Fl exi b i l t y
A pplication Systems
Effec tive U se o f GC Series
Co lu mn R e s o u rc e s
S pecifications
GC - 2014 A n alysis Syst em s
f o r Ever y A p p licat io n
Effective use of valuable column resources is maintained by using the 40-mm-pitch glass column the
same as Shimadzu GC-7, 9, 12, 14, 15 and 16 Series.
Co lu m n Oven
D ist illat io n GC Syst em
Column replacement is easier by increasing the oven
capacity while keeping its width the same.
Temperature range
(Ambient + 10C) ~ 400C (using liquid CO2 gas*: -50C ~400C)
Temperature range
400C max. (FID, TCD, FTD) 350C max. (ECD, FPD)
250 (W) x 360 (H) x 175 (D) mm
Temperature setting
1C steps
Oven capacity
No. of units installed simultaneously
Up to 4 units (restricted depending on detector type)
Temperature accuracy
Set value (K) 1% (calibration at 0.01C increments)
Detector type
FID, TCD, ECD, FPD, FTD for capillary/packed
Temperature deviation
2C max. (on 200mm dia. circumference 30mm from rear)
Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
Temperature variation coefficient 0.01C/C
Measures the boiling point distribution of petroleum distillate using the
relationship between retention time and boiling point.
Analyzes distillation characteristics and prints specialized reports.
Large Column Oven Facilitates
Column Operations
Temperature program steps
System Configuration (Distillation GC)
GC-2014 + WBI-2014 + GCsolution + distillation GC software
(Select sample injection unit and column according to the target sample)
Packed Column
Capillary Column
Accommodates both packed and capillary columns.
Minimum detected quantity 3pgC/s (dodecane)
Linear heating range
30C/min up to 150C
Quartz glass Standard: for packed, Option: for capillary
20C/min up to 250C
Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
10C/min up to 380C
Dual flow rate differential system
7C/min up to 400C (at 25˚C ambient temperature)
Temperature range
400C max.
Cooling rate
300C ~ 50C in 6 min max. (at 25C ambient temperature)
Dynamic range
Columns accepted
Capillary columns: 2
40,000mV · mL/mg (built-in pre-amplifier, with 10 x amplification)
Packed columns for GC14B: 4 (Glass columns: 2)
Electron Capture Detector (ECD)
*Optional parts are required to use liquid CO2 gas.
Fixed current system using 63Ni370MBq radiation source
Temperature range
400C max.
Sample Injection Unit
GC-2014 + CRG-2014 + GCsolution + PONAsolution
+ MS Excel (commercially available spreadsheet software)
(Select sample injection unit and column according to the target sample)
400C max.
Dynamic range
PON A A n alysis Syst em
System Configuration
Dual flow rate differential system
Temperature range
9999.99 minutes max.
Separates gasoline or other hydrocarbon compounds, identifies the peaks
and classifies them by carbon number, or by type (paraffin, olefin, naphthene
and aromatic series) for quantitation.
Total time for all steps
Petroleum distillate
Up to 20 (cooling program possible)
Programmed rate setting range -250C ~ 250C/min
Analysis Applications
Minimum detected quantity 0.1pg/s (γ-BHC)
Up to 400C
Dynamic range
Heating settings
1C steps
Flame Photometric Detector (FPD)
No. of units installed simultaneously
Up to 3 units
Temperature range
350C max.
Dynamic range
P: 104
Sample injection unit types Dual packed, single packed, split/splitless
S: 103
Analysis Applications
Categorization of naptha, gasoline and gasoline-based materials by carbon
number or type and their quantitation.(Also offers calculation of mean specific
gravity, mean molecular weight, and octane value.)
Sele c t Yo u r F lo w C ont roller
Co mb in atio n
Five slots for manual flow
controllers are in the clear case
atop the main unit.
Five AFC/APC slots are in the
back bottom of the main unit.
Gases are supplied or cut off in
conjunction with switching
ON/OFF power to the main unit
or detector even if the low-cost
manual controllers are used.
All parameters for GC analysis
are controlled digitally when
APC’s are used to control
detector gases. This facilitates
the setting of analytical
conditions and log management
by a data station.
Car r ier Gas F lo w Co n tr o ller
Manual flow
Minimum detected quantity P: 0.5pgP/s (tributyl phosphate)
S: 8pgS/s (dodecane thiol)
For Packed / Dual
Flow rate setting range
0 ~ 100mL/min
Programmable steps
Programmed rate setting range -400 ~ 400mL/min
D at a St at io n s
GC so lu t io n Ver. 2.4
Temperature range
Correction function
Maintains column flow rate during column oven heating
Flame Thermionic Detector (FTD)
(Two types, one for capillary and one for packed. The specification are the same.)
Temperature range
400C max.
Dynamic range
N: 103
P: 103
For Capillary Split/Splitless
The new GCsolution version 2.4 controls, takes data from and processes data
for up to four GC systems. This new GCsolution version supports not only the
GC-2014, but also other existing models, including the GC-2010 Plus, GC-17A
and GC-14B (A). With other models, data acquisition is possible to receive
detector analog signals.
(Some control functions are limited for the GC-14A. For example, detector range
4 cannot be used.)
(Split/splitless injection mode)
Pressure setting range
0 ~ 970kPa
Programmable steps
7 (pressure-decreasing program possible)
Programmed rate setting range -400 ~ 400kPa/min
Split ratio setting range
0 ~ 9999.9
Minimum detected quantity N: 0.4pgN/s (azobenzene)
P: 0.05pgP/s (malathion)
D isp lay
240 x 320 dot graphics display (30 characters x 16 lines)
Total flow rate setting range 0 ~ 1200mL/min
Correction function
Maintains column average linear velocity during column
oven heating (for capillary only)
(Pressure mode direct injection)
Solenoid valve unit
C h r o m at o p ac
C - R 7A Plu s
Compact high-speed parallel
Chromatopac Basic, suitable
for system automation
Support for GLP, GMP and
Space-saving sliding display
C hr om a topa c
C -R 8 A
Acknowledged data
processing functions and
ease of operation
Built-in validation functions
High-speed RS-232C port
provided standard
Easy operation designed for
factory use
Pressure setting range
0 ~ 970kPa/min
Programmable steps
Programmed rate setting range -400 ~ 400kPa/min
D im en sio n s, W eig h t, P o wer Req u ir em en ts (GC m ain u n it)
400 (W) x 690 (H) x 607 (D) mm
48kg (GC-2014AF model)
Power Requirements
AC100V/120V 230V
1800VA (GC-2014AF model) or
2600VA (GC-2014AF model), 50/60Hz
(Flow-rate mode direct injection)
Flow rate setting range
0 ~ 1200mL/min
Programmable steps
Programmed rate setting range -400 ~ 400mL/min
Correction function
Maintains column average linear velocity during column
oven heating (for capillary only)
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