H01R- _ _ _ _M-B
Length (single ended cables)
20 metres
30 metres
40 metres
50 metres
80 metres
120 metres
200 metres
300 metres
500 metres
www.te.com/au/nbn +61 2 9554 2600 6/11 310120 Rev 1
FTTX Solutions
Hardened Drop Cables
Hardened Connector Test Kit and Accessories
The Hardened Connector Test Kit is a durable, waterproof and portable bag that houses all the testing and maintenance
tools needed for a hardened connector architecture. This kit includes a heavy duty water-resistant carrying case with
individual pockets for organising the test cables, adapters, cleaning kit, technical cleaning and turn-up documentation and
the product reference sheet. The rugged case also allows for additional space for carrying other related items and/or test
equipment required by the technician.
• Durable, waterproof, and portable bag houses all testing and
maintenance tools needed for a hardened connector architecture
• Test cables and adapters provide transition from
hardened to standard SC connector interfaces
• Cleaning kit for the hardened drop cable/adapter includes a
cleaning cassette and 50 hardened adapter cleaning swabs
• Quick reference ordering guide is included to replenish kit consumables
• Simplified turn-up and cleaning instructions
• “One-stop” test resource for technicians supporting
hardened connector architectures
• “User friendly” packaging to accommodate additional space/
compartments for key testing equipment (i.e. OTDRs,
power metres) to support overall technician needs
Ordering Information
Part Number
Hardened Connector Test Kit
Individual Components of the Hardened Connector Test Kit:
Hardened Connector Test Kit Bag
Test Cable, 10', 3.0mm, hardened connector to standard APC SC connector
Test Cable, 10', 3.0mm, hardened connector to standard UPC SC connector
Test Cable, 10' 3.0 mm, hardened connector to stub
APC SC to APC SC Jumper, 3 metre
APC SC to UPC SC Jumper, 3 metre
Hardened Adapter - hardened to standard APC SC; quantity 2
Hardened Drop Cable/Adapter Cleaning kit:
Includes hardened connector cleaning cassette (150 uses) and (50) hardened adapter cleaning sticks
MST/Hardened Drop Cable User Manual
Cleaning Swabs; quantity 50
Cleaning Cassette
Speed Slitting Tool
Blades (Pack of 25)
www.te.com/au/nbn +61 2 9554 2600 6/11 310120 Rev 1
FTTX Solutions
Hardened Drop Cables
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