IOX-NFC Harness Technical Specifications

IOX-NFC Harness Technical Specifications
Top Features
The Geotab GO6™ device is the world’s only
expandability. Geotab has integrated Near Field
Communications (NFC) to deliver simple Driver
Identification where many drivers may operate
pooled vehicles.
Plug & Play
Identifies drivers to vehicles
Enables driver based reporting
Ties vehicle immobilization to Driver ID
(utilizing HRN-RELAYKIT)
Harness Technical Specifications
170 g
Flame retardant black ABS
CAN: 500 Kbit/s; Daisy chain; Ground switch
Frequency Range
Power Output
Power Consumption
Running Mode: 100mA
Sleeping Mode: 1.1 mA
Keyed 5-pin mini-USB type-B plug: Daisy chain power
and CAN in.
Keyed 5-pin mini-USB type-B socket: Daisy chain
power and CAN out.
2-pin grounding socket (molex connector)
Reading Distance
Antenna portion: 45mm x 50mm x 13mm
Connector portion: and 30mm x 53mm x 15mm
Cables: 1m, 300mm
Keyed mini-USB plug connects to GO6™ or another
IOX™ harness.
Immobilizer module connects to 2-pin socket
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Installation Instructions
Start with the Geotab GO6™ device unplugged from the vehicle. Remove the
blue IOX™ expansion port cover from the GO6™ and plug the 90° USB
connector of the IOX™ into the port. Secure the USB connector using a zip
tie, being careful not to over tighten it, damaging the USB.
Note: The USB can only be inserted in one orientation (shown in image).
Locate an appropriate spot to mount the NFC reader within safe reach of the
driver and where it will not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle.
Keep the routing of the wiring harness in mind while choosing a location for
the reader.
The NFC reader comes with a convenient mounting bracket that can either be
screwed in place (screws provided) or taped in place (tape provided).
The reader itself is then snapped into the bracket. When using tape, ensure
the mounting surface is at least 65 °F, and thoroughly clean and dry the area.
Once the tape is applied to the surface, hold firmly in place for 60 seconds to
allow proper bonding to occur.
Once your connections to the IOX-NFC have been made, connect the GO6™
to the vehicles OBDII connector.
Tag verification:
To test the NFC installation touch a valid NFC tag to the reader - the Green
LED on the reader will flash twice when the tag is read. For additional tags
touch each tag one at a time to the reader - the LED will flash twice for each
tag read.
Once an immobilization relay kit has been installed and the feature activated
in MyGeotab you must touch a valid ID tag in order to start the vehicle.
Failure to touch a valid tag prior to starting will cause the GO6™ to beep
continuously and the vehicle will not start until a valid tag is touched.
After a failed attempt the NFC resets (stops beeping) in about 30 seconds.
Allow the vehicle to run until each of the LEDs on the GO6™ (RED, GREEN
and BLUE) have illuminated. Keep in mind your GO6™ will now be in debug
mode for two ignition cycles.
Using a PC or Smart phone that has internet access, navigate to
Fill in your name, email address, and the Geotab serial number and click on
You will now see a screen similar to this with GREEN lettering. This indicates
your installation was successfully completed. Should the test appear in RED
you must verify the installation.
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Immobilization & Driver feedback
This section is only required if you are installing an immobilizer relay kit along with your IOX-NFC.
Prior to the installation you must go to the MyGeotab database where the device is registered, select
“Vehicles”, then the device you are installing. Next, select “Driver Feedback” and set “Enable driver
identification reminder” to ON (see below).
If this feature is not turned on the immobiliser option will not function correctly.
IOX-NFC has a junction box that has a two pin connector. This is where the immobilization harness
adapter gets plugged in. Immobilization harness adapter is now included in the HRN-RELAYKIT.
The small black connector end of the adapter gets plugged into IOX-NFC. The other white two pin
connector fits into the HRN-RELAYKIT. The fused wire coming from the adapter must be connected to
a true ignition source (a true ignition source is live in the ACC RUN and CRANK positions). Use the
installation instructions contained in the HRN-RELAYKIT to complete the installation.
Connecting additional IOX™’s to an IOX-NFC
When connecting additional IOX™’s to an IOX-NFC, it is important to be sure the USB connector is
seated correctly and completely. Lastly it must be secured with a zip tie.
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Termination Shunt
You may notice your IOX™ comes with a termination shunt installed in the expansion port. If you are
installing more than one IOX™ in a daisy chain you will need to remove the shunt from each device in
line with the exception of the “LAST” IOX™ connected. That shunt must remain in the last IOX™ and
should be secured with a zip tie.
The use of the shunt in the LAST IOX™ is necessary for the GO6™ to learn and configure the IOX™ as
effectively as possible.
