Lotus-13 18LK

Lotus-13 18LK
Instrustion Manual
2014.05 Rev.1
At the beginning
Thank you very much for purchasing from us.【
This operating instruction is for using this machine safely.
Before you use the machine, please read this document and use the machine properly.
Please keep the document with good care in order to be available when you use the machine.
■At the beginning
┗ Contents
■Before you use
Characteristic of the machine, meaning of signs
Confirmation of attachment, all labels of the machine
Suitable installation place
■Name of each parts of the machine P06
┗ Front of the mahcine, Back of the machine
■Operating Panel
┗ Description of buttons
■Before lamination
┣ Film composition and thickness
┣ Film size and variety
┗ Object suitable for lamination,Cautions for handling lamination film
■Lamination processing
┣ Procedure of lamination processing
┗ Reference information
┗ Regular daily roller cleaning
■Before consider machine failure
┣ In case that you can not turn on the machine, or it does not work
┣ In case that you can not laminate adequately
┗ Machine does not take or feed lamination material
┣ Specification
┗ Contact
Before you use…
of the machine
Characteristic of the machine below.
●Stable heat following.
Stable heat following with inside heat rollers.
You can laminate massive printed matters or thick papers with high quality.
●Fast laminating with 6 rollers.
This machine has inside heat rollers back and forth,It conducts heat tightly to film
in fast laminating.And last pulling roller makes finished goods more beautiful.
●Heat and velocity adjustment function.
You can have adequate setting for various kinds of papers and thicknesses of films.
●Easy to operate with LCD display.
This machine has LCD display in front of the machine.
You can confirm setting at a glance, you can adjust setting with a push of one button.
●Designed with safety
This machine has a button(COLD button) to cool down lamination roller with high temperature.
The durability of rollers enhances with COLD function.
Meaning of signs
This operation instruction explains classified view of the extent of the damage and harm
that occurs when you have used incorrectly to prevent from damage to property
and harm to user and other personnel.
Contents below shows assumed risk of serious injury or death,
when you operate this machine in the wrong way ignoring this symbol,
Contents below shows assumed risk of injury or property damage,
when you operate this machine in the wrong way ignoring this symbol,
Be sure to do it
to prevent from injury.
Be sure not to break up the machine
for safety.
Be sure to unplug the power code
from the outlet for safety.
Be sure not to touch the machine
with wet hands for safety.
Be sure to connect the ground wire
for safety.
Be sure for this machine not to
get wet with water.
It indicates that you are urged
attention to the winding roller.
It shows that the risk of
electric shock by incorrect handling.
It shows that the risk of
smoke or fire by incorrect handling.
Cautions of handling
Use attached power code. Use indicated power source only.
Do not place heavy objects on the power code. Do not place the cable near heating equipments.
Do not modify power code. Do not use damaged power code. Do not overloaded.
Please insert the plug completely up to the base of the electrode portion.
When you connect or disconnect the power plug, please hold the plug part.If you bend or twist
or pull code forcefully, inside of cable is damaged and this may cause electric shock, fire or
malfunction.If by any chance, the power cord is damaged, please contact to us or our dealers.
Unplug power plug from the outlet periodically, clean the base of the electrodes and between
the electrodes. Do not insert plug with dust attached.
Do not install in hot and humid place, poor ventilated place, or place where flammable,toxic, or
explosive gas occurs. Do not install in place where much dust exists or on the top of flammable
objects.In case you install against a wall, place with a gap of 50 cm or more from the wall.
Do not bring fire or high temperature objects close.
Do not put metal, flammable substances, or liquid into the machine.
Do not disassemble or modify the machine.
Do not use the machine in abnormal condition with smoke or strange smell or sound.
When it becomes such a state by any chance, turn off the power switch immediately,
disconnect the power plug, please contact us or dealer. Do not repair by yourself.
When not in use for a long period of time, please unplug the power cord from the power outlet.
Do not connect or disconnect the power plug with wet hands.
Be sure to have ground connection before you plug in the power plug.
Be sure to disconnect the power plug when you disconnect the ground connection.
Do not set up or storage in the reach of small children.
