ideal 8590 800

ideal 8590 800
up to
IDEAL 8590
Compact booklet maker
for paper formats up to A3 plus
per hour
single fold
Technical data
Product characteristics
Max paper size
330,2 x 468 mm
Min. paper size
110 x 210 mm
Paper weights
64-300 g/m²
up to 16 sheets
of 80 gsm paper*
up to 800 booklets/hour
(HxWx D)
400 x 500 x 500 mm
Power supply 220-240 V/50 Hz
20 kg
depending on paper quality and staple quality
Booklet maker for the professional completion of up to 800 sets of booklets per
hour. Your documents are automatically folded and/or stapled in a few seconds.
Perfect for offices, small businesses, schools, colleges, copy shops, print shops...
Suitable for paper formats up to A3 plus. The clear control panel shows the work
progress and various settings as well as error codes that indicate e.g. paper jams
or that the staple magazine is empty. This makes it easy to recognize and solve
problems. Three digit addition/subtraction digital counter with LED display. The
stapling and folding position is automatically adjusted to the selected paper size.
Direct button for standard paper formats A5, A4, A3, B5 and B4. Additionally, any
paper length can be programmed freely to a millimetre accuracy via the “FREE”
button with the help of “+” and “-”. In automatic mode, the sensor detects fed sheets
and folds or staples automatically. In manual mode, the sheets are folded and
stapled as soon as the START button is pressed. Three modes are available: Staple
only / Fold only / Staple & Fold. Included in the scope of delivery are one box of 5000
staples and a practical foldable delivery tray for the finished brochures.
IDEAL 8590
Easy operation
Automatic folding and stapling
Flat Staple
Easy and intuitive operation via keypad with
self-explanatory symbols and built-in counter.
Your booklet is done at just the touch of a
button! The IDEAL 8590 booklet maker folds
and staples automatically in one working
Stapling mechanism with conventional stapling
system and space-saving flat stapling system.
HEavy duty staple heads
Simple change
easy refill of staples
Booklets with up to 64 pages (16 sheets of
paper, 80 g/m2) can be produced.
The staple heads can be repositioned
individually without the use of tools.
The refill of staples is quick and simple.
This booklet maker has been manufactured according to our quality specifications in Vietnam.
The technical data are approximate. Subject to change. 06/2016
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