square-bore carb to spread-bore manifold adapter

square-bore carb to spread-bore manifold adapter
(for OEM Spread-bore manifolds with 3/8” or 5/16” fuel line)
DESCRIPTION: The Edelbrock Square-bore Carb to Spread-bore Manifold Adapters are designed to allow installation of the Edelbrock
Performer Series carburetor on vehicles with the OEM (original equipment) spread-bore intake manifold (typically GM vehicles that
were originally equipped with the Rochester Quadrajet carburetor). These kits will also work on Chrysler manifolds designed for the
Thermo-Quad carburetor. It contains the necessary items to adapt the EPS carb to the OEM manifold. A high-capacity fuel filter is
also incorporated in the 2697 fuel line kit to ensure that clean fuel is supplied to the carburetor.
INSTALLATION: Before removing the old carburetor, make a note of any special or unusual linkage or mounting requirements.
EGR valves, kickdown linkages, cruise control linkages, air cleaner heat stove ducting, etc., all may require extra parts, adapters,
or extensions to complete your installation. Consult your Edelbrock Performer Series carburetor Owner’s Manual and installation
instructions for recommendations or call our Technical Hotline at:1-800-416-8628, Monday-Friday, weekdays.
Note: The carb adapter will raise the carburetor by over 3/4” and some air cleaners will require additional spacers for carburetor
clearance, especially on carbs with electric chokes. The total height (carb spacer plus air cleaner spacer) must be calculated and
hood clearance checked before proceeding with your installation. Check air cleaner-to-hood clearance by placing several large clay
posts at various points on top of your air cleaner, then close the hood to compress the posts. Measure the thickness of the clay posts
to ensure that adequate clearance exists.
Note: All items marked with asterisk (*) refer to #2697 kits only. Items marked with (#) are included in both Kits.
1—Square-bore carburetor adapter (#2696) #
4—Carb studs; 5/16” x 1-1/2” (Carb to adapter) #
4—Nuts; 5/16”-24 #
4—Lock Washers; 5/16” #
1—Gasket; Square-bore #
1—Gasket; Spread-bore #
4—Fillister Head Bolts 5/16” x 3/4” (Adapter to intake) #
1. Remove OEM air cleaner and check for fit on your new EPS
carburetor. If additional clearance is required, use air cleaner
spacer #8092 (3/8” thick) or #8093 (1/2” thick). You may
want to use a new air cleaner designed specifically for EPS
carbs (including those with electric chokes): Order Edelbrock
Signature Series Air Cleaner #1221 (chrome-plated steel) or
Elite Series Air Cleaner #4221 (polished aluminum).
2. Before removing vacuum lines, note whether each is connected
to a “full-time” or “timed” vacuum port on the old carburetor.
“Full-time” ports will have vacuum at idle, and “timed” ports
will not show any vacuum until the engine rpm is increased;
usually to about 1500 rpm. Mark each vacuum line with
masking tape so that it may be re-connected to the appropriate
port on the new carburetor.
3.Disconnect all fuel lines, linkages, choke mechanisms, etc.
Remove old carburetor, gasket, and carb mounting studs.
Place clean rags or towels in the manifold throttle bore
openings to prevent debris from falling into engine. Clean the
gasket surface and surrounding area.
Catalog #’s: 2696 & 2697
Rev - 6/12/17 - NP
1—Brass Compression Nut/Sleeve; 3/8” *
1—Brass Compression Sleeve/Nut; 5/16” *
1—3/8” Rubber Fuel Line; 24” long *
4—Stainless Steel Worm-type Hose Clamps *
1—Fuel Filter; 3/8” Inlet and Outlet *
1—Special Brass Adapter; 5/16” *
1—Special Brass Adapter Fitting; 3/8” *
4. Remove rags or towels from the manifold and place matching
(spread bore) gasket on intake manifold and secure spacer with
fillister bolts. Install the four new carb studs. “Double-nutting”
the studs is preferred over gripping with pliers. Place matching
(square bore) gasket on carb spacer. Install carburetor with
new lock washers and nuts and hand tighten lightly and evenly
in a “criss-cross” pattern.
Note: These adapters have a 1/4” NPT hole in the back,
which can be drilled if an additional vacuum source is
Gas bore
Gas bore
©2017 Edelbrock LLC
Brochure No. 63-0067
6. Attach all vacuum lines, linkages, and return springs. Check for
smooth throttle operation from idle to WOT (Wide Open Throttle)
and for a positive return to idle.
Note: When testing electric choke carburetors, make sure to
hold choke to full open position.
7. Locate the fuel filter in a position that does not interfere with
the air cleaner or any linkage parts and can be supported
using the shortest length of fuel hose possible.(*)
8.Cut OEM fuel line in the selected location using either a
hacksaw or tubing cutter. It is easier to make the cut if you first
remove the fuel line from the vehicle (after marking the place
to be cut).(*)
9. Make sure that you file and remove the burrs from the rough
cut end of the steel line. Also be sure to thoroughly clean out
all filings and metal particles from the line.(*)
10.Install the Edelbrock special brass hose fitting completely over
the OEM steel fuel line (see illustration) and securely tighten
the compression unit. Use tubing wrenches if possible to avoid
rounding the hex nut.(*)
11.Position the fuel filter as close as possible to the above noted
special brass fuel line fitting. Note: The filter must face the
correct direction. The filter end marked “IN” must face the fuel
Special brass adapter fitting
12.Cut the proper length of the fuel hose supplied in this kit to
connect the filter to the brass adapter fitting.
13.Install one clamp on each end of this hose and securely push
the fuel hose onto the filter and fuel line. Make certain that the
hose is completely installed on each fitting before tightening
the screw-type worm clamp. CAUTION: Do not over-tighten the
clamps or you may cut into the fuel line and cause a leak.(*)
Correctly route the attaching hose from the outlet end of
the fuel filter to the inlet fitting of your Edelbrock Performer
Series carburetor. Make certain that there are no sharp
bends or kinks in this fuel line. Also, check to make certain
that when the carburetor air cleaner is installed, it does not
pinch or interfere with the fuel line hose. If the straight inlet
fitting on your carburetor creates an interference problem,
use Air Cleaner Spacer #8092 to raise the air cleaner 3/8”
for clearance, or replace this fitting with an Edelbrock #8089
Banjo fitting. This will allow the fuel hose to be located
tightly along the side of the carburetor to obtain the necessary
clearance beneath the air cleaner.(*)
15.Cut the fuel hose to the proper length between the fuel filter
and the carburetor. Install this hose using the remaining two
worm-type hose clamps.
CAUTION: Do not over-tighten the clamps or you may cut into
the fuel line and cause a leak.(*)
16.Start the engine and check for any fuel leaks before
installing the air cleaner. Correct any leaks and re-install
the air cleaner before operating vehicle.
Brass compression nut
3/8” Rubber fuel line
To Carb
Fuel Filter
4 Hose clamps
Original steel fuel line
From fuel pump
Catalog #’s: 2696 & 2697
Rev - 6/12/17 - NP
©2017 Edelbrock LLC
Brochure No. 63-0067
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