Do not step on the machine or place heavy object on the machine.
Do not put the machine on an unstable location (inclined place, wobbly place, and place
where mechanical vibration is easily transmitted) to prevent from risk of injury when it falls.
Do not put in the place of air conditioning wind directly striking.
Do not block vent hole. There is a risk of fire or failure if you block it.
Be sure to take care not to be caught up your necktie, necklace, and hair
during operation of the machine or insertion of film.
Wipe the rollers by cloth with neutral detergent when glue of the film is attached to them.
(Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, and a scrubbing brush.)
Raise the top roller always when you do not do lamination.
Do not install on the place where direct sunlight or light of fluorescent lamp strikes.
Cover the machine with cloth for rubber of rollers not to deteriorate when you are not in using.
Turn off the power switch for safety and disconnect the power plug when moving the machine.
The body, parts of the following accessories are included.
If these attachments has insufficient, please contact your dealer or sales office of your nearest.
Power Code
Suitable place for installment
Install the machine on a place like below.
●Horizontal and suitable place
It causes harm of paper feeding or unexpected accidents when you use the machine
in inclined state, unstable state. Install the machine on a horizontal and stable place.
●Place with special power outlet
Do not use any power source which is not described in this document.
Use power source only rated voltage described in this document.
●Well ventilated place without moisture.
It may be a cause of leakage or failure for the machine to install in humid place.
In addition,be sure not to install the machine outdoor or place with direct sunlight or
with direct air of air conditioner.
※In some case, even in mentioned conditions, you can not laminate adequately
if condition of film or paper is not suitable for lamination.
Operability is improved more if you have enough space in normal use or in maintenance.
ex:A3 size
Caution(moving and strage)
① Be sure to confirm temperature decrease and machine status for you to turn off the power.
② Turn off the machine.
③ Unplug the power plug from the outlet and remove the power code from the body.
In the case of moving
④ Move the machine with holding firmly by both hands.
※After lamination the machine has heating in some case.
Please confirm it and move the machine.
⑤ Install the machine in safe location referring to above articles.
In the case of strage
④ ※Keep the machine in dedicated box after the temperature of machine has
completely normal temperature.
※If you do not have a box for this machine, cover the machine and keep it to prevent
from dust with rollers. Be sure to cover the machine after it has adequate temperature.
Name of each parts of the machine
Front of the machine
Top Cover
Transparent cover
Body Cover
Film Entry
Insert paper material with laminate film.
Operation Panel
You can adjust temperature and velocity.
Setting will be displayed in LCD panel.
Back of the machine
Film Exit
Power Switch
Laminated material is feeded.
Main power switch
Power Plug Inlet
Insert power plug
Operation Panel
Description of buttons
You can operate the machine with buttons below.
① LCD Panel
This LCD shows setting of temperature, velocity, and status of fans and rollers.
If error is shown in LCD panel when working there is a possibility of trouble inside.
In this case, please describe situation, and contact to our dealers or us.
Ready mark with setting temperature
Setting Temperature
Setting Velocity
HOT Mode Mark
Roller Rotation Mark
COLD Mode Mark
Working Ccoling Fan
Present Temperature
※ Above notation is not displayed all at once. ※
② HOT button
Pressing this button switch HOT mode, and it set 100°C, velocity 6.
Warm up starts when the button is pressed, a beep sounds when it reaches setting temperature.
③ Memory 1button 2button
Each button switch recorded temperature and velocity.
Default setting of 1 button is 100°C velocity 7, 2 button is 100°C velocity 5.
When you record setting, press 1 button or 2 button for a second to switch setting mode,
and enter temperature and velocity which you want to record
and finally press the button again to fix the setting.
④ COLD button
Pressing this button switch COLD mode.
When you press this button, roller heating stops and velocity is changed to 5.
⑤ Temperature adjustment button
You can adjust temperature 0°C ~ 140°C at 1°C increment.
Adjust adequate temperature for printed material which you want to laminate.
⑥ Velocity adjustment button
You can adjust 1 ~ 9 velocity settings.
⑦ Power button
Pressing this button long switch Sleep mode, and power is turned off automatically.
