After IT upgrades the Meeting Maker server on Monday evening

After IT upgrades the Meeting Maker server on Monday evening
After IT upgrades the Meeting Maker server on Monday evening, September 22nd, you will need
to upgrade your Meeting Maker client in order to access your calendar. When you open Meeting
Maker after the server upgrade, you will be informed that your current client is incompatible
with the server but an upgrade is available and ask if you wish to install it. Clicking Yes will
begin the process to do so.
However, this process can take 30 minutes or longer. So, as a second option, you can manually
download and install the new client.
Please completely read the instructions before beginning the installation process.
If you have questions or need assistance, please call the Information Technology Help Desk at
Windows Instructions
Macintosh Instructions
Meeting Maker Configuration Instructions
Click here to begin the Windows installation. You will be asked for your login and password-use your L&C e-mail login and password. The installer will automatically download and begin to
install. You will receive both a File Download Security Warning and an Internet Explorer
Security Warning. In both instances, click Run.
After it has downloaded the Meeting Maker installer will launch automatically. In the first
installer window, click the Next button. When asked about the Destination Location, leave it set
to the default folder and simply click Next. In the end, uncheck the box to display the Readme
file and the Getting Started Guide then click the Finish button and your Meeting Maker 8.7
installation is complete. Launch Meeting Maker and login as normal.
If, when logging in, you receive the error message that the Network is not configured properly,
follow the Meeting Maker configuration instructions below.
Click here in order to manually install the upgrade on the Macintosh. You will need to use your
L&C login and password to log in. Choose to open it with Stuffit Expander. This will create a
new folder on your computer called 871_osx_universal.
In this folder, locate the item called Install. Double click on this item to launch the installer
application. You may be warned that Install is an application downloaded from the Internet and
ask if you wish to continue. Click OK.
In the Meeting Maker installer window, you will be asked for the Administrator Password for
your computer in order to install the software. Click on the lock in the lower left corner to allow
changes. Use your normal L&C login name and password. Click on Next in the following
window. If a warning window appears click on OK. If asked about Backup Data, choose "Copy
Meeting Maker Data" and click Next.
In the next window choose where you want an alias to open Meeting Maker (desktop/dock/or
none) and then click Install.
When the install process is done, you can click the Done button and the new version of Meeting
Maker will open and you can connect as usual.
How To Configure Meeting Maker 8.7 Calendar
If "LC" does not appear after Server in the login window, you may need to follow the steps
below to re-establish a connection with Meeting Maker server.
1. Open the Meeting Maker application from the shortcut created on your desktop, dock, or
quick launch toolbar.
2. In the Welcome to Meeting Maker dialog box, click the Select… button.
3. Check to make sure your Protocol is set to TCP.
4. Look in the Select Server dialog box. If you see a server called LC listed, click the LC
server and then click the Select button. Skip to Step 8.
5. If you do not see a server named LC in the Select Server dialog box, click the
Configure… button.
6. In the Host List dialog box, type, click OK to save the changes and
return to the Select Server dialog box.
7. You will now see the server, LC, appear in the Select Server dialog box, click on it once
so it is highlighted and then click Select to save the changes.
8. Log in as usual with your meeting maker name and password.
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