Wall Mounted thermostatic valve with rigid riser, fixed head

Wall Mounted thermostatic valve with rigid riser, fixed head
Important Technical Data:
Wall Mounted thermostatic valve with rigid riser, fixed head
and shower kit
Minimum operating pressure 0.5 bar
Maximum operating pressure 5 bar*
Maximum cold water temperature 25°C
Minimum hot water temperature 60°C
Maximum recommended hot water temperature 80°C
Factory default maximum ‘safe zone’ output temperature 41-42°C
5 Year Warranty Terms & Conditions:
*Note: If these pressures are exceeded, even for short periods, damage can result. In these
instances a pressure reducing valve should be installed.
The incoming hot water temperature must be a minimum of 10°C above the outgoing water
temperature to ensure the correct function of the thermostatic cut off.
All thermostatic products should be tested and cleaned at least once a year, mesh filters within nut
(F) should be periodically checked and cleaned to maintain flow.
When drilling or preparing walls take care not to disturb existing water or electrical supplies that may
be buried within the wall.
Supply pipes should maintain the maximum diameter until immediately before the fitting.
Hot and cold supply pressures should be as closely balanced as possible for best results. The
differential between the hot and cold water supply temperatures should be sufficient to allow correct
mixing function; the maximum hot / cold pressure differential ratio is 5:1. Where pressures are
greatly imbalanced flow restricting valves or pressure reducing valves should be installed on the
supply with the greater incoming pressure.
In the unlikely event that you should
experience any defect in the materials or
workmanship of your new Abode product within
FIVE years of purchase, the purchaser’s sole
remedy shall be the replacement (at the
manufacturer’s discretion) of all or any part of
the product that is defective. Valves are
guaranteed for a period of TWO years from
purchase. Decorative surface finishes and Orings are guaranteed for ONE year from the
date of purchase provided that our advice
concerning care has been observed and no
scouring agents have been used.
As we are continuously improving and
developing our products range, finishes &
colours, in the event of a valid claim, we may
not be able to provide an identical replacement
for the defective product throughout the
warranty period. Where an identical product is
no longer available, we will supply the nearest
equivalent from our then current product range.
In assessing your claim, we must be given the
opportunity to inspect the product as installed
prior to removal. Any product returns must be
packaged carefully as received and complete.
This is provided that the product has been
used for normal domestic purposes in the UK
and that the care, installation and maintenance
instructions have been observed. The warranty
extends to the original purchaser only. You
should retain a copy of your dated invoice as
proof of purchase to validate any claims under
this warranty.
No other warranties, express or implied, are
made, including merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose. Under no circumstances
shall the manufacturer be liable for any loss or
damage arising from the purchase, use or
inability to use this product, or for any special,
indirect, incidental or consequential damages.
No liability is accepted for consequential
damage to other household fixtures, fittings or
furnishings arising from this claim, even if
attached to the product. No installer, dealer,
agent or employee of Abode Home Products
Limited has the authority to modify the
obligations or limitations of this warranty.
Marks and scratches caused by improper
installation or accidental damage are not
covered by this guarantee. Neither are shade
variations or any damage or defect caused by
incorrect installation or abuse of the fitting.
Abode products are either WRAS approved or manufactured in accordance with recognised
European standards. Please ensure that your Abode product is fitted in accordance with Local
Water Byelaws. Where hot and cold water mix within any product, then suitable non return valves
should be installed to the hot and cold supplies to prevent backflow.
Whilst assembling this product take care not to accidentally loosen any screwed assemblies. PTFE
tape can be used to ensure watertight joins on threaded connections, do not over tighten
connections or allow pipes to be twisted or folded.
Product Care Instructions:
To maintain the appearance of this product, ensure that it is regularly cleaned only using a clean, soft
damp cloth. A solution of warm water and a mild liquid detergent may be used where necessary, and
then the fitting rinsed thoroughly and wiped dry. Any other cleaning action or cleaning products will
invalidate your warranty.
The installation should be periodically checked for damage, if the property is left unattended for a
prolonged period we recommend isolating water supplies.
Abode is a registered trademark of Abode Home Products Limited. All errors and omissions excepted.
Abrasive cleaners, scouring cleaners, limescale cleaners and acidic cleaners must not be used
under any circumstances. Avoid contact with all solvents (including chlorinated solvents, ketones or
acetones as these may result in surface deterioration or etching). Also avoid contact with any harsh
household chemicals such as bleach cleaners, drain cleaners, rust removers, paint strippers and
toilet bowl cleaners, toothpaste, mouthwash, bar keepers friend or Brasso.
Manufacturers Reference
©Abode 2/2015
Abode Home Products Limited,
Unit L, Zenith Park, Whaley Road, Barnsley,S75 1HT.
Tel: 01226 283434 Fax: 01226 282434
Please leave these instructions for your customer.
Installation Preparation:
Valve Maintenance:
All parts should be removed from their packaging and inspected for any transport damage and
completeness prior to installation; you should read these instructions throughout before commencing
To access or replace the thermostatic mixer cartridge simply:
1. Isolate the water supply to the installation.
We do not accept responsibility for problems that may occur through improper installation. Always ensure
you have sufficient hot and cold water pressure available to allow correct function before specifying or
installing this product.
