Snokone machines produce shaved ice by using a pusher handle to

Snokone machines produce shaved ice by using a pusher handle to
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Snokone machines produce shaved ice by using a pusher handle to press ice against the revolving
cutter head. The unit consists of the hopper, which houses the cutter head, the attached pusher
handle/cap, the motor, and the display case.
Never put your fingers or any object into the shaver body (the gooseneck) while the motor is running.
Make sure all machine switches are in the OFF position before plugging the equipment into a receptacle.
Keep foreign objects away from the shaver head; ice picks, scoops, and debris that may be in ice can damage the cutting
The Sno-King operates on 120 volt, 15 amp, single phase, 60 cycle AC current. The receptacle needs to be properly grounded to
prevent electrical shock. It is recommended that the equipment be plugged into a dedicated circuit.
This machine can be used with ice cubes or block ice. Block ice must be broken into pieces approximately 2 to 3 inches in
size. If the pieces are too large the ice will not enter the shaving chute.
• Fill the hopper to within an inch of the top with ice; larger ice pieces make better snow.
• Toggle the POWER switch to the ON position.
• While pushing the MOTOR switch, apply downward pressure to the pusher handle. Firm and even pressure will make
the best snow.
• Release the MOTOR switch once all of the ice has been shaved.
• Do not lift the pusher cap until the motor is off and the shaver head has stopped.
Practice will allow you to gauge when to stop pressing, which allows the ice to resettle against the shaver head.
The quality of your snow is dependent on the pressure you use on the pusher handle; too much pressure results in coarse
snow and too little pressure will make the snow mushy.
• Turn off power and unplug machine.
• Empty out any ice or water and wipe down the machine with a dry cloth.
• Do not use any cleaners as this may damage the glass or plastic.
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