Button is nonreactive in this mode until power is turned off.
※If you do not use the machine for a long time, turn off the main power switch.
When you continue operation, please wait turning off the machine automatically,
and press power button again.
⑧ MEAS button
Present temperature of roller is shown for a while.
⑨ RUN/STOP button
Pressing this button stops roller working.
Do not use this function for a long time
because it causes a failure of roller to stop it for a long time in hot mode.
⑩ REB button
Pressing this button reverses rotation of roller.
This function is for urgent needs for example like you are winded by rollers.
Do not change temperature and velocity in processing of lamination
because you can not laminate adequately by non uniform heat.
In the worst case winding occurs.
Before lamination
Composition and thickness of laminate film
There are 2 kinds of film, “Roll film” and “Pouch film”.
You must use “Pouch film” for the machine,
※ You can not use “Roll film” for the machine.
Construction of film
Pack type laminate film is two sheets set on one side sealed.
Glue is applied to the inside of the film, and pack type laminate film is adhered by melting
with heat the by passing the laminator. Sealing surface is located on the short side generally,
but sealing surface is located on the long side in some products.
(Long side sealed/ turbo type)
Sealing surface
General Film
Turbo Film
Glue surface
Turbo Film (long side film)
is made to shorten lamination time.
Materials and compositions
of Turbo Film are same
as general film.
● Insert a lamination film from the sealing surface side always.
It may cause film wrapping around the roller or failure to insert it from another side.
Thickness of film
Thickness means one side thickness of one pair of lamination film.
In case of 100µ film, total thickness of laminated material is below.
Approximate total thickness = [ 100µ ] + [ thickness of paper ] + [ 100µ ]
Thickness of lamination film for this machine below.
100µ / 150µ / 200µ / 250µ
Several thickness for various usages.
100µ film is used for banners or typical menu generally.
Film size and variety
There is a standard size film and special order size film which is cut into a size of your choice.
Refer to below and use appropriate film. If you use inappropriate film,
you can not laminate adequately or you have failure with the machine.
*Pay attention to card sized material less than 100mm because of difficulty of taking out.
Regular size
■Lamination film size(Standardized products)
Card size( 55mm x 85mm ~ 100mm x 146mm ) ~ A3 size ( 303mm x 426mm )
AB size based on JIS standard has 2 types of sizes.
Size chart of AB compatible lamination film【(a)×(b)mm】
A3 303mm×426mm
B4 263mm×370mm
A4 216mm×303mm
B5 188mm×263mm
A5 154mm×216mm
B6 134mm×188mm
A6 111mm×154mm
B7 97mm×134mm
Lamination film size is 3mm bigger than
JIS standard size. (A3 ~ B5)
JIS standard A3 size : 297mm x 420mm
Film A3 size
: 303mm x 426mm
When you insert paper into the lamination film,
set 3mm margin for four all sides.
※Some lamination film is 5mm bigger than ordinary one.
A standard (A3) approximate size
Custom size
■Custom size film
Custom size film means lamination film which is made to fit size of
Custom size film is 3mm ~ 5mm bigger than manuscript paper for four
Custom size film has not only quadrangle but also various shape and
It must have sealing face.
Contact to dealer in which you purchased the machine for detail and
manuscript paper.
all sides.
size for example L-PRE.
creation of custom size film.
Sealing face
manuscript paper(example)
making of bigger size film
than manuscript paper
finished product
Object suitable for lamination
Object (manuscript paper) which you can laminate is depends on kinds of laminator.
This machine can laminate photo or color copied material with inside of roller heating structure.
Some material below is not suitable for lamination because of mechanical characteristic.
Material written with crayon (some crayon will be liquid with heating)
Thermal paper (thermal paper is colored with heating)
Pressure sensitive paper (Pressure sensitive paper is colored with pressure)
Paper which has risk of deformation or damage.
Objects other than paper (this may be a cause of failure)
Cautions for handling lamination film
Do not put lamination film in the high temperature and humidity place.
Keep lamination film in film dedicated shelf or box when you are not in lamination.