2. Unscrew the valve retaining grub screw located on the underside of the mixer as shown.
3. Ease out the temperature mix handle complete with the thermostatic cartridge as shown.
We strongly recommend installing particle filters and isolation valves to both the hot and cold feed pipes
in an accessible position. This will help to prevent premature failure of the valves and ease any future
Shut off your water heating system and ensure that your mains stopcock is closed. Ensure both the hot
and cold water supplies are isolated before commencing installation.
1. Open the wall out to the required width and depth for supply pipes (H) and elbow (F).
All serviceable parts should be given suitable access to allow easy future maintenance.
When preparing the piping run to this shower, arrange the hot pipe to be received to the left
hand side of the shower when viewed from the front.
You should ensure that both the product and required fittings will fit into the depth and area
of the mounting surface available before installation. Roughly assemble the product and
plumbing connections to establish the required sizes ‘A-D’.
Distance from finished
‘A’ surface to fixed
Min/max distance
‘B’ between inlets centres
when using unions (H)
Cavity depth for
‘C’ supply pipes and
Cleaning Valve:
We recommend an annual service of the thermostatic cartridge to prolong its life
expectancy. Simply follow the instructions above to remove the valve and rinse it under
hot water to clear the filter mesh of dirt and limescale. Before re-inserting the cartridge
ensure the o-rings are coated in a silicone based grease.
Finished hole
2. Fix elbow (F) or inlet pipes (H) securely to the wall using appropriate fixings (I). Note these fixings
should be secure enough to support the shower body weight (A) during use.
Do not attempt to remove the valve
cartridge. The valve cartridge and handle
assembly are factory calibrated to 38°C and
attempts to remove the handle from the
thermostic valve cartridge will invalidate the
Before installing the new shower it is essential that you thoroughly flush through the
supply pipes in order to remove any remaining solder, swarf or impurities from your
system. Failure to carry out this simple procedure could cause problems or damage to the
workings of the shower and invalidate the warranty.
3. Screw the eccentric unions (D) into the elbows (F) using PTFE tape or sealing compound to
ensure a water tight connection. Note the ¾” exit centre distances of unions (D) should match the
shower inlets (F), be of equal projection from the wall (G) and allow enough thread length to
include shroud (E), seal (C) and fixing nut (B). Test the water tightness of all inlet pipes and
connections before progressing with the installation.
After installation:
4. Make good the finished wall surface using tiles or similar, now prepare holes ‘D’ in the tiles. Ensure
decorative shrouds (E) will cover the finished hole diameter ‘D’.
Installation Guidance:
Once you have visually checked the installation of the new product and all connections, ensure that all other fittings are
closed except the new product which should be left open.
Turn on your water heating system and ensure that your mains stopcock is open. Reconnect both the hot and cold water
supplies to this fitting.
Check the function of flow and function of hot, cold and mixed water, where possible check the function of the
thermostatic valve maximum temperature, and shut off function by interrupting the cold water source during use.
Turn off the product and check carefully for any leaks around all connections on the fitting and adjoining plumbing. If
possible return to the installation after a longer period to double check for slower leaks. If pressure testing equipment is
available check the installation to the maximum recommended pressure.
Clean the product to remove any marks created during installation as instructed then place a bag over the product to
protect the product finish until it is ready for use.
Using this product:
The left side handle controls the flow rate and is operated anticlockwise on.
The right side handle controls the temperature and is operated anticlockwise for higher temperatures. The factory
set maximum temperature is 38°C (models with stop button) this can be overridden to a maximum of 42°C with
the button depressed.
Shower body
Locking nut
Mesh filter/Seal
½” x ¾” connector
Wall cover plate
½” elbow
Finished wall surface
Rigid inlet pipe
Wall fixings
Installing the Shower Valve:
1. Watchfully Seal around the finished wall surface (G) and unions (D) to prevent water ingress into the
wall. Note take care not to apply sealant to sections of thread on union (D) that are required for fixing
2. Slide or screw shrouds (E) over unions (D) flush to the finished wall surface (G).
3. Place seals (C) into fixing nuts (B).
4. Hand tighten fixing nuts (B) to unions (D).
5. Place a cloth or similar over the fixing nuts (B) then tighten nuts (B) fully. Take care not to mark the
chromed surface of the shower (A).
Parts Diagram:
Parts List:
Fibre washer
Shower column (Lower)
Handset holder
Height adjuster
Bracket peg
Grub screws
Wall plug
Wall bracket
Shower column (Upper)
Showerhead (Dependent on model)
Handset (Dependent on model)
Hose seal
Shower hose
Installing the Shower Kit:
1. Screw shower column (S) to height adjuster (M) as shown.
2. Work out the correct height of the mounting bracket (R) and mark drill holes with pencil.
3. Drill appropriate size hole for wall plug (P).
4. Fix mounting bracket (R) to the wall using wall plug (P) and screw (Q).
5. Unscrew bracket peg (N) form height adjuster (M) and if required cut peg (N) to required length using a
hack saw or similar.
6. Assemble showerhead (U) to shower column (S), ensuring that filter / seal (T) is in place.
Note: Wrap bracket peg (N) with a soft cloth when cutting to stop the peg getting damaged.
7. Screw bracket peg (N) into height adjuster (M).
8. Fix the shower column to the wall by inserting bracket peg (N) into (R) and tightening grub screws (O).
9. Attach the shower column (K) to the mixer body (A), ensuring that fibre washer (J) is in place.
10. Attach shower hose (X) to the handset (V) and mixer body (A) ensuring that hose seals (W) are in
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