Note: Failing to install the shunt in the last IOX™ could affect IOX™ configuration, it is recommended
you secure the shunt using a zip tie if not already done.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two
conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any
interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
Note: The manufacturer is not responsible for any radio or TV interference caused by unauthorized
modifications to this equipment. Such modifications could void the user’s authority to operate the
IC: 11140A-NFC1
This device complies with Industry Canada licence-exempt RSS standard(s). Operation is subject to
the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause interference, and (2) this device must
accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device.
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Warnings and Cautions
WARNING: Mapping, navigation and tracking features available through Geotab software is dependent on third party
mapping data and services and the availability and accuracy of the Global Positioning System (“GPS”) operated by the United
States government. Both third party data and services as well as GPS is subject to changes which may affect the accuracy or
performance of mapping, navigation and tracking information or graphics presented through the use of Geotab software.
Geotab products, software and services are not intended for use for primary navigation, route planning or similar purposes,
as information presented may be inaccurate, delayed or misinterpreted. Relying on Geotab software for such purposes may
result in incorrect navigation leading to unsafe driving situations.
WARNING: Geotab’s products and related software and services are not designed or intended for use in emergency or
failsafe situations including, without limitation, situations: (A) where failure of same may result in a risk of property damage,
death or personal injury; (B) where Geotab’s products, software or services are used to alert others upon the occurrence of
certain vehicular events recorded by Geotab in-vehicle devices; or (C) requiring fail-safe controls or fail- proof delivery of
information, including without limitation any operations involving radioactive or hazardous materials, life support systems or
munitions or weapons. Communication features in Geotab in-vehicle devices may be interrupted or inoperable if a vehicle
travels outside of a network coverage area or where there is a fault or service interruption with the carrier. Communication of
data through Geotab in-vehicle devices also requires transmission of data through the internet. Failure in internet access will
result in the interruption of communications.
WARNING: Do not attempt to install, reconfigure or remove any product from any vehicle while the vehicle is in motion or
otherwise in operation. All installation, configuration or removal must be done only in stationary vehicles which are securely
parked. Attempting to service units while being operated could result in malfunctions or accidents, leading to death or serious
personal injury.
WARNING: If at any point after a Geotab in-vehicle device is installed, a warning light illuminates on the vehicle dash or the
vehicle stalls or has a marked drop in performance, shut off the engine, remove the device, and contact Geotab support.
WARNING: Do not attempt to remove Geotab in-vehicle devices from the vehicle in which they are originally installed for
installation in another vehicle. Not all vehicles are compatible with Geotab in-vehicle devices, and doing so may result in
unexpected interactions with your vehicle, including sudden loss of power or shutdown of the vehicle’s engine while in
operation or cause your vehicle to operate poorly or erratically.
WARNING: All in-vehicle devices and related cabling must be securely fastened and kept clear of all vehicle controls,
including gas, brake and clutch pedals. You must inspect devices and cabling on a regular basis to ensure all devices and
cabling continue to be securely attached. Loose cabling or devices may impede the use of vehicle controls, resulting in
unanticipated acceleration, braking or other loss of vehicle control, which could lead to death or serious personal injury.
Improperly fastened in-vehicle devices may detach and impact operators upon sudden acceleration or deceleration, which
may cause injury.
WARNING: Geotab requires the use of a cable tie when securing the GO device or any extension harness to the OBD
connector, securing both sides of the harness. If you do not use a cable tie, vibration in the vehicle can lead to a loose
connection which could indirectly cause the vehicle’s engine computer to fail. This could result in the vehicle stalling and can
even cause personal injury under certain circumstances if it occurs while the vehicle is being driven.
CAUTION: Geotab products do not contain any user-serviceable parts. Configuration, servicing, and repairs must only be
made by an authorized Geotab reseller or installer. Unauthorized servicing of Geotab products will void your product
warranty. Improper installation may also lead to short circuits and the risk of fire, leading to personal injury or significant
damage to your vehicle. Installation or servicing may also require modifications to your vehicle. Failure to comply with
specified procedures or without adequate knowledge of the vehicle may result in damage to your vehicle, which may cause
malfunctions of vehicle controls or vehicular environmental systems and result in personal injury.
CAUTION: Geotab in-vehicle devices must be kept clear of debris, water and other environmental contaminants. Failure to
do so may result in units malfunctioning or short-circuiting, causing a fire hazard.
Copyright © Geotab Inc., 2012 All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted
without express written authorization from Geotab Inc. Geotab, Geotab GO6, Geotab IOX, GO6 and IOX are either registered
trademarks or trademarks of Geotab Inc., in the United States and/or other countries. GARMIN and IRIDIUM are trademarks,
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