Use lamination film which is suitable for laminator.
If you find unusual of film in using, contact to dealers and do not use it.
Unusual film may be a cause of failure.
Do not insert these sets
Do not put smaller paper than lamination film
in the center of it.
(It may be a cause of pinching)
Do not cut lamination film before lamination.
(It may be a cause of pinching)
Cut it after lamination.
Use lamination film which has 3~5mm more margin
compared to paper size.
When you laminate small paper,
let the paper near sealing face.
If paper is too small to laminate,
use protective paper.
Lamination processing
Procedure of lamination processing
Please refer to procedure below when laminating.
Preparation of the machine
① Install the machine on suitable place and turn on the power switch which is back of it.
② Adjust adequate temperature for lamination material.
③ Make sure reach of set temperature and adjust velocity.
Film thickness
Paper thickness
Thin:80 g/ ㎡(copy paper)
Middle:120 g/ ㎡(catalogue)
Thick:200 g/ ㎡(thick paper)
Thin:80 g/ ㎡(copy paper)
Middle:120 g/ ㎡(catalogue)
Thick:200 g/ ㎡(thick paper)
Thin:80 g/ ㎡(copy paper)
Middle:120 g/ ㎡(catalogue)
Thick:200 g/ ㎡(thick paper)
Thin:80 g/ ㎡(copy paper)
Middle:120 g/ ㎡(catalogue)
thick:200 g/ ㎡(thick paper)
Numerical value will be fluctuates according to paper type and absorbability of ink.
We do not guarantee numerical value. These are just for your reference.
Preparatio of paper and film
① Make sure that paper is suitable for lamination referring to P11.
② Prepare lamination film that matches the size of paper.
If there is a large difference in the size of paper and lamination film,
please use it after referring P11.
③ Put paper into lamination film.
Lamination of film
Do test lamination using same paper if possible.
Do actual lamination after confirmation of it.
① Insert lamination material into the laminator from sealing surface.
② Take care of handling of after lamination material because it has heating.
Wait automatic rejection. It may cause winkle or waving to pull it compulsorily.
③ Put after lamination material on flat place until it lose its heat.
It may cause curved shape if you bend lamination material with heat.
Tidy up the machine
① Push COLD button to stop roller heating when you tidy up the machine.
② Turn off the power switch after auto stop of rollers and fans and losing of its heat.
And unplug the power plug from outlet.
③ Put the machine into box when keeping.
If you have no box, cover clothe over the machine to prevent from dust or direct sunlight.
Reference information
Adequate temperature and velocity make finish pretty good condition.
Refer to recommended setting temperature P12,
and do lamination with adequate temperature and velocity which is suitable for each paper.
Inside structure of the machine
Lamination Material(Paper+Film) Heat Roller
Pulling Roller
Cooling plate
Film Entry
Procedure of lamination
① Insert lamination material (paper + lamination film) from film entry.
② Lamination material will pass between heating roller twice.
In this time inside glue of film melt and paper and film adhered. (film is soften in this time)
The temperature of surface of heating roller is like set temperature.
③ Lamination film passes pulling roller after passing heating roller.
Pulling roller cool lamination film with pulling heated lamination film. (soften film is indurated)
④ Fan air and cooling plate cool lamination film.
Lamination material passes through pulling roller is ejected from film exit.
The point
Laminated film which has passed through heating roller is softened with heating.
If the heat is applied lamination film more than necessary, softened film may wind
itself around roller.Thin paper and lamination film need less heat than thick paper
and lamination film. So they need to pass through rollers fast.
(Or lower the temperature of surface of roller.)
→ If the speed is too slow, it becomes easily to wind itself.
Thick film needs more heat,
it may cause that inside glue of film does not melt
and film is whitened to pass heating roller so fast.
In this time slow its speed and heat much.
(Or raise temperature of surface of heating roller)
Laminate with adequate setting with referring to temperature and velocity P 12.
Regular daily roller cleaning
We recommend regular cleaning of rollers depending on usage. Y
ou can maintain the performance of the machine and keep good finish by easy cleaning.
Cleaning method
● Prepare thick paper like drawing paper.
