CudaTel Communications Server Quick Start Guide

CudaTel Communications Server Quick Start Guide
CudaTel Communications Server - Quick Start Guide
The CudaTel Communications server is a simple, affordable, and fully featured VoIP
telephone system. Using this system, you can control the VoIP telephones in your
business while adding value through easily configured voice mail, automated phone menu
systems, incoming call queues, conferences and much more.
Getting Started
This guide provides you with setup instructions for the CudaTel Communications
Server. We recommend reading these instructions fully before starting the setup.
To begin setting up your CudaTel Communications Server, you will need the
CudaTel Communications Server, AC power cord, phone cables (included)
Ethernet cables
VGA monitor, PS2 keyboard (recommended)
Physical Installation
To install the CudaTel Communications Server:
1. Fasten the CudaTel Communications Server to a 19-inch rack or place it in a
stable location.
2. Connect an Ethernet cable from your network switch to the LAN port on the
front of the CudaTel Communications Server.
3. Connect a VGA Monitor, PS2 Keyboard, and AC power cord to the unit.
Press the POWER button on the front panel to turn the unit on. See Chapter
6 of the Administrator's Guide for instructions on connecting telephone lines
to your CudaTel Communications Server
If you do not have a monitor and keyboard and want to set the IP address for the
CudaTel Communications Server using the RESET button on the front panel,
press and hold the RESET button per the following table:
IP address
Press and hold RESET for…
5 seconds
8 seconds
12 seconds
Open Firewall Ports
If your CudaTel Communications Server is located behind a corporate firewall,
open the following ports on your firewall to ensure proper operation.
Port Direction
5060-5070 (In/Out) Yes
7838 In/Out
16384-32768 (In/Out) No
Remote diagnostics and service (recommended)*
Domain Name Service (DNS)
Firmware and documentation updates
Network Time Protocol (NTP)
SIP ports (soft phones, providers)
Web Sockets
RTP ports
*Access via Port 22 is required only if Technical Support is requested.
Verify and Configure Access from the Web Interface
Use a computer with a Web browser that is connected to the same network as
the CudaTel Communications Server and follow these steps:
1. In the browser address bar, enter http:// followed by the IP address of the
CudaTel Communications Server. For example, if you configured an IP
address of, you would enter the following:
Configure IP Address and Network Settings
If you have a monitor connected, the CudaTel Communications Server will
display the Boot Menu initially, and the Administrative Console login prompt once
fully booted. To begin the configuration:
Login to the Administrative Console using the admin login:
Login: admin
Password: admin
Configure the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Primary DNS
Server and Secondary DNS Server as appropriate for your network.
Save your changes.
Log in to the CudaTel Communications Server Web interface as the
Username: admin
Password: 0000 (four zeroes)
On the ConfigurationNetwork page and perform the following:
Verify the values for IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway for the
LAN interface.
Check Enabled under WAN Interface only if you have a dedicated
WAN connection. Enter values for IP Address, Subnet Mask, and
Check Behind NAT Router if you have NAT. Click Auto-Detect or
manually input the external IP Address.
Verify the values for Primary DNS and Secondary DNS Servers.
Enter the proxy server settings if you have a proxy server.
Click Apply Network Settings to save all of the information.
Click Mail/SMTP Settings. Enter a valid sender email address for your
domain. Other fields are optional unless you have non-standard SMTP
server settings or you require authentication on your mail server. Click Apply
SMTP Settings.
CudaTel Communications Server
CudaTel Communications Server - Quick Start Guide
Update the Firmware
NOTE: It is important to update the system firmware prior to adding phones.
1. Go to ConfigurationUpdates to check for the latest firmware updates. If
there is none available, skip to Step 7.
2. Press Start Download. The download progress is displayed next to the
Cancel Download button. When the download is complete, the Install and
Delete buttons are displayed.
3. Click the Install button to apply the firmware. Or, if you wish to abort the
update, click Delete to remove the downloaded firmware. To avoid
damaging the unit, do NOT power off during an update.
4. After applying the firmware, the system will automatically reboot. Make sure
to read the Release Notes to learn about enhancements and new features.
It is also good practice to verify settings, as new features may have been
included with the firmware update.
Change the Administrator Password and Set Time Zone
To avoid unauthorized use, we recommend you change the default administrator
password to a more secure password. You can only change the administrator
password for the Web interface. You cannot change the password for the
Administrative Console, but this is only accessible via the keyboard which you
can disconnect at any time.
1. Go to ConfigurationSystem
2. Scroll down to Change Administrator Password, enter new password, and
click Change Password
3. If desired, add recipients for system events (requires SMTP settings to be
4. Scroll up to System Time Zone, select your time zone and then click
Change. The system will restart immediately.
Connect a phone to the network, making sure that it has an IP address (or
gets one from DHCP) and then set the server address to:
where x.x.x.x is the IP address of your CudaTel Communications Server.
When the phone reboots, it will be provisioned.
Go to Extensions Unassigned Phones to see all unassigned phones.
Unassigned phones are automatically given an extension number.
Add Users
1. Go to Extensions and click on Add New Person...
2. Enter First Name, Last Name, and 4-digit PIN.
3. Associate an extension to the person in one of two ways. The
recommended method is Select By Choosing A Phone. This will produce
a list of all unassigned phones containing the extension number, the
manufacturer and the MAC address for all physical phones (the MAC
address is usually found on a sticker on the bottom of the phone).
4. Select the desired phone, and then click Add. The phone will reboot to
complete the assignment.
5. Verify phone functionality by dialing *98 from the newly-assigned phone. If
the voicemail system answers, then the phone has been set up correctly.
6. Hang up.
7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each user.
Users will be able to configure their own voicemail using the PIN you supply to
For additional support and documentation, including an Administrator’s Guide,
visit or call 1-408-342-5300.
Product Activation
Verify that your Energize Updates subscription is activated on your CudaTel
Communications Server by going to the System Dashboard page. Look under
Updates and Support for a link that says This product is not activated. Click to
activate. Click the link and follow the instructions.
Synchronize Active Directory (optional)
1. Go to ConfigurationActive Directory and click Select Server.
2. Select an OU (Organizational Unit) to synch to and click Apply Synch
Source Changes.
3. Wait for a moment, and then click Synchronize Now.
Add Phones
The CudaTel Communications Server can automatically provision (configure)
Polycom, Snom, and Cisco VoIP phones. The following steps are for Polycom
phones. See Chapter 4 of the Administrator's Guide for instructions on Snom and
Cisco phones. Repeat the following steps for each phone.
Contact and Copyright Information
Barracuda Networks, Inc. 201 Depot Street, Suite 100, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA  phone: 1.989.720.4000 
Copyright ©2010 Barracuda Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Use of this product and this manual is subject to license. Information in this document is subject to
change without notice. CudaTel Communication Server is a trademark of Barracuda Networks, Inc. All other brand and product names mentioned in this document
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CudaTel Communications Server
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