(Some Lami’s pouch lamination film has special cleaning paper)
● Adequate size is 30cm×30cm ~ 50cm, adequate thickness is 250g/M2~300g/M2.
● Set temperature [100℃].
● Set velocity [1] or [2] when temperature has risen.
● Insert thick paper from film entry.
● Glue and stain of roller move to thick paper and it will be ejected from film exit.
● Repeat this procedure two or three times.
● Cleaning is finished.
It is more effective to do cleaning process per 100pcs to 200pcs lamination.
*Do not use dusty paper or 3mm or more thickness paper as cleaning paper.
Do not clean the machine body or roller with cleanser or sharpening preparations.
It may be a cause of failure.
*Do not use anything except for paper when cleaning.
Velocity:1 or 2
Thick Paper
~ to 50cm
Before you think machine failure
In case that you can not turn on the machine, or it does not work
●Plugging in power plug, confirmation of power switch.
This machine is for AC230V. Please check power plug is properly connected.
Please check power switch is on. If the power code has crack or snap, you need to replace it.
Contact our dealers or us.
●Confirmation of fuse.
There is a fuse box in the back of the body. Please check if fuse is disconnected or not.
If it is disconnected replace it of same specification.
If same problems continue to occur, contact to our dealers or us.
Pull the fuse box with a flathead screwdriver or the like.
Please check fuse of fuse box tip is snapped or not.
If fuse wire is snapped, replace it and turn on the machine again.
Back of machine
Preliminery Fuse
The snapping of Fuse
Please confirm visually
this part of wire is snapped or not.
Fuse Box
●In case you use heater or projector or electric wire reel around.
If you are in former situation, use another power source.
Use the machine without electric wire reel.
●In case of overloaded.
There is a possibility that motor protection function works.
Turn off the machine and wait 10 seconds or more and turn on the machine again.
●In case motor has strange noise.
If motor has strange noise, gear is damaged or screw is loosen.
Please contact to our dealers or us.
In case that you can not laminate adequately
●Confirmation of setting of temperature and speed
Check that adequate temperature and velocity for lamination is set referring from P12.
If they are not adequate setting, you may have trouble below.
① Bubbles are generated.
→ It is likely that processing temperature is high.
② Finish is whitish.
→ It is likely that processing temperature is low.
③ Finish is waving.
→ It is likely that processing temperature is high.
④ Film and documen are peeled off.
→ It is likely that processing temperature is low.
In case processing temperature is low
case of processing temperature is low, glue does not become transparent.
the surface of document tends to be whitish or document and film tend to be peeled off.
these situations occur, adjust the degree of melting glue given enough heat
to increase the processing temperature or to lower the processing speed.
* You can not reproduce it in the mentioned situation.
* You need to adjust temperature at 5°C increment.
* If this problem is not improved after adjustment, there may be any other causes.
Contact to our dealers or us.
In case processing temperature is high
In case of processing temperature is high, glue become so melt and boiling state
and has bubble or film become soften and have wave on the film.
If these situations occur, adjust paper and document not to be heated so much
by to increase the processing temperature or to lower the processing temperature.
* You can not reproduce it in the mentioned situation.
* You need to adjust temperature at 5°C increment.
* If this problem is not improved after adjustment, there may be any other causes.
Contact to our dealers or us.
Machine does not take or feed lamination material
●Document is not too thick?
Do not laminate too thick document. It may be a cause of failure.
Adjust velocity setting if setting is [0].
●Document is wrapped around the roller?
Press reverse button to pull documents if it remains in film entry. Do not pull it forcedly.
It may be a cause of failure. If there is no document in film entry, contact to our dealer or us.
Product Specification
Machine name
Max.laminating width
Max.pouch thickness
Max.laminating speed
A2 size(480 mm)
A3 size(325 mm)
1.4 m/min
1.2 m/min
Roller heating
Room temp.~ 140 ℃
Heating method
Inside heating system
Power requirements
Power consumption
Size (W x D x H)
Warm-up time
15 kg
20 kg
About 5 minutes
※ Details in this document can be changed without notice to make improvements on